almond sunset

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Do you have any favorite beer cocktails? ARE there any beer cocktails?

There are LOTS! They’re not very well known but many are delicious. One of my favorite is the Almond Sunset, which is a red ale with a shot or two of Ammaretto.

But for me? I go traditional with Bumble. Brown beer (or any beer, but brown like Newcastle works best for flavor), and a shot or several of liquor. American Bumble has Bourbon as the shot, but it can be anything.

It’s also called the Boilermaker, except Boilermakers are usually a shot of whiskey with a chaser. A bumble is pouring the liquor into the beer itself.


-My fave coffee mug with almond milk
-sunset behind my house last night 😍
-I actually felt good about myself and I liked my outfit! These moments are rare haha but I’m getting better
-my strong leggies after 10 mile run :)
-more sunsets!!
-my sis and I hiked up to the top of a mountain yesterday, ugh this is my happy place and I really don’t want to leave home to go back to school. But I just remember @championsaremade and I tell myself I am a fierce lion and I can get through this school year and run my marathon and also love myself!!!
- @running-through-all is a star and is a fierce lion too 😊😊

Almond Sunset

I worked for Celestial Seasonings for over a year, and this was my favorite painting in the tour center.  It hangs on a wall just outside of the door to the theater, and I would stand and stare at it as I waited for the introduction video to wrap up so I could begin my tour.  This painting is summer and warmth and falling in love.  It shows paradise in a cup.  Yesterday’s sunset, in hues of light pink and gold, looked rather like this.

I never actually got to try Almond Sunset - that particular flavor of tea was discontinued before I started working at the factory.  But in a way, I’m just the tiniest bit grateful that this was the case.  Because in my head, Almond Sunset is magic - and what, really, can compare with that?