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I was just skimming through the amazing @myetie‘s work as usual (I’ve been a secret admirer for almost 6 months now >_<) when I spotted the kids AU ask about ???

Can’t help but ship Zen’s baby princess and Saeran’s lil emo kiddy XD Obviously Seojun doesn’t have the great hacking skills of his daddy 707. Good thing Hyunae got a secret admirer watching her back >_>

I ship em both SO hard <3 Go check out her kids AU if you haven’t btw! it’s fabulous! :D

P.S: tried a new lining style and very pleased with the last panel :)


My 5-year-old has learned more from playing video games than from watching ‘Sesame Street’

Thimbleweed Park stole my son’s heart and refuses to let go

If my husband and I could go back in time to tell our younger selves that our son would embrace Ron Gilbert’s smart, stylish adventure games as wholeheartedly as we had when we were young… our younger selves would probably have laughed themselves silly.

“Wait, I’m going to be a parent one day?” Insert raucous laughter here.

But that’s what’s happened: our almost-6-year-old has now played Thimbleweed Park all the way through a staggering 15 times. While Trials, Overcooked, LittleBigPlanet 3 and TowerFall trained up his motor skills, Thimbleweed Park is actively teaching him to use logical problem-solving through reading, interaction and puzzles. Read more (Opinion)

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Best Friends and Barely There Clothing

Helloooo lovies! So this is my first imagine on this blog, and I do hope you enjoy it! I will be posting lots of imagines and blurbs etc. regarding Harry, and most will contain smut! But I will of course have writings that are just pure fluff as well! Enjoy this one!

Warnings: Smut & Language

Word Count: 3k

“Don’ tell me you haven’t thought about it.”

“Having a baby with you?” You asked breathlessly, your eyes falling closed as Harry began to move your hips over his bulge, causing you to let out a quiet whimper as the fabric of his jeans rubbed through the thin lace material covering your clit.

“No love,” he let out a throaty laugh, his eyes moving down to where you two were currently grinding against one another, “Don’ know why I was thinkin’ of havin’ a baby, really… was mainly just thinking about sinking my cock inside of ya, pet.”

Your eyes snapped open as the words left his mouth as you pressed your clit down against him to gain even more friction as his words literally caused you to throb at the thought, “Harry…” you whimpered quietly, your fingers now gripping onto his tshirt tightly.

“Do you wan’ tha’?” His accent was thicker than you had ever heard before as you stared into his darkening eyes, and all you could do was nod your head and let out a breathy sigh of agreement along with it. Somewhere among your exchange of words, Harry’s hand had slipped into your panties and his finger was slowly moving around your clit, but not quite applying the pressure you were currently craving; he was going to make you beg for it.

OR the one where Harry really can’t stop thinking about the act of making babies with his best friend, and he’s tired of her slinking around his house wearing barely anything.

“Would ya ever have a baby with me?” The words slipped past his lips casually, his eyes trained on you as he brought the wine glass that was in his hands to a rest on the coffee table in front of you two.

“Excuse me?” You all but choked as the words registered, the wine that was gracefully slipping down your throat coming to an abrupt stop and getting stuck in your vocal pipes, causing you to cough for a few seconds as you worked it out. Your sea green eyes flicked up to his emerald ones, squinting as he watched you with amusement, a small smirk playing on his lips as he captured his bottom one between his thumb and forefinger.

Harry was your best friend. Harry had been your best friend for almost 6 years now, and you had been by his side almost every step of his career, cheering him on and encouraging him to take leaps he was too afraid of. But you were only best friends… why would a baby together ever cross his mind? You two may have shared one or two (or ten or twenty) drunken kisses on nights when you stumbled into one another’s flat, coats being haphazardly thrown to the floor and lips meeting in a sloppy goodnight as you both fell onto whomevers bed you had chosen for the night before passing out, but that was it.

“What? Not weird to think about having a baby with ya best friend, is it?” His smirk was only getting wider as you let out an exasperated breath, your eyes narrowing to slits as you decided to place your wine glass on the table next to his.

