almond mint

“Your hair is so soft,” John mutters and buries his nose in Sherlock’s curls. “It’s like the green grass in the summer or fresh cut hay and it smells so wonderful. Like … almond. Yes, it’s almond. And vanilla, mint and butterflies …”

“God, John,” Sherlock says, chuckles and shakes his head. “Stop this nonsense. Butterflies?!”

“Oh come on, you like it,” John says teasingly and presses a kiss into the curls.
“I can’t believe that you did cut your hair as a teenager. You know, a lot of people would do anything to have such wonderful, soft curls like you!”

Sherlock’s look suddenly darkens a bit. “It was better after I cut them …”


“The mockery.”

“They mocked you for your curls?”

“They mocked me for everything at school. When they got bored with one thing, they simply changed their tactic. They liked to pull on my curls. It hurt like hell.”

“Oh Sherlock … I’m so sorry that you had to make this experience. I promise you, I will never do anything that would hurt you.”

“I know, John. It’s actually … I really like it, when you do that.”

“That?” John runs his hands through Sherlock’s hair slowly like he has done it for the last two minutes and smiles.

“Yes,” Sherlock says and closes his eyes. “That.”

“I could do it forever. Going through your soft, after vanilla and butterfly smelling hair …”


Nr. 120 from the Dialogue Prompts: “Your hair is so soft.”

Granita is a semi-frozen dessert made from sugar, water, and flavorings. Originally from Sicily, it is available all over Italy in different forms. It’s related to sorbet and Italian ice; however, in Sicily, it has a coarser, more crystalline texture. Food writer Jeffrey Steingarten says that “the desired texture seems to vary from city to city” on the island; on the west coast and in Palermo, it’s at its chunkiest, in the east it’s nearly as smooth as sorbet. This is the result of different freezing techniques: the smoother types are produced in a gelato machine, the coarser varieties are frozen with only occasional agitation, then scraped or shaved to produce separated crystals. Although its texture varies from coarse to smooth, it is always different from ice cream which is creamier, and from a sorbet, which is more compact; this makes granita distinct and unique.” Common flavorings include lemon juice, mandarin oranges, jasmine, coffee, almonds, mint, wild strawberries, and black mulberries. Chocolate and almond granitas have a tradition in Catania. Granita with coffee is very common in Messina. Granita in combination with the yeast pastry brioche is a common summer breakfast. Granita is also found as a slush-type drink in a paper or plastic cup with lid and straw. Made with savory ingredients or less sugar than the dessert, Granita is often served between courses of a meal as a palate cleanser.

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Are your recipes also easily gluten-free-able? I decided to follow because I use a lot of vegan recipes due to being lactose intolerant but I am gluten intolerant as well and was just wondering. Thank you and have a good day/night!

a lot of them, yes!

my vegetable harira, butternut squash soup, Thai red curry with tofu, coconut almond ghriba, and Thai mint fried rice recipes are all gluten-free as-is. I’ve added a gluten-free tag for those recipes here.

I’ve made my chocolate-coconut-almond scones with rice flour instead of pastry flour and they turned out great, though I did have to add a bit more soy milk. I’m also working on a scone recipe with coconut flour and almond meal, but I haven’t got it quite right yet.

I’m going to try to get up a tajine recipe soon (sort of like vegetable couscous only without the couscous). anything made completely with semolina flour (which is used a lot in Moroccan food) is probably going to be a no-go, though.

I’m sure that it’s possible to make tart shells and pie crusts gluten-free too with the right mix of flours, and I can work on that if anyone else is interested! plus if you contribute to my patreon you can request whatever recipes you want.

I was tagged by @ediblenonsense thanks!! :)

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1. Name: Marissa
2. Nicknames: my friends call me Mars and my family calls me either Sa or Woob
3. Zodiac sign: gemini but I dont really care about that kind of thing
4. Height: 5′6
5. Orientation: Straight
6. Nationality: American
7. Favorite fruit: strawberries, peaches, oranges 
8. Favorite season: summer bc I love being warm hahah
9. Favorite book: The Violent Bear it Away by Flannery O’Connor
10. Favorite flower: I’ve never seen a flower I didnt like tbh but I especially love yellow roses and magnolias
11. Favorite scent: lemongrass, almond, mint
12. Favorite color: blue and gray
13. Favorite animal: stingrays and giraffes
14. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: tea!!
15. Cat or dog: I like both but dogs have a slight edge
16. Favorite fictional character: this is too hard I cant pick
17. Number of blankets you sleep with: depends on the season, currently 2: a sheet and quilt
18. Dream trip: the Vatican probably
19. Blog created: I dont remember exactly but I want to say fall of 2014?
20. Number of followers: 132 lovely people :)

