almost a double exposure

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prompt: kobra finds out he can see ghosts

Kobra has always seen ghosts, of a sort. Not the spooks that come out at you from the closets, white sheets with blank black eyes, ooooooo. No, not those. He’d almost prefer that to the ones he did see.

They looked like double exposures, superimposed on his vision. He saw Party Poison before he was Party Poison, a kid as pale as a white-sheeted ghost, eyes almost as hollow too. This boy was a hologram on top of his brother, and Kobra could look through him to see Party, who had no idea that he had this dead mirror attached to him. The worst was when he made eye contact- when Party was talking to him like nothing was wrong, and nothing was, but “Kobra why won’t you look at me, hey, earth to Kid”, and Kobra couldn’t make it beyond the wide black eyes of the past. 

It was easier with the rest of the group, he could only really see the ghosts he’d known, but Fun Ghoul’s shadow was white, white, white- the freshly ex-exxie in a bloodstained uniform. Sometimes, with Ghoul’s sudden movements, it was hard to beat down the thrill of fear and the itch in Kobra’s fingers for his gun. Then the neon yellow and long black hair broke through and he remembered.

 The one comfort, or maybe it wasn’t, was that the eyes were the same. 

I’m an architecture student in France( Nantes). For 2 years now i have been using and experimenting analog photography, until i discovered double exposure. The idea is to re-use the very same film twice. It follows the same technique as the lomography, the only difference is that i dont totally master which shots are overlaid. I try to convey an imaginary world through my double exposures. It takes a certain sensibility  and a sense of harmony to obtain a double exposure that almost depicts dreamscapes.  Its a way in photography of offering the viewer a cliché he has never seen before. It also reminds us that space and time arre ententies that change, and can be mixed up together to create a new atmospheres. 

I  take classical Color and B&W photography as well. My camera is a Nikon L35AF compact analog camera. 

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