“S'just….” he continued, refusing to break eye contact, “What if m'not married by the time I’m 30. Ya know more than anyone I wanna have kids… so if m'not married and you’re not… would ya have a baby with me?”

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Jughead Jones | My little Serpent

Count of words: 2567

Warnings: super long, longer than intended, fluff, maybe kind of spoiler about the season finale but I guess you have all seen it. I SWEAR I DIDN’T INTEND ON WRITE SUCH A LONG IMAGINE BUT I’M PROUD!

A/N: this is seriously as good as it could be. It is currently very late at night and while I was trying to sleep I couldn’t cause someone is having a wedding on the next street and there are fireworks, which I’m scared of so heeey I got a distraction…..I swear this is 100% your average big greek fat wedding going on in that house. IT’S BEEN ALMOST 6 HOURS NOW!!! Sorry I rumble about this… Anyway enjoy my late night creation ♥

PS. Let’s pretend that Fred was either not shot or survived the shot…




@tayrae515 asked:
Ok so don’t hate me but I had another idea! Could you do one where you are once again Archie’s younger sister and you and Jughead are really close friends so when he became a serpent you were around them a lot and became friends of the serpents and because they take care of there own the offer you a jacket to and Archie and Betty and the gang find out and get upset, they feel like they already lost Juggie and don’t want to lose another friend but you join and idk fluff? Jughead x reader. 💕💕💕

Even with all that crazy stuff following you ever since the death of Jason Blossom, you thought that for once you could have a quiet day. And you did, but not for long. You woke up that morning with your brother, Archie, and his best friend ,and roomate, Jughead jumping on top of you. They were laughing while trying to wake you up to have break fast and go to school with them. As soon as you realised what was going on the two dorks started tickling you and the extreme laughter combined with the extreme ab exersise you were getting by it didn’t really let you talk. “Stop! Stop you are killing me,” you yelled. “DAD! SAVE ME!” You called at him after seeing him standing by the door, admiring the joyfull moment before him. “Hey, boys, enough,” he tried stoping him but the didn’t stop. “Well, you know what they say, Y/N. ‘If you can’t stop them, join them’ .“ “NO!” You screamed as your dad joined the two boys tickling you; more like stabbing you, with their fingers. 

“I hate you all,” you said at the two boys sitting in front of you eating breakfast trying to suppress their chuckles. “She’s right, you know,” your father butted in jokingly. “Oh, you don’t talk,” you grumped and went on with your breakfast as the man let out a breathy laugh.

The day seemed to be rather calm. You know, stupid classes, small breaks, lunch with your brother and his friends; in which Jughead would not stop tickling you. You really had no idea why they were like that today but you liked it. As much as you hated to admit you liked it. But, your quiet day came to an end as soon as you walked inside your house with your brother and your close friend short behind you. 

As you stepped a foot inside you spotted a woman around the age of your father talking to him. “Hey, guys. This is Ms. Weiss from Social Services. She’s, uh, she’s Jughead’s case worker.” Your father declared as soon as he saw you three. You all seemed shocked and you were. While the boys walked towards the small kitchen you followed close behind. “Jughead, I know how terrible and emotional the last few days have been for you. Your father’s facing serious jail time. Your mom’s over-extended and out of state. We just want to make sure that you’re taken care of.” The woman admitted and Archie butted in , “Well, he can keep staying with us, right, Dad?” Your father simply sent him a sad smile telling him that he already offered. At that moment you knew what was coming. You took Jughead’s arm in your hands and held it firmly, while you later proceeded on hugging it close you your body and interwine your fingers together. He turned his gaze on you for a second smile at the sight of you like this. No, you were not together, not that it would bother you. But Jughead was the person you truly fitten in with. He was quiet and so were you. You were the two members of the little group of friends that would never talk, and when you were it would mostly be between you two and you would be just making sarcastic remarks. “Great, so what’s the problem?” You asked even though you knew the answer.  “It was a DUI. After your mom left. Look, we can talk about this later but between that and my cash flow problem, it knocks me out.” Your father explained as Jughead gave your hand a reasuring squeeze. “There is a family on the Southside that’s offered to foster you. They’re good people, they’ve worked with us before.” The woman added while looking at him. “That doesn’t sound completely horrible.” Jughead reasoned, saying that mostly for you to hear. “It does mean you’ll be in a different school district, Jughead, and you’ll have to transfer schools.” That’s when you lost it. The only person you were comfortable around in school was going to tranfer to the southside. Great, wasn’t that just great?

