almond jello

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i keep seeing ppl drawin bak with sweets n shit bc of like One Image where hes holding a parfait and ive always wondered where this panel can be found so i can save it 2 my computer

you’ve come to the right person to answer this, tho perhaps eden would have just as easily, if not much more in depth, answered your question

the panel you’re talking about is from volume 14 Chapter 138, 1st and 2nd pages.

it looks like such a fancy big parfait.

but this is like not the only instance he is seen eating? or being around food/sweet stuff.

first in volume 7 chapter 62 right after he gets hives, Wong is seen cutting bunny apples for Bak, which is hilarious??? why does this 29 year old need his apples cut into cute bunnies. what a spoiled child.

in volume 9 Chapter 80 Wong is seen preparing a meal for Bak and handing him this bowl.

which, as Eden pointed out to me long ago, really looks like Almond Jello??? A popular chinese dessert

then on volume 19 Chapter 186 you see Bak drinking tea right before Kanda socks him in the face, but like if you look at the table there’s also a platter. Of. BISCUITS?? COOKIES??? this man is always around food.

but also really importantly and canon, is the reverse story from the second novel where Komui throws a wild party with these crazy competitions. one of them is to see who can eat the most of these cream puff pastries or some shit. Bak isn’t seen in this illustration from the novel, but it is written in the novel that he basically stuffed his mouth with them and probably ate 2 or 3 plates.

2 or 3 plates of these bigass cream filled pastries. how is he alive. does he consume nothing but sugar??? so yeah we like to think he likes to eat. SWEET THINGS ESPECIALLY. tiny man with big appetite. i like to think it all goes to his butt.