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I would just like to let you know that I was grocery shopping earlier today and there was a sign advertising a discount on pork loins and I read it wrong and got really confused bc how could one sell the almighty queen that is park-loins?? Anyway I think I might need glasses

LMAO while i am not available in a supermarket near you, i can tell you with absolutely certainty that park-loin’s pork loins would 1000% be in the discount bin, just this massive tub of technically edible meats that few are brave enough to try. 

Sexting Via Morse Code 2: Another Solangelo Fic

Everyone who had gone to the campfire last night would tell you that Will Solace showed up rather late, and very clearly disheveled. He messed up a song, and nearly got his shirt burnt off. It was actually very funny.

This morning he looked ten times better and way more alert than last night that’s for sure. But he kept on staring at the Big Three Table, where a certain son of Hades was missing from.

Of course this was normal for his boyfriend but he wanted that little shit to show up already so he could extract his revenge for yesterday. His hips were still a bit sore and he had been teased mercilessly last night because of the campfire incident that almost happened. Also, it seemed as though Austin had noticed that Will had popped a boner yesterday so he suffered from that teasing as well. Needless to say, he wanted revenge.

And revenge is what he would get as he saw a half-asleep Nico walk into the dining pavilion and get a mushroom and cheese omelet with a cup of orange juice and take his usual seat across from Jason and Percy. He caught will staring an offered a sleepy smile and wave. Which Will, of course returned though his smile hid mischief. He waited until Nico had started eating and was slightly more awake before he waved to get his attention.

The dark haired italian turned and tilted his head in that cute manner that Will always loved.

-you okay babe?- Will tapped out.

Nico took a bit out of his omelet before replying with, -I’m fine. Just tired. You?-

Will smiled at his boyfriend’s consideration. -Great actually! I’m glad to see you eating healthy for once.-

-What do you mean “for once,” you know I usually get this for breakfast.-

-no usually you get chocolate chip pancakes drenched in syrup. It’s kinda rare to see you get anything else. Especially something full of good vitamins. Vitamins which you are severely lacking.-

Will could see Nico roll his eyes and then reply to something the son of Zeus said before bringing his pale hand down onto the table.

-What do you mean lacking? You’re the one who has me taking that weird multivitamin thingy. I don’t think I’m lacking any.-

-Oh but you are,you’re missing one, but that omelet is helping. But I know something else that would help.-

-I take practically every vitamin, from a-z, I am pretty sure I’m not missing one. But just out of curiosity which one do you THINK I’m missing.-

-seriously, it’s pretty obvious because of the mushrooms, cheese and eggs, Death Boy. Something you can get from the sun. You know if you actually got out in the sun.-

-I get plenty of sun. Now what are you talking about with all that?-

-you’re seriously lacking in vitamin D. And I have a vitamin D that you might want. It’s very helpful actually.- he tapped out with a wink.

At first Nico didn’t react, he just sat there blinking, and then his face erupted into different shades of red as he squeezed his legs together.

-Oh my gods. You are so stupid.-

-but Nico, you need your vitamins-

-no I don’t. I can live without them.-

-Oh not this one you can’t. If I recall that time in the infirmary last week where you were begging for my vitamin d so to say, I very clearly remember you saying, and I quote, “I can not live without you dick.” So yeah-

If possible the son of Hades turned redder, so much so that his table mates took notice and asked if everything was okay. If his crossing of legs was anything to go by, he was not.

-Solace. Stop it.-

-nope. Payback death boy.-

Will seriously, Percy and Jason are getting suspicious.

-I’m sorry what was that? I missed it. I keep thinking about pushing you into a wall and kissing you breathless like you love. You know when I pin you to the wall with my body, our hips almost touching but not quite.-

Nico bit his lip and looked into his lap before squirming in his seat. He didn’t respond.

-it’s okay if you don’t respond. Just listen Angel. I’d suck on your bottom lip like you love, and revel in the whimper you always give when I do so. You’ll try to grind our hips together for some friction but I won’t allow it. Because I want to take my time to kiss you and every scar and beauty mark on your perfect body.-

Nico looked at him desperately as he bit his lip and squeezed his thighs together before slamming down the rest of his orange juice.