After leaving them and dashing into your room you were completely unaware of anything else that was said. All you could do was stay in your room and try to calm down a bit. There was a soft knock on the door and without having anytime time to answer the sudden visitor opened the door. “Are you ok?” A person you recognised as Jughead asked. You slowly rearrenge your posistion so you could look at him. “Do I look ok?” you replied with tear stained eyes. “Oh, little one, come here. I’m not gonna be that far away,” he said hugging you close to his body. “I’ll tell you what. I will be staying at my dad’s house, ok? And you will be coming over as frequently as you would like, ok? We could even have sleepovers!” He cheered trying to explain to you that it was not the end of the world. “Yeah, ok. But you will not be there with me at school. How will I do that?” you asked, probably acting like a baby but you didn’t care. “Well, uhm, I could give you my beanie but we both now I won’t,” he said jokingly and making you smlie, “but I will give you one of my flannels. You can wear it on school and it’ll be as if I’m there, yeah?” He said giving you a peck on the forehead. “Good. Want me to sleep here tonight?” he asked and you simply nodded as he started getting comfortable in the bed and pulling you towards his body, embrassing yoy and allowing the heat to warm your small body up in this cold night. “The door stays open,” your father called passing by, always destroying the moment.

It had already been a couple of days ever since Jughead moved to the southside and you spent most of your time there.You would finish school and then you would instantly run to FP’s trailer to meet Jug and today was not going to be any different. The thing was that before that Jughead would come over so you all would go to the Jubilee together and as much as he hated it he did it for you. He walked inside and was stunned after he saw you. You were standing by the kitchen island with your brother and mother. A stunning off-the-shoulder tight-fitted black dress, falling down to your knees. You looked absolutely stunning and Jughead could not hide it. “Oh, Jug’s here,” your mother called and you saw the boy looking at you all. “Jug!” You called and walked up to hug him. “Hey little one,” he said hugging back and giving you a forehead kiss. “Are they a thing?” Your mother asked Archie silently that replied with a disappointed no. “I think we should head off,” your dad said and grabbed his car keys as you all walked to the truck.

After the boring dance was over… Well, it was not so boring. I mean you had Betty’s speach and your brother sing with his current love intrest, and your mum being annoying and a lot more things, but let’s stick to boring. So, after the boring dance was over you and Jughead were going to walk to his father’s trailer, watch a movie and you would then sleep here. And that’s exactly what happened, with a little twist. You made it to your destination and walked inside. Jughead offered you a shirt of his he knew would be huge on you and a pair of his boxers as shorts, knowing that his sweatpants would be enormous on you. You were after all tiny in front of him, but he found that cute. Not that you knew. After putting that on you found Jughead sitting on the couch turning on the TV to find a good movie, and knowing him it would probably be some great old one or a scary movie since he was always amused when you got scared. But his actions were stopped when there was a knock on the door. He walked outside but you didn’t know what happened until you got out as well to see what took him so long and he was wearing his father’s Serpent jacket. When he saw you he seemed scared of your reaction but you took it surprisingly well. You even said that he looked like a very dark version of Clark Kent with the hair and all, or like a younger and more adorable version of Damon Salvatore. After that you continued doing what was on your original plans.

Your brother and his friends were devastated when they saw Jughead walk inside Pop’s wearing his Serpent jacket. Betty was shocked to say the least, while your brother seemed angry, Veronica didn’t think much of it and neither did Kevin so they just kept on making jokes and comments like the ones you did when he was given the jacket. The downside of this was that you were going to have your brother talk about this for a long long time, but you would indeed avoid it as much as possible. 

