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Bellarke in Reverse: A (Platonic) Series

Popsicles And Kiwis


so this came from a small request about eating a popsicle and accidentally starting something that couldn’t be finished…….i went a bit overboard with it, but i hope u enjoy some smut! please let me know what u think :-) it rLY motivates me ! [feedback] [masterlist]


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anonymous asked:

prompt: alicia almost leaves bob after jacks overdose

[prompted by @eskildit, who now knows better than to send anons when she has great prompt idea <3  tw: overdose, homophobia]

The night before her son turns 13, Alicia Zimmermann pulls her husband aside and says, “Promise me you’ll let him choose for himself. If he wants to play hockey, if he wants to dance, if he wants to be a waiter, we’ll be okay with it.

Bob promises her, with all the devotion she’s come to expect, but not minutes later reminds her the NHL waits for no man, and Jack will need to start preparing for the future as soon as possible.

It was a sign of things to come, and she didn’t heed the warnings.

Jack is 14 when they diagnose him with an anxiety disorder Alicia’s never heard of. The specialist recommends reducing the level of stress in his life, maybe cutting back on unnecessary extracurriculars. He knows the family. He knows Bob. He’s being gentle.

They don’t change anything because hockey is life. Jack’s happy on the ice, unhappy off, so they take the medication instead. Just another step to Jack’s already offensively complicated routine.

“See?” Bob smiles when Jack is chosen to play for Rimouski Oceanic. “He’s going to be fine. Not like you and I didn’t need a little extra help in the beginning.”

He’s talking about Alicia’s drinking nearly twenty years prior. His own cocaine problem in the early 80s. But Jack’s not twenty and whole-hog into a career, he’s a teenager. 

She wants to protest on principle, but this isn’t her life. Bob knows this world better than she ever will, and if Jack still wants to play professionally (and he does), she needs to defer to her husband.

If this is what Jack wants, they’ll make it work.

Jack’s energetic, he’s happy, he has a friend he won’t be seen without, and Alicia watches how close Kent’s fingers are to Jack’s when they walk together. It’s not what she expected, but she’s happy he has someone. 

She’s not the only one that notices how close the boys are, and Bob turns to her in bed one night, brow furrowed, and says, “Kent Parson.”


“Are he and Jack…?”

She doesn’t say anything, just lifts a brow and gives him a considering look. 

Bob’s lips go white with how hard he’s pressing them together. “That’s not going to be easy, for either of them.”

“If it makes him happy,” she argues, and Bob hums in agreement. That should have been the end of it. But something happens, and she’s not there to stop it. 

The night before Jack overdoses and his career goes up in flames, the Zimmermann household is in ruins for an entirely different reason.

“Jesus Christ, Robert, I’m supposed to be a goddamn activist, if this gets out —”

“I don’t have a problem with gay people —”

“Don’t lie to me!” Alicia slams her hand on the table, nearly shaking with anger. “You told him to hide.”

“I told him to be discreet. Do you think I’m doing this for me? I’m getting calls day and night from teams wanting to know if the rumors are true. I was trying to be proactive! He can’t be–”

“What? Gay? That’s what you’re worried about? Maybe we can engrave that on the back of my GLAAD award: ‘For excellence in telling your child to hide their sexuality until they retire’. So everyone can know how fucking supportive we are. Does he think I feel the same way you do?”

“I don’t know, I don’t remember,”

My God, I can’t even look at you right now. You’re going to fix this. I don’t know how, but you’re going to make this right.”

Of course, then they find Jack unresponsive on the floor with a half empty bottle of medication and they don’t immediately know it was an accident. 

For about twelve hours, while Jack’s condition is still unstable, Alicia very seriously considers killing her husband. 

They’re red-eyed and exhausted in the waiting room when the doctor on call says they need to pray for a miracle. She stares at a stain on the carpet for a long moment, hands clasped, but she’s not praying. Bob makes some kind of sound, a hitching breath that isn’t quite crying, and she turns her head to watch him fidget. 

“Robert, look at me,” she says softly, deceptively kind, and when she has his attention, and with more hatred than she ever thought she could possibly feel, she says, “You did this. And I swear to you, if my son dies tonight, I’ll leave.”

She doesn’t wait for him to answer, doesn’t even wait to see the expression on his face. She collects her purse and stands, stretching her legs and heads to the vending machines.

She buys a Dr. Pepper and a bag of Tropical Skittles.

Jack lives. 

Alicia stays.

But she moves her GLAAD award to the trophy room. Settles it right beside Bob’s Hall of Fame plaque. 

Because she will never let him forget.