-that’s not the only thing you’ll be swallowing this morning.-

-Will please.-

Will was about to respond but stopped when he heard plates clatter on the floor and a certain son of Athena holding up his hands, his face red and lips pulled into a thin line. “Nope.” He yelled before storming out. Everyone just looked so confused except for Nico. He must have seen Will’s confused face because he tapped out. -he understands Morse Code you dork. Now are you going to take me to my cabin now or am I going to have to take care of myself?-

Dammit he was smirking. Oh well, Will thought. At least he had gotten the younger demigod all riled up, for he too didn’t have that much patience anymore. So with half-assed excuses and red faces the two hurriedly sped walked to the Hades cabin for a little fun.

((Part 2 you fucking nerd @nerdz4lifeyo sorry I couldn’t go to the party. Love ya!))

P.s. if anyone is wondering, Nico and Will like to take turns doing each other! ;)

Come Back

*sighs* I haven’t written in so long… It may suck. Idk. It still broke me out of my writer’s block. I’ll consider posting it on Fanfiction.

Set sometime after ch 58.

Pairing: Touken

Description: The cafe officially accepts customers past the closing hour… but only if they’re Kaneki Ken and only if you’re having a cup of coffee alongside Kirishima Touka.

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Happy Kuro Positivity Day!

Courtesy of the lovely @shinigami-mistress!

I thought it would be fun to list my favourite bits from each arc so far, as @grellsdeathscythe has done :D

Black Butler Arc

  • Epic, dark, gothic undertones.
  • Sebastian royally screwing the arc’s villains. (E.g.: “Is this what you’re looking for? I’ll return it to you.” [Plops bullet into villain’s pocket.]
  • “Woof!”
  • Servants/funny side stories. Poor Sebastian!

Jack The Ripper Arc

  • The creepy, gothic mood of the whole arc. Even if the tragedy of it broke my heart. Still awesome. Painful, but awesome.
  • Madam Red’s backstory.
  • William kicking the grievously injured Grell.
  • Madam Red’s funeral (I mean, it was sad, but blimey, what a send off!).

Curry Arc

  • Sebastian giving Soma a piece of his mind, laying down some harsh truths.
  • The FOOD, Lord Almighty!!
  • Queen Victoria randomly turning up to watch a bunch of commoners take part in a contest about curry.
  • John Brown and his angry horse.

Circus Arc

  • Snake.
  • Sebastian injuring Ciel in the process of making it look like he has halfway decent acrobatic skill.
  • The servants being badass.

Murder Mystery Arc

  • Arthur Wordsmith.
  • The whole mystery in general - loved it! Felt like watching Cluedo playing out.
  • Heartfelt moment between Arthur and Ciel.
  • Sebastian and Ciel screwing with everyone.
  • SNAKE.

Campania Arc

  • Edward Midford.
  • SNAKE.

Weston Arc

  • The new environment in general. I loved how different the challenges were, and how Ciel found himself restricted and one-upped by boys his own age and the school system.
  • Maurice Cole getting his comeuppance. 
  • The insane cricket moves XD 
  • An entire House of boys defeated by a pie full of laxatives.

Green Witch Arc

  • Wolfram - hot damn, and goddamn!
  • Fairy tale vibes.
  • Sieglinde, in all her adorable crazy genius. 
  • Evil bitches getting their comeuppance.
  • TANKS.
  • Epic showdown in the woods.

Blue Sect Arc [so far]

  • Cult
  • Dark, gothic mood
  • Bravat (creepy as he is)
  • All the stuff and theories this arc is bringing up holy shit
  • Stars
  • Blood Theory

so queen of my heart and official girl direction stylist Rave Sashayed was approached with the dilemma of dressing these noobs for a Feeling Myself-esque tribute to the holy duo. Obviously they’d all be dreadful dancers but they’d look hot trying, this is what they wore, this is what i did today etc etc. Original post is here, sashayed is the supreme overlord of this lame website and so on and so forth