It had been about a week since Jughead became in charge of the southside Surpents, since his father was the ‘leader’ before. But he did have help both from you and a man’s that was second-in-command that took his dad’s place until Jughead came to the southside. Due to that and because you and him seemed to become even closer with everything that happened you spent a lot of time together in the southside, either just walking around and talking, or staying at his house, or some times spending a lot of time in the Whyte Wyrm. Everyone was surprised and you constantly had your brother or father trying to keep you from going there with Jug, but you didn’t seemed to care. The thing is the Serpents accept you as their own, they got your back not matter what. Like that time this girl from your school started calling you names and some of them happened to be around they did everything to protect you from her and make sure you didn’t actually believe everything she said. They even had one of their own stick around you just to make sure you were ok but your brother didn’t know. 

One day you all were going to hang out over at Jug’s so you, your brother and the girls were driving there in Archie’s truck. Just as you stepped outside a bunch of Serpents appeared in front of you. Betty got scared, thinking they would attack you or something, since they were told you to stop walking, and she hurried to get Jughead. He walked towards you watching as the second-in-command came over to you and hugged you. “Look,” he began, “we see your friends here are like family to you, you are one of them. But you are family to us and you are one of us. And you know how we take of our own. So we wanted you to know that we will keep on taking care of you, kid. It’s always good when you stick around and, well, we thought you deserve to have this. You deserve to have this cause, as I said you are one of us.” He finished. It was so sweet how much these people cared for you. I mean you grew up with the idea that they are vicious and bad. But they’re not. They are nice people; different people that are under the influence of the stereotypes. You smiled at the man and reached for the jacked but Archie stopped you. “Y/N, no. Don’t you dare. You are not a surpent. You are one of us.” He said. “He’s right, Y/N. You don’t belong with them but with us.” Veronica butted in, agreeing with the stupidity of my brother. “We already lost Jughead to the serpents,little one, we can’t lose you as well,” said Betty adding to the anger that began to boil inside of you. “You are joking right? You don’t mean this stupid things you said.” You mumble. “No, Y/N we’re not,” replied Archie. You looked down for a second contemplaiting what was going on exactly, and then you did what your friends and brother didn’t want you to. You grabbed the jacket from the surpent and wrapped it around your body. After a long time you felt like home. You felt that you truly belonged somewhere. The serpents start cheering on your decision the one that gave you the jacket even hugged you once again. Jughead stared in aw as the two girls with Archie walked inside.

The serpents left and both you and Jughead walked inside meeting a furious Archie, a disappointed Betty and an annoyed Veronica. “What’s wrong with you guys?” You asked trying to understand why they all were like that. “What’s wrong? You ask what’s wrong? Y/N, you are no serpent. You are my sister. They are no good for you.” Archie said pacing up and down the small space. “Arch are you joking? They are amazing people. At least most of them. They treat me like family, they take care of me. They have on of their own to keep an eye on me and make sure I’m safe with all that shit you guys get yourselfs into and drag me into as well.” You fired back at him. “Wow, Y/N, wow.” Betty said looking at you with a very disappointed, almost discussted look. Tears pricked your eyes as this kept going on for a while. “Just don’t come home until you find a way to explain this to dad,” he said in an angry matter. “That’s it. Get out. All of you get out. And don’t come talk to me or her until you stop being irrational.” Jughead yelled, seeing how these words hurt you. You started sobbing in an instand as Archie said that and Jughead pulled you into his arms. Archie tried to apologise but Jug didn’t let him. “I said leave. Now.” He chanted once more since your brother wouldn’t leave. Eventually he did and Jughead picked you up and walked to the couch.

The whole night you spent on that couch. He would say things to calm you down but your tears would not stop. He wouldn’t give up though. He would hold you in his arms stroking your hair and back in attemts to relax you. “It’s ok Y/N. It’s gonna be alright. You can stay here for as long as needed. You know the serpents love you. I love you,” he said. You stopped crying after he said that and you just stared at his face. “Yo-you love me?” You asked surprised. Jug didn’t reply so you took matters in your own hands and you kissed him. You kissed him with so much love you had never shown to anyone. “I love you too,” you uttered before the boy took you in his arms bridal style and run to the bedroom playfully as you laughed. He seemed so happy you said that, so he threw you on the bed and run to the window and opened it. “My little serpent loves me back,” he screamed repeatingly so every one would know.


