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Let's Make Out;

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Summary: Maybe the party wasn’t a bad idea after all

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the signs' hands
  • p.s. I'd check which planets you have in your third house, in Gemini, or which sign your mercury is in.
  • Aries: Hands are most likely veiny and strong. Not sure if I would go as far as to say meaty, but ahh what the heck. Could also be an average size, just stronger/more veiny than most.
  • Taurus: Definitely one to give a firm handshake, hands could also be veiny too. Fingers and palms aren't too wide or narrow, average is a good word.
  • Gemini: The one to have small hands. Fingers are thin, most likely short (however I wouldn't be surprised if they were long), fingertips are rounded, and nails are probably bitten.
  • Cancer: Similar to Gemini, but not as thin or short and it's less likely that the nails are bitten. Probably soft???
  • Leo: Long, thin, elegant (cliché, I know) fingers. Narrow, evenly shaped nails and nail beds.
  • Virgo: Also similar to Gemini, but the fingertips are not as round. Think almond shaped nails.
  • Libra: Similar to Taurus, but hands are smaller and not as veiny. Just sort of an aesthetically pleasing average, it's what Venus does.
  • Scorpio: Squared off is a good term for Scorpio/Pluto influence appearance wise. Palms and fingers can be boxy. However, they could be angular similar to Virgo.
  • Sagittarius: Big Hands. Jupiter enlarges so hands and fingers can definitely be larger whether thats in a long fingers/palm way or a wide fingers/palm way. Most likely another firm handshaker and dare I say meaty again.
  • Capricorn: Small hands pt. II. Where Jupiter enlarges, Saturn shrinks so here fingers/palms are likely short and narrow. Probably not all that small, but there's definitely larger hands out there.
  • Aquarius: Fingers are probably thin and not too long or too short. Wouldn't be surprised if there was an extra/missing finger or if double jointed.
  • Pisces: Fingers could either be long and short while palms could be wide or narrow. There could also be some double joints.

aubademoon-deactivated20170226  asked:

Do you think Lana was ahead of her time in terms of her music & aesthetic?

YES. Always a trendsetter. Floral crowns, high-waisted jeans, and converse. To wearing baseball caps (which literally no one has been doing for style in the 2000s) and bell sleeve/ babydoll dresses along with 70s style platform heels. Also with the trend of long, almond shaped nails (which I have been doing since 2012.) Two/ three finger rings..

Also she was wearing white button downs before they became a staple a couple years back. Ripped skinny jeans..  Another would be wearing tennis shoes with dresses - that wasn’t fashionable before. I think the biggest thing was that she really inspired Kylie Jenner who then copied Lana and then everyone else copied her. Lana also really inspired the Coachella sort of style.

Especially all the girls in ripped jean shorts, crop tops, & flower crowns..  Winged eyeliner became much more widely used after she sported it. (I remember doing that back as a freshman in highschool in 2008 and it was considered “emo” to have any wing back then.) It’s funny that now in 2017 the style of addidas, satin jackets, and baseball hats is basically Lana’s 2012 style.

With music I don’t know about ahead of her times.. yes and no. Most of her inspiration is from the past and also she takes elements that are modern. I think that she sort of brings to the table what was missing. The element of nostalgia and I think she’s brilliant. It’s a breath of fresh air to so/ hear someone who’s influences and inspiration’s aren’t what’s popular now. She’s not just hopping on the bandwagon of the latest fad/ sound like everyone else is. Although with “Freak” and “Art Deco” she did a little with everyone else trying to incorporate a bit of a trap-y vibe but most of what she does is just so different from everyone else that it is like she’s ahead of her time.

After two years of square nails, I’ve finally taken the plunge and given myself almond shaped nails! Or round.. But they are pointed round.. Not stiletto.. So that would be almond, right? -shrug- Anyways, I love them. And they hurt me less because there aren’t any sharp corners to worry about. And now, I don’t have to worry about corners dulling out.



Fake gel nails for my sisters graduation.
I only like stiletto/almond shaped nails on me :)
I picked out this glittery topcoat because I wanted just that
but the lady said I should do a color underneath so I picked black.
When my nails were all done, there happened to be a group of African-American girls walk in and they gushed over them :3
The lady who did my nails liked them so much she made me literally show everyone in the salon C: