Writers and Artists I Follow

I tend to follow two types of blogs, shipping and art. Those who ship also post a great deal of non-ship, so you could just block FiKi, Bagginshield and the others if you choose.

Pretty much everyone here is a writer so look for links to their AO3 on their blog. And Enjoy! Lakritzwolf on AO3 - Almighty Johnsons, FiKi, Hobbit -  “Unintended Consequences” Anders Johnson + surprise offspring = one of the best novels I’ve ever read.  Poldark + Treasure Island = DarkHawk and some truly awesome stories  Hobbit humor  Heirs of Durin - FiKi Au blog - very NSFW at times  Deano Hobbit, writing, FiKi  Hobbit FiKi  guess who  Hobbit, Deano  Writing blog - Shipping Mitchell/Anders mostly - posts some FiKi and a lot of hunky guys One of the best of the Bagginshield writers — on AO3 as Perkynurples  Gorgeous edits of everyone, lots of Armitage/Thorin  Aidan/Kili/Mitchell and others  Lots of Hobbit and gorgeous art  Another magnificent Bagginshield writer. Same name on AO3 Hobbit and Fili Art mostly Hobbit related and stories  Hobbit  Lots of Durins Hobbit, gorgeous writer  very gentle blog, no shipping, writes lovely stories on AO3  Hobbit, Aidan, Deano, Being Human The BEST writer, just published pro If you haven’t read Sons of Durin on AO3 up are really missing out.  Hobbit and more  Hobbit, writing Hobbit  Fili, Kili  Hobbit, stunning artist Hobbit and other stuff  with her amazing Firefly/Hobbit crossover “Take My Land

ART - Hobbit related art - usually FiKi and OMG she’s glorious!  The most stunning art ever, a lot is Hobbit  Hobbit FiKi art Hobbit, FiKi, Poldark  - the most gorgeous Supernatural art I’ve ever seen  gorgeous pencil art  Amazing fanart  You HAVE to see her art!! 

I deeply apologize to anyone I left out I’ll be glad to add you. This is isn’t a rec fic post by the way. My probem is I want to rec ALL of everything I read. I gotta get to making one though. I really do.


Colin: “The thing is, Anders, having made Dawn the face of the city, I’m consumed with the idea that somehow, as I f*ck Dawn, I’ll actually be f*cking the entire city. And you can’t imagine what a turn-on that is, my lord Bragi.”

Anders: “No.

Colin: “A word in her ear. Your sweet powers of persuasion. Just to tip her over the edge.”

Anders: “Never.

Colin: “You hypocrite! You use your powers on her all the time.”

Anders: “Not for this.

~The Almighty Johnsons, 3x08