Summary: Sebastian Stan x Reader where the reader gives him a blowjob as he’s on the phone and has to stay quiet through the call (as requested by anonymous)
Warnings: smut (oral sex, fingering) | Rating: NSFW, mature
Word count: 1664

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hello everyone, it’s linh! i’m excitingly greeting you with my first follow forever because i recently hit a milestone! 🎉 9k!! ahhhh it feels really surreal ;;; it took me so long to make one because i’m shy and i’m not good at expressing myself 👉🏻👈🏻 i’ve had this blog for almost 6 years now (wow can u believe) but i fully turned into a bts blog back in 2014 and didn’t start making content until a year ago. i’m extremely thankful to those who reblogged or liked my gifs/once in a blue moon gfxs, for all the kind messages i’ve received, and to have people even following me (´⌣`ʃƪ) it’s even an honor to be some of your guys’ favorite blog because honestly my blog isn’t worthy enough djalskd but my heart beats ten times faster when you guys mention it!!

i also want to thank the blogs i follow for blessing my dashboard with amazing content and your lovely selves! you all make the whole experience worth while! to the few mutuals that i’ve talked to, you’re all soso delightful and it’s a pleasure meeting you ♡ everyone, let’s keep going until the end of time with bangtan! cheers~

bold ☽ mutuals
🍇 ☽ faves

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I was just wondering how are you studying French? Or if you have a few helpful websites I could go to 👍🏽

I’ve been studying French for almost 6 years now and as embarassing as it may sound, I barely know how to create a sentence. It’s because I didn’t like the language at all. But recently I became really passionate about it so yeah. I just started but here are all the links I currently have saved in my laptop:

Online textbooks/courses

I hope it helped :)

Road Trip - pt.1 (M)

Genre: S M U T

Length: 1,200+ words

Kink(s): exhibitionism, Daddy kink 

Originally posted by badgizibe888

Since it was nearing the end of winter, and though it was still a tad cold out the trees were starting to regain the leaves they had lost during autumn. Both you and your group of friends loved this weather; the sky was still gloomy and grey, the chilly wind felt refreshing against your skin and the fresh air was practically rejuvenating. 

For a while now you and the guys had been planning on taking your first roadtrip together and booking a whole week’s stay at this lovely cabin that was about 10 hours away. Due to their almost inhumane freaking work schedules y’all always would put it off- another time..or..there’s always next time- you guys would say. 

Though it took two years, y’all were finally going. Their schedules were clear for the next two weeks, and you weren’t doing anything special or important since you worked from home and were technically your own boss.

The van was packed, everyone was dressed appropriately and despite how sluggish everyone seemed to feel, y’all wasted no time at all and took off- leaving all the stresses of work behind… for a little while at least. 

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Today is your lazy day. You were laid up in your boyfriend, Stefan’s bed watching Twilight. You’ve seen it before, but today was the day you planned on re-watching it for the 20th time.

Stefan was gone most of the day taking care of a few things that you didn’t want any part of.

It is now almost 6:00pm. The first thing he does when he comes home is give you a quick peck on the cheek, then he headed straight for the shower.

15ish minutes later…

Here comes your boyfriend, fresh out of the shower, with a towel wrapped around his waist. Seeing his figure come out of the bathroom causes you to quickly glance, then you continued to glue your eyes to the screen, being consumed by the movie. If you weren’t so distracted seeing him half naked, you would’ve been doing a few naughty things here and there.

Stefan dries off, then puts on his boxers first. You’re at the scene where Bella calls out Edward on being a vampire. The word ‘vampire’ catches Stefan’s attention. As he’s putting on his white wife beater, he asks, “what in the world are you watching?”