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hello! i just love how gorgeous and unique your beauty altar is, it's so intricate. i was wondering if you had ideas for a persephone altar; i work with hekate primarily but i feel called to work with her as well. thank you! im asking because all of your suggestions are fitting and aesthetically pleasing. 💖

hi there! awww oh my gosh! hehe, the beauty altar was easily one of my favourites to make… i love adding those little detailed touches so much. i’m so glad you found it pleasing! and, ah - thanks so so much for asking. this gives me an opportunity to read up on more goddesses, which i find utterly fascinating. as far as a Persephone altar goes, i totally advise using any of the following!:

a flower wreath, dishes or small jars filled with pomegranate seeds/daisies/almonds/mint sprig offerings, lavender or vanilla oils, candles in black, green, indigo, or yellow; and obsidian, quartz, or sapphire crystals and stones. ~ 🖤☺️ good luck, love!!

someone pls help me decide which ice cream flavor sounds better: vanilla or birthday cake or lemon or chocolate almond

i actually wanted mint but they’re out of stock, and I already drove all the way to the store to buy an ice cream

Wittle boy wooking for a daddy

Name: Julian

Little Names: Kitten, Ju Ju, baby boy

Role:Little boy

Age: 14

Little Age(s):2-6

Location:Seattle WA

About Yourself:I’m a trans boy and I have GAD and I’m very shy

Big Hobbies/Interest: Writing, making YouTube videos, and other thing that I can’t think of right now

Little Hobbies /Interest-

♡fav color:All shades of blue and red

♡activities: I like to draw, play with my cat, cuddle and other things

♡fav tv shows/movies:Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Alice in wonderland (my favorite movie in little space), the lion king, the boxtrolls

♡ stuffies names: Glovebox dog, Lucky (he’s a dog) and pig (it’s Rons owl from Harry Potter)

♡snacks/candy: mini M&Ms, almond Hersheys kisses, Mint moose tracks (thats ice cream) and mocha almond fudge ice cream

♡little gear: I don’t have any but I’d like a onesie, a paci, and more stuffies

Gender of partner preference: Male

Partner Preference Age: 14-17

Partner Preference Role:Daddy

What do you look for in a Partner: nice, can talk a lot/will tell me if they can’t talk at the moment, doesn’t force me to do things I’m not comfortable with

What Names do you Like to Call Your Caregiver: Daddy

I Like When My Caregiver: Talks to me, tells me how handsome I am when I start to talk bad about myself, and they do role playing (Like *hugs daddy* then *gives you forehead kisses* so not the sexual kind)

I Don’t Like: When I get yelled at (it makes me cry), when they read my message and don’t respond, when the respond with “lol, k, or any short response”,

Best way to get in touch with you is: Kik: JulianG123ABC



(almond milk, mint, thyme, honey)

They won’t hurt you, but they don’t talk.  Yakul and I have learned how to coax them closer.  Try muddling a few sprigs of mint and thyme in a cup of almond milk, then adding a half teaspoon of honey.  Then leave the mixture out in a bowl and back away slowly—they’re shy, but they like the sound and the taste.

[OOC note:  Kodama appear in the Hayao Miyazaki film Princess Mononoke.]


Spells in bags and jars are a very old concept in witchcraft. They are very easy to do, and the sort of spell that you can make and leave (and then renew, if necessary!)

To make your spell, you need a jar, bag, or other container, and an idea of what you want it to do. Once you’ve figured out the latter, you can collect ingredients which correspond with your intent. For example, the purpose of the bag spell here is to attract wealth; so items with that association are used: jade, mint, cloves, almonds, and cinnamon.

Once you have your ingredients, throw them in your container while focusing on your intent (you can choose to recite a spell here, if you wish.) Then, store your spell somewhere you need it. For example, the jar spell here is to promote peace in the home, so it’s been put on a cabinet in the centre of the house.

These spells can be easily renewed if you feel they’ve worn off a little- just give them a shake while thinking about your intent again. These spells are easy to do, can be used for almost any purpose, and can be easily hidden if needed.

Have you ever tried these? Delightful little balls of dough with a sweet filling 😍

This is a raw vegan version (paleo, no gluten), so, it only looks similar… Still worth trying!

