almost a success

shit now i almost want to explain kiss players because the story of it is just so tragic and awful

fuck it, i’m gonna do it

so, believe it or not, transformers is actually pretty unsuccessful in Japan. Japanese audiences don’t like stories that focus on the bad guys as much as the good guys, they don’t like the idea of sentient robots being the heroes instead of human pilots, and they don’t buy toys of bad guys.

so Takara, the Japanese company that the American Hasbro is partnered with in producing and designing Transformers toys, is faced with a conundrum. they have this product that has relatively wide international success, but almost zero success in their home country of Japan. they can’t pull the plug on it because of their deal with Hasbro, so they’re left with this dud of a franchise in Japan while Hasbro rakes in the big bucks internationally.

Well, imagine you’re a business man in Japan and you need to change something to make it sell better in Japan. What do you do?

You open-palm slap the “naked anime girls” button as hard as you can and hope for the best.

Thus, Kiss Players was born. 

Takara and Hasbro had previously worked together to create a line called Binaltech in Japan and Alternators internationally. These figures were higher-end figures with officially licensed automobiles for their altmodes. They found pretty high success with fans in America due to their (at the time) high build quality. 

So, Takara took these high-end figures and started packaging them with figures of half-naked anime girls, trying to appeal to both nostalgia and otakus. The figures were also accompanied by a manga series detailing the adventures of the “Kiss Players,” a group of very young looking girls that were able to fuse with Autobots by kissing them. Fusing with the autobots involved the girls getting naked (with barbie anatomy, thank god) and piloting the robots from the inside. When the girls were done fusing with the Autobots, they would be… ejected from the autobots bodies covered in slime. 


There was also a character in the story called Legion, who looked like Megatron with a giant fleshy tongue that looked like a big penis. 


Turns out, nobody liked this series. Not even the Japanese otakus it was aimed at. It was that creepy. American fans were revolted by the series and Japanese fans completely disowned it because they said it reflected poorly on their country as a whole. 

That’s right. Japanese fans were so ashamed of Kiss Players that they claimed that it was damaging the reputation of the entire country because so many international fans were saying that they expected nothing less from Japan.

Needless to say, Kiss Players was a complete failure. Now, nobody talks about it. Nobody mentions it. If anybody posts pictures of figures they own of it, they always make sure to mention they threw out the anime girl it came with. If you bring it up in passing or post pictures from it, you get banned from most Transformers communities. Everyone, all Transformers fans across the globe, have elected to completely forget this one part of the franchise. Nobody liked it and everyone would rather forget it ever existed. 

i mean yeah sure Tyler and Josh have shining personalities and an adorable friendship and are just down right amazing people but can we take a moment to appreciate how much work they put into everything? between making the music, interviews, social media, sound checks, putting on an incredible live show, etc they are really meticulous in everything they do and have their hands in every aspect that is being projected to us, the fans. They go above and beyond their call of duty to be the best they can be and work hard for everything they achieve. It shows. and i’m really proud of not only them but the whole operation that is twenty one pilots (all of the crew, hard work, man hours, that is put into making the band as smooth and seamless as possible)

  • Bitty: What happened?
  • Chowder: Well, remember when you told me not to burn down the Haus?
  • Bitty: You burned down the Haus!?
  • Chowder: No! I had the fire out almost immediately. This is a success story!
Can I talk about Claire Foley for a second

Because all I seem to see is Claire in the context of being Hershel Layton’s lover
But Claire as a character on her own;
She’s so loving and kind and gentle 
Her design is beautiful
She’s so smart she was on a team that almost builds a successful time machine
She’s accepts her fate that she doesn’t have long
She jumps onto a fortress which was crashing and burning to save someone, the antagonist of the game at that where some people would debate he wasn’t worth saving 
Claire Foley is smart and brave as heck 
I love Claire Foley


In The Industry by aelclightwood

INSTITUTE are one of Brookyln’s newer music acts, and they have gained almost instant success. Of course, with success comes the oh so dreaded heteronormativity of the industry. After an online article claims Alec and Clary are dating, the band decide to come out to their fans. Through a music video. A music video that involves Alec’s favourite singer, Magnus Bane. The men find an instant connection and other difficulties pop up throughout the journey - including a heteronormatice press community and an ever so slightly homophobic fan or two…

Chapter One: This Really Takes The Biscuit