“Uh, twilight. Don’t tell me you’ve never seen this movie.” You asked surprisingly.

“Oh, it’s that stupid vampire movie. I remember Damon barely finished reading the book because it was so terrible.”

“It’s not stupid, Stefan.” You rolled your eyes in his ignorance.

“Come on, babe. These wannabes sparkle in the sun.” Stefan joins you under the covers.

“Well, I think it’s beautiful that they sparkle. Would you rather sparkle or burn from the sun?” You said, raising your nose in the air while crossing your arms.

And to add to the ignorance comes Damon walking in the room before Stefan could respond to your question. “I couldn’t help but overhear my name and ‘twilight’.” After noticing what’s on the TV screen, he added, “Oh. Ew. Why watch Twilight when you have the real thing over here, but better.” Damon dramatically rolls his eyes at you.

“It’s just a movie. Quit taking it so personal you guys.” It was obvious you were just flat out annoyed at this point. All you wanted to do was watch this movie in peace, but no, the Salvatore brothers just have to be air heads.

Stefan shrugs his shoulders in response.

Damon walks over to the bed and sits at the edge, pointing at the screen after seeing Edward Cullen. “Oh look, Stefan. That’s you.”

Stefan laughs, then throws a pillow at Damon. I mean, you couldn’t lie that there’s a resemblance there when it comes to their hair and pale skin.


Fun fact about this update, I had actually designed the Twins “pirate” outfits for a character design class about a year ago, my teacher thought the Twins were adorable, and he was a MAJOR part is encouraging me to actually start working on this comic. He’s the best teacher I’ve ever had, always smiling, always positive, and always supportive. Out of the very few people who knew I was planning to do comics, he’s the only one who ever actually said, “I believe you can do it”.

…So here I am, heh.

Part Two: Renegade
<Pages 51 - 53>



Does anyone remember that short film where a guy gets bit by his zombie wife before killing her, and straps his baby daughter to his back and puts meat on a stick to keep his slowly converting zombie brain going forward and off his daughter until he can get her somewhere safe?

because I remember that short film.

I’m still not over it


genre: fluff + dashes of angst, toy!au

star of the show: NCT’s Mark 

word count: 2,353 words

author’s note: this is told in toy!mark’s p.o.v. *extra points for you if you can guess what kind of toy Mark is before the revealing in the fic itself.*

Originally posted by 1aeil

opening line: “If only you were real–then I can confidently tell everyone about my new friend who I talk to and play with every day.” 

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Prompt - Hi I was wondering if I could have an imagine with Chekov? Maybe something where he walks onto the bridge with hickies and everyone is trying to guess where he got them, and he’s being all nervous and cute about it, but eventually they find out? Ofc I understand if that was too complicated and stuff ty❤ 2


You roll over and make snuggle against your boyfriend’s chest, trying to fall back to sleep. Pavel tightens his arms around you, he’s still asleep. You lean forward and start sucking small marks all along his neck. These marks join the wide array of marks that you had left on him last night.

“Y/N” he mumbled sleepily, “Vhat time is it?”

“Almost time for us to get up”

He hummed, “Sleep zhen, love”

You smile softy, Pasha had never really been a morning person, and he always wanted to sleep until the very last second, which was what you were counting on. Pasha never had any time to do anything in the morning but throw on some cloths and run to the Bridge.

“I’m gonna get up, baby. I need to get dressed”

Pavel hums, but he lets you go. “Computer, lights at 15%”

The lights in the room slowly turned up, and you walked over to the closet and pulled on your blue dress. You make your way to the bathroom and take a quick sonic shower and then get dressed.

You walk back out to your bedroom and sit down on the side of your bed. Pavel groaned and curled his body around you, he knew that it was time to get up. “Come on, Pasha. It’s time to get up. You have 20 minutes until you have to be on the Bridge”

“Don’t vant to vake up” he mumbled.

This argument was a daily thing, “But if you aren’t on the Bridge in time, who’s going to announce the Captain?”

Pavel grumbles something, but he finally gets up. He stumbles over to the closet and grabs him cloths, and then stumbling into the bathroom to take a water shower, it’s the only way for him to actually wake himself up.

