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Requests and Almost 200

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I’m so close to 200 followers *squeals* So I wanted to do something sweet.

I’m sure everyone has seen the “Will the Ships…” post and I wanted to do them based off your prompts.

All you have to do is simply go to the ask box or whatever and give me a prompt. For example, “Will the Ships try bareback?” 😂😂😂 Something creative. Also you can put the ships that you want.

😊😊😊 I can’t believe I’m almost at 200 though. You guys like my trash posts 😌😌😌. I can’t do much since most of the time I’m on mobile 😒😒😒 but I want to do this for all the sweeties that followed me.

I know I almost always post about BTS but I will try and post other groups like Got7 and Seventeen because Jackson and S.Coups are my daddies

Anyways. When I do hit 200 , I will make a special post dedicated to the mutuals that always reblog and like. There are quite a few. 😍😍😍😘😘😘


Since I’ve recently hit 100 followers (how?!) and am about to hit 200 (Seriously where are you people coming from?!) I thought it would be nice to make this blog a little bit more active. Because for me tumblr is just a little escape from the real world and I don’t really post much poetry. So here’s my plan: I don’t have one. I really want to post more but I’m really busy with school and life and I rarely have time to write and when I do I have no inspiration. If you have an idea/advice/tip/suggestion please let me know, I’m desperate.

entercacti answered your question:so I almost have 200 followers.

read something from your fave book :D

oh holy shit that’s a great idea. the only problem would be picking the right line. I could quote damn near all of The Night Circus and be content. I’m going to have to read it again now, to find the perfect excerpt. XP

hmm. but HOW should I read it? my usual forced neutrality? my more natural country-fried piece of shit? or perhaps I should match the book itself and go for a snooty british accent? ;P

200 Follower Raffle

Wow guys! There’s almost 200 of you here. O-o Thank you so much! I appreciate this more than you know. When I originally made this blog, I first thought it would be a fun way to kill time for this new anime I liked. I never expected to see the support I have or meet so many wonderful people. So, as a way of thank you, I’m offering you all a raffle! I will be drawing for 2 people. 1st Place: -A request of their choice -Fanart from the Royal Tutor 2nd Place: -A request or fanart *Please have your requests meet my rules. ^^ To enter this raffle, all you need to do it be following me and reblog this post! I’ll be drawing the winners on August 20th and announcing the winners on August 21st! Thank you all again for the lovely support! Talk to you all later, have a great day, learn a lot, and stay Royal.

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