• 5 peaches (ripe and sweet)
• 9 dates
• 2-3 tbsp of chopped hazelnuts
• vanilla (optional)
• 3-4 dried apricots
• honey/syrup
• some water (optional)
• beetroot/carrot juice (to colour)
• coconut/almond flour
• mint leaves (optional)

Soak the dates and apricots for a while; drain and process until smooth, add vanilla and hazelnuts. You may add some syrup to make the filling less thick. Refrigerate.
Peel the peaches. Dye them with juice. Cover the halves with honey (add some water if necessary) and coat with flour. Place on a tray and freeze for ~30 minutes. Then, put the filling between the halves, decorate with leaves and freeze for ~20 more minutes. Oh! You may need a toothpick to keep the halves together!

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headcannons on how they go trick or treating? Who goes all out on a candy crusade and who stays at the back regretting their decisions of coming along ?

trick or treat
smell my feet
half of these are obsolete

-ouma literally pulled out a map of the best trick or treating places and started a discussion on how to get the most amount of candy and was drawing multiple routes. he took it really seriously and iruma, himiko, kiibo (he was extremely interested in this whole halloween thing), saihara (you’d be surprised), gonta, angie, tenko and tsumigi joined in on this serious discussion

-maki, shinguuji, and toujou act like they’re too cool for halloween as they secretly sneak out in search of full size snickers

-kaito really fucking loves halloween. he’s that one person who doesn’t take down the halloween decorations after it ends. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN HALLOWEEN’S OVER IT’S JUST GETTING STARTED”

-kiibo doesn’t understand halloween but he tries to get with the festivities as best as she can. and by tries i mean he basically becomes everyone’s supervisor as they go out and go nuts

-amami did the “dunk brussel sprouts in chocolate to piss off trick or treaters” thing and he nearly got his neck snapped

-kaede would spot a haunted house and force everyone to go through it with her

-she would later regret this as the haunted house was later found in shambles

-iruma invented a candy machine that takes the shitty candy and turns it into really good candy. this later backfired when it started turning almond joys into breath mints

-hoshi really likes chasing and scaring the shit out of people as they pass by. what’s more terrifying than a two foot gremlin coming to kick your ass

-“tenko stop you’re scaring the children and setting a horrible example”
“*inhaling two pixy stix at once* what”

-himiko and tsumigi had to drag angie back after she ate too many gummy bears and passed out

-she’ll never tell you. but toujou loves those tiny decorative pumpkins. if she sees one she can and will steal it. this is why she’s usually not allowed to trick or treat

-gonta uses his bug catching net as a candy basket and always ends up getting a ton of chocolate

-“hey shinguuji nice costume”
“,, what costume”

-saihara was secretly “monitoring” everyone’s candy (i.e. reaching in their bags and taking candy he liked)

-in the end they pooled their candy together and got so much. so. much. it was ridiculous. god help these kids

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Hey I saw you're turning raw vegan too, any advice for a fellow health nut ?? Xxx

Certainly! These challenges are meant to make you try new things, but you should never feel like you are depriving yourself. If you like pasta, try raw pasta and the same for pizza, tacos, and any other food. Also, never fear nuts. Nuts are magical things. They can be made into raw nut butters (raw coconut and almond just might be the best things in the world). You can also turn them into almond milk, soak them and puree them into a yummy sauce, make nut cheese, and so on. Here are a few of my favorite recipes so far:

The raw basics/wow you can make them from scratch/ yum


almond milk

raw salad dressings

almond butter


Lunch/ dinner

raw falafel and mango chutney

macro bowl (raw and cooked recipe)

fettuccine alfredo with zucchini noodles

rainbow pad thai

marinated zucchini noodles with tomato basil sauce, dried baby tomatoes & garlic portobello meatless balls

layered raw taco salad

sunny siesta soup

apple and butternut squash soup

raw yam burgers with daikon fries and ketchup


green monster smoothie

raw breakfast cereal

apple pie porridge

pink power detox smoothie

raw banana nut muffins


raw chocolate truffles

the raw brownie

coconut butter cups

choco mint almond bars

chocolate orange hazelnut cake

superfood sundae

pomegranate macadamia cheesecake


superfood energy bars

fig bar

my favorite pre-packaged foods

 alive and radiant kale chips

lara bars

sun dried goji berries

all the artisana nut butters! they are fabulous and I would highly recommend all of them

So far, I’ve felt a lot more relaxed around food, energized, and have spent way less time in the kitchen (which in no ways am I complaining about!) Hope you are doing well and I hope this helped, love!

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Daria! What is your favorite green juice recipe?

spinach, cucumber, celery, pineapple, peach, orange juice, aloe vera juice, chia seeds

kiwi, peach, banana, spinach, mint, almond milk, raspberries, chia seeds + fresh squeezed lemon juice

Kale, raspberries, banana, orange, apple, almond milk