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Hey Twilight--er, your majesty--I was wondering...have you ever made any art? Written a story, drawn a picture, etc? I bet a pony as well-read as yourself could create some fantastic work!

Just Twilight is fine. I’m not much for formality.

I do some creative writing, but nothing published. I just don’t have enough time for it and I never feel entirely satisfied with it, so it’s a work in progress still.

Drawing I am not good at. I don’t really have a good eye for aesthetics, and usually I tend to favor things which are functional and plain, which are regarded as dull.

Of course, my mother would always put my crayon drawings on the fridge and compliment me on how lovely they were, but I have a notion she’s biased.



Oooh I can’t believe that my blog got this far! But here I am! 1000 followers milestone!

I never imagined that I would get this far with this simple blog! I never even thought I could get past 10 followers when I started this! But still, here I am, after almost 2 years of work, over 400 posts, with awesome, amazing friends who have been supporting me through this time. Thank you everyone! I couldn’t have made this without you!

So as a thank you gift, I decided to draw you guys! This was a really funny project that I have been doing ever since the first participant and I really hope you like it too! This has also been my biggest project this far and I sure noticed that it took a lot of my time. It was really hard at the end to realise that I can’t draw all of you because of the lack of time.. I did my best and I really hope that I get to draw the rest of you in the future projects because you are as important to me as the ones tagged in this post. You are all very important to me! And for those I did draw: If you want, I can send your own character to you, just send me a message and it is all yours.

Here’s the list of all blogs included in this project! 

First set:






Second set:






Third set:






Fourth set:






Fifth set:






Sixth set:






Seventh set:






Thank you guys once again! I could have never done this without you! It has been awesome working with you and it will be the same in the future! I have grown up as an artist thanks to this blog and without my dear followers, I would have never even tried to make my art better.  I promise to improve myself as an artist even more so that you could enjoy my simple blog little bit more and so that I could give you more art, more requests and more content! But until then please remember…