almost 6 years have passed since i saw this and it is still my favourite film of all time

Science Fair part 6

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Bucky high school AU request, where he and the Avengers are basically the popular crowd but not arseholes and the Reader is kind of nerdy and just keeps to herself and her small group of friends but catches his eye? xxx - anon

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It had been three weeks since the incident, since then you had only seen Bucky a few times. At first he had tried to come over and apologise to you again but you refused to listen, in fact you just kept talking over him to Florence and Clarisse as if he wasn’t even there. You knew it was a bit of a dick move but it was the only way you could think to protect yourself from breaking down in the middle of the hallway. Soon enough he got that you didn’t want to talk to him, occasionally you would make eye contact if you passed by but both of you quickly and abruptly changed routes so you would have to interact with each other.

Surprisingly, Steve had become someone you could call a friend. You had art classes four times a week and he had taken to sitting next to you in lessons, he too at first had tried to get you to forgive Bucky but after you said you didn’t want to talk about it he never brought it up again. You got to know him better, you talked about your favourite films, your favourite music and artists, your favourite books, the general stuff that gave you and insight into who he was past ‘Cap’ and the Avengers.

Steve was actually better at art than you thought, not that you had ever thought he was a bad artist because you hadn’t seen any of it but he was a tremendous artist, he even showed you a few tricks you had never thought of to get the right shading or angle or not smudge your drawing.

The task you had been assigned today was to paint something from memory in as much detail as you could think of. “Wow, that’s really good,” Steve complimented when he glanced over at your work.

You had painted a small patch of blue and purple pansies with a watering can as the main focus, “Thanks,” you smiled brightly at him, “Pansies are my favourite kind of flowers. Yours is really good, too,” Steve had painted an apartment block that looked a bit run down but welcoming.

“It was where I used to live in Brooklyn,” he explained.

Even though you had become friends with Steve you rarely saw Bucky, he no longer waited outside class for Steve knowing that you would also be there and it wasn’t as if you would hang out with Steve outside of lessons after all he still was part of the Avengers. Though, becoming sort of friends with him had put you on the map enough that people might vaguely know who you were when asked about you and described.

Another month passed and your life had settled down, it was as if the whole thing with Bucky had barely even been a blip on the radar. Yes, it still hurt to think about what happened but not to the extent you wanted to cry about it anymore, you were moving on. Florence and Clarisse had tried saying you were being too hard, that everyone makes mistakes but the way you saw it was you had barely even had a relationship to begin with so there was no point in trying to salvage what was never there.

Besides, you and Bucky had come to a mutual silent agreement to avoid each other whenever possible without making a fuss about it. School life continued on around you. In the background you could hear people talking about Tony’s new girlfriend, or that Bucky had been single for a long time now, or that Clint and Natasha had another fight and were now on the market.

Background chatter.

Another month, it was halfway through November now, when you passed Bucky in the halls you would even give each other a small polite smile and hurry quickly onwards. You were at your locker getting some books for the next lesson when you overheard two girls talking next to you, “Why don’t you ask him out, it’s not like he’ll turn you down. He’s been single for almost two months you know he’s looking to get some by now.”

“I don’t know, I heard he’s dating Helena now,” the second one sounded dejected.

“Wasn’t she dating Bucky two years ago?” the first asked.

You hadn’t really been paying attention before but at this you tuned in.

“Mhm, I suppose they’re back together.”

“Darn,” the girl sighed, “It probably won’t last long. He goes through them like nothing.”

“True,” the second girl agreed.

The bell rang and they walked off, you closed the locker door and didn’t move for a moment processing what you had just heard. So apparently Bucky had moved on to this Helena girl. You shouldn’t be surprised, you shouldn’t be angry, and yet the thought didn’t sit right with you.

You swallowed and forced yourself to get moving to class. If Bucky wanted to date someone then fine for him, you told yourself, it didn’t concern you anyway.

After two or three week of Bucky and Helena dating you got used to it, it no longer bothered you to hear about them being together or see them in the hallway. You supposed it was personal growth, you realised the initial negative reaction had just been the shock of it all, you were happy with where you were in life, and if Bucky was happy then you were happy for him. You smiled to yourself, you could safely say that you were on your way to being over Bucky Barnes. Thing is, he wasn’t over you.


A/N- I know this is short but believe me when I say the next chapter is going to be longer. What are your thoughts so far? Let me know! Requests are open <3