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I feel like Black Women don't get enough love. We're always looked upon as ghetto, ugly, and dirty and it pisses me tf off. We get fetishized by White men, and by some Black men we get the "White girls are winning" card. It's like what the fuck? Why can't we get some happiness. We have to put up a fucking mask to get things in life while the Becky beside us gets ten times more than what we actually deserved to get. It's sad that black women are the most disrespected in America.

Yasss, sweetie. You’re totally right. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to block creepy white men who called me their “Chocolate Mocha Almond Goddess” they’d like to fuck. It’s very annoying that we are looked upon that way. Even to some Black men as well. It’s very hard being a Black woman in America, but I have so much strength, bravery, and courage deep in the history of my skin color- that it makes me proud to be a Black Woman. (PS: I love whoever sent me this, so much. We are beautiful.)

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Breadcrumbs - Sherlock x The Brothers Grimm

Almost 3 years in the making, Breadcrumbs is a collaborative artbook effort from 16 artists interpreting the works of the brothers Grimm! The book is doublesided, one half containing lighter tales, and the other containing darker ones. The extras version comes with postcards, stickers and bookmarks from an additional 9 artists!

Book artists!

shycustis - coeykuhn - kowabungadoodles - taikova - sweetlittlekitty - katzensprotte - inchells - moriartea-cup - bumbleshark - archiaart - thebritishteapot - ilovemyjawn - reapersun - edthatch - cinnamagen - ivorylungs

Extras artists!

almond-goddess - abitto - ireallyshouldbedrawing - p-chi - decompositiondance - krioboly - anotherwellkeptsecret - sama-ma - indyfalcon

The book will be available online soon, with only 200 copies available at first. Additional copies will be available from our various artists at conventions worldwide, and potentially online through their personal shops. The initial sales will be the only place you can purchase a book with a full set of the extras, and it will be limited (sorry!)

Note: The book contains mostly general art and Johnlock, and contains some mild nudity and dark themes.

Keep an eye on this blog for the next couple weeks for updates~

8:02pm: This isn’t really a study post but it’s food and that’s always good right? I find that when I eat healthier aka low carb meals I feel a significant energy and productivity boost. I’m going to try and eat low carb dinners everyday in 2015. It’ll just improve my life.