soo todya i:

1. almmost cried at thethoght of goign to school
2. DID cr y at school
3. hhurt my friendd bc of my vioelnt and homocicidal thoights/impulsesw
4. tol d my friend anbout them and madde hjm uncofmy
5. ggot a panxi attack fromnn hurtingg my firned nd from gguilt
6. gtot my gpa annd it saays its a 0.00 ????„,
7. toook A+ selfihes
8. ffailed to helpp my firndds again
9. crried and pumvched myself bc someoen was vaaguing aboutt me

andn so now i will

1. di e

  • A certain colour or number has good or bad luck associated with it.
  • Certain days have good or bad luck associated with them.
  • A loved one’s death can be predicted.
  • One’s thoughts can cause disasters to occur.
  • Stepping on cracks in the pavement can make bad things happen.
  • Whatever comes to mind can come true.
  • Breaking chain letters will actually bring bad luck.
  • Attending a funeral will bring death.
  • One can inadvertently cause harm to others with thoughts or carelessness.
  • Hearing the word ‘death’ will mean repeating the word ‘life’ to prevent death.

ii doo almmost all of tthes ok