“Make is quick, Pasha! I let you sleep for an extra 10 minutes” You call.

You quickly slip on your leggings and boots. According to Starfleet you had to get the Captain’s permission to wear the leggings, and you did. As a nurse it is really inconvenient to wear a dress. Pavel rushes out or the bathroom just as you finish zipping up your boots.

“Come on, Y/N! It is time to go!” He shouts

You smirk when you see the hickeys standing out against his pale throat, and Pavel doesn’t even notice. You give him one last kiss at the door and the two of you part ways. You have been keeping your relationship secret for almost 6 months now, and you think the hickeys on his neck is a good way to broach the subject

“Keptin on zhe Bridge!” Pavel shouts, spinning around in his chair to give Jim a bright smile.

“Whoa, Chekov! You look like someone mauled your neck! Who’s the lucky lady?” Jim grins

“Keptin! Vhat are you …”

Sulu leans over and hands Chekov a mirror, so he can see the purple bruises all over his neck. “I don’t think you’ll be able to cover those up, Pavel, and now everyone knows you’ve been getting laid, so you might as well spill.”

“Ve are trying to keep it quiet” Chekov mumbled, blushing dark red under everyone’s attention, “I do not know is she vould be happy if I told you.”

“Fine! Then we’ll guess!” Jim says, he flops into the captain’s chair and furrows his brow in concentration. “Are you sleeping with Galia again?”


“How about Nichelle? Eline? Kes? Troi?”

“No! None of zhem!” At every word, Chekov gets even redder.

“Just tell us!” Uhura calls, “If you don’t, then Jim is just gonna name every single female person on this whole Starship”

“Fine! Fine, I’ll tell you …” Pavel clears his throat, “Y/N, I’ve been in a relationship vith Y/N for 6 months now”

“You got with one of Bones’ nurses! He’s gonna kill you!”


“Don’t worry, kid. I won’t let anyone hurt you, but you know that Bones is gonna have a talk with you. He sees all of those girls as his family, you know that”

“Of course I know zat! Vhy do you zhink ve have kept zhis a secret!” Chekov looks genuinely terrified at this point, and Jim can’t help but laugh.

“And to top it all off, Y/N is the youngest nurse that Bones has down there! Only 19 years old! Bones sees her almost as a daughter”

Pavel gulps, “Yes, I am avare of zhis.”

Everyone on the Bridge chuckles. Suddenly the turbo lift opens and Bones storms out, “Chekov!”

Sulu leans over and whispers in Pavel’s ear, “You might want to run and find your girl. She’s probably the only one who can calm Doctor McCoy down at this point”

Chekov nods frantically and tries to figure out a way to get around the doctor and into the turbo lift. Fortunately, you don’t have to, because Y/N charges out of the lift only a few moments after the Doctor.

“Bones!” She shouts, “Leave him alone! “

“You two have been datin’ for 6 months and no one told me!” Bones shouts

“I’m sorry we didn’t tell you! I knew you would react like this! I didn’t want you to scare him away!”

“You really though I would do something like that?”

“You’re doing it right now! Can you see how terrified he is! I’m an adult, Bones. I can make my own decisions!”

Bones grumbles something under his breath before he turns back to look at Pavel, “If you hurt her, just remember I know hundreds of ways to kill a man”

Pavel nodded frantically, “Of course, Doctor. I vould never hurt, Y/N”

Bones huffs and nods, “Fine” He turns around and walks back to the lift, “Come on, Y/N. We have work to do in Medbay”

You throw one last wink over your shoulder and blow a kiss to Pavel, “Coming, Doctor”

As soon as the doors close Pavel slumps down in his seat. Jim is still cracking up behind you, “That was great! You’re face, Chekov! God I thought you were going to wet yourself!” Once he finishes laughing he sits up straighter, “Alright everyone, dramas over for the day, time to actually work”

Everyone gets back to work, and Pavel can’t stop blushing. He already starts plotting on how to get back at you for the little stunt you had just pulled.