I'm good, how are you?

She says I’m in a downward spiral and I don’t fuckin care anymore.
And she’s right. I don’t. I like fucking the pain away and staying up so late that I can’t think straight. I’m okay with going home and crying myself to sleep. I don’t care. This is better than feeling empty. Anything is better than that. And to be honest, I’d go back to the needle if I could. Sleep my pathetic life away.

Every time I’m about to say how I feel I’m gonna stop myself because I swear to god I’ve said the same shit and people just forget. I’m fucked up and that’s my reason from now on.

My little sister is playing Lego Star Wars and she asked “Hey, how come I always hear people say like “Luke, I am your father.”? And they always do it with, like, a Darth Vader voice.”

so I said “Well, because Darth Vader is Luke’s father.”

and she went “WHAT!?” and started freaking out. Then she said “That’s the best spoiler I’ve ever heard”