PERCABETH after Tartarus:

•Increase in Percabeth forehead kisses

•Percy becoming more serious than before.

•Annabeth walking with a slight limp in her strides from the broken ankle she used to have in Tartarus

•Percy always kissing a particularly bad scar on her shoulder that stands out a lot because he knows that Annabeth feels insecure about it.

•Annabeth using those shirts and sweaters that hangs off one shoulder when ever Percy is around or they are alone.

•Annabeth and Percy are always seen together, hugging, holding hands, kissing, etc..

•It seems as if they can’t let go of each other .

•(It’s rumored that they even shower together.)

•Percy and Annabeth sleeping in Cabin 3 together, and a couple days after they start sleeping together they mysteriously receive a king sized bed.

•Annabeth ends up moving all her stuff into the Poseidon cabin.

•Chiron isn’t too happy about them sleeping together, but he has to make an exception.

•Percy ends up tattooing Annabeth’s name on the small of his back.

•Annabeth occasionally becomes temporarily blind sometimes as an after effect of Calypso’s curse.

•The first time this happened they were eating breakfast when all of a sudden she doesn’t see anything, as if the world’s lights were suddenly turned off.

•She panicked and started screaming Percy’s name, even though he was right next to her.

•They left the pavilion quickly, Annabeth having a panic attack and Percy calming her down as they went to their cabin.

•Eventually, after 10 minutes, she could see again.

•Percy has a diagonal cut on his left eyebrow on the left side and for some reason the hair won’t grow back. (Annabeth secretly loves it.)

•Percy sometimes feels as if Annabeth is scared of him after he has a dream about him almost killing Akhlys again and he starts feeling ashamed all over again.

•The first night they arrive at Camp, they go to a cliff near the beach and look at the stars together.

•They start weeping because of Bob, and Percy quietly whispers, “Bob says hello.”

Part 2

Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, a five-goal World Cup game. But there was one other unforgettable moment from that night: I got together with my current girlfriend! So my trip to the FIFA World Cup stadium in Dortmund was a key moment in my life.
—  Seb when asked about what imagines stuck with him from the World Cup in Germany 2006

Some things I like to imagine because I’m weak and gay and I love this strange family.

  • During the summer break Steve takes all the kids to see The Goonies.
  • They all gorge on popcorn and soda and candy and it’s like the most rambunctious he’s ever seen them, though honestly he thinks they deserve it after everything that happened.
  • He does try to keep them from getting everyone kicked out, though. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t just as enamored with the plot as they are. On the ride home they’re all conked out and sleeping against each other and it’s pretty much the cutest thing Steve’s ever seen
  • Touches. Lots of touches, lots of hugs (cuddle piles~!!) lots of reassuring pats. They’re all just pretty grateful that everyone made it out alive…
  • Well, almost everyone (rip Bob, you’ll always be my superhero)
  • Will Byers get’s to rest and have lots of naps and meals and everything is Fine
  • Max gets more of the love she deserves and soon Jane and her are the best of buds and roll their eyes a lot @ the boy’s shenanigans
  • Steve somehow turns into the go-to babysitter guy??? Like sometimes when Joyce can’t drop a shift, and Jonathan is either out with Nancy or working himself Steve ends up being the one to look after Will
  • Not that he minds, really. He’s glad to help, and Will is kind and soft spoken. One would think they wouldn’t have much in common but once Steve gets him going about music or movies or something it’s like a faucet.
  • They end up getting on like a house on fire, it’s pretty adorable
  • Soon this expands on to the other kids and Steve just sighs and wonders how in the hell he got into this mess tbh
  • Hopper, begrudgingly teaches the teens how to shoot. He wouldn’t unless he thought it absolutely necessary, and the way he sees it it’s best if they know how to handle a gun if the adult’s aren’t there or incapacitated
  • Nancy is pretty much a boss at it, so she spends a lot of her time helping position Jonathan and Steve correctly and gives them tips.
  • Joyce and Nancy help Jane pick out some new clothes. She finds that she likes jeans and shirts and skirts and dresses just the same.
  • Usually in bright, happy colors. She hadn’t gotten much bright and happy things back at the lab, so she’s making up for it now.
  • The girls also help educate her about the changes her body will probably start to go through soon, and Hopper is eternally grateful for that honestly
  • Steve ends up getting a walkie-talkie, with the parties go ahead, in case they need him for something and they can’t reach him by his home phone.
  • He insists that they can contact him for anything- if Billy’s acting like a dick, if Dustin needs a ride, if Mike needs someone to ramble to about Jane- anything
  • Just???? Everyone is happy and loved and has a great time??? pls