Classes are finally over so I am celebrating this morning with one of my favourite breakfast: OATMEAL 🍓the weather is getting warmer, the snow has melted & everyone seems to be enjoying spring’s beginning 💐🌸 for the blueberry oatmeal you will need to bring to a boil 1 cup of oatmeal, 2 cups of water, a handful of blueberries, 1 teaspoon of chia seeds & agave nectar and a drop of vanilla extract; to top it off i had no blueberries left so i opted for a tablespoon of peanut butter ☺️ hemp hearts & almonds 🎈

Strawberry Rose Boba Milk 🍓

Roses are traditionally scattered at weddings to symbolize purity and love. Iranians refer to the rose plant as “the flower of prophet Muhammad.” The extract of damask rose is said to treat depression, stress and headaches. Needless to say, this plant is sacred. And we love plants, eh? 😉 Plants are medicinal. I will say that rose water has a very distinctive taste. Some folks may not like it. But you should try first.

Strawberry Rose Milk

1 cup non-dairy milk
1 tsp. rose water
½-1 tbsp. sweetener (I used homemade vanilla syrup)
1 cup strawberries

Blend until smooth.

© Con Poulos

Healthy Monday: Steel-cut oats are whole-grain oats that are simply chopped, so they’re super-nutritious and have a great chew. Chef Marco Canora likes to simmer them in whole milk and almond milk with sweet spices for a breakfast with staying power.

Recipe: Creamy Steel-Cut Oats with Dried Cherries and Almonds