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Orphic Hymn 16 to Hera (Greek hymns C3rd B.C. to 2nd A.D.) :

“O royal Hera, of majestic mien, aerial-formed, divine, Zeus’ blessed queen, throned in the bosom of cerulean air, the race of mortals is thy constant care. The cooling gales they power alone inspires, which nourish life, which every life desires. Mother of showers and winds, from thee alone, producing all things, mortal life is known: all natures share thy temperament divine, and universal sway alone is thine, with sounding blasts of wind, the swelling sea and rolling rivers roar when shook by thee. Come, blessed Goddess, famed almighty queen, with aspect kind, rejoicing and serene.”

It’s gemsona week. Lonsdaleite is back and better than ever!

Lonsdaleite is a special gem that’s even harder than diamond! She’s the almighty queen of the gems because she’s the strongest. She’s an amalgamation of all the best gems in history, and it’s the highest honor to fuse into her. When she accepts a new gem to join her permafusion, she only accepts their good aspects. That’s why her stats are perfect. Because Lonsdaleite is perfect. She has every power of every gem who fused with her, plus some new ones. She speaks with the voice of the legion and she is a galactic champion at thumb-wrestling.

She moves around by gracefully flapping like a legendary cherubim. Like most gems, she can shape-shift. But since she’s perfect, why would she want to?

(Thank you to @gemsona-hq for making a stat sheet template that can contain Lonsdaleite’s beauty.)

William Nylander - Part 3

Tumblr won’t let me add a picture and I’m kinda pissed…. JK fixed it 

I wake in the morning feeling like train wreck. When I stumble into the bathroom I’m surprised to see that I can see out of both of my eyes, though one is completely black and purple. The swelling has seemed to go down quite a bit from when I went to bed and I breathe a sigh of relief. Not that I have anyone to look good for, but I don’t exactly want to be scared to look in the mirror every day.

               Letting the hot water from my shower wash off the remaining dried blood and I’ll admit, a few tears from last night. Nathan had been all over me like a mother hen, insisting that he stay the night in case something happened and when I in turn asked him what he thought could possibly happen he couldn’t think of a scenario. So Rian has shooed both him and Jake off before they could even walk inside the front door. She had been able to convince me to stay at my parent’s house with her, saying that she wanted to keep an eye on me but I really knew it was because she didn’t like staying in the house on her own. Our parents weren’t due to come home from their anniversary cruise until next week Monday and it was only Wednesday.

               I dress myself, careful when I pull my shirt on to not rip my stitches and make my way downstairs. Rian is already up and about to go out the door to head to school.

               “I was going to wake you, but thought better,” she says and eyes my face. “Balance the black on your other eye and you could make a good living as a hooker.” She smirks at me.

               I throw her a filthy look. “Don’t you have to be somewhere?” I huff back at her, making my way into the kitchen.

               “Yes, actually. But I wanted to see your face when I tell you this,” she says following after me and I frown at her.

               “Tell me what?” I ask slowly.

               “That you’re an internet meme now,” she looks overly happy and I tense.

               “What?” I ask, my voice much louder than I intended.

               “Someone at the game took a picture of the jumbrotron and you giving a thumbs up with a mangled face. Now people are posting those pictures with the clinche caption of how tough hockey fans are and all that,” she rolls her eyes and I relax.

               “Oh, then that’s not so bad,” I say and dig through the cupboards for something to eat.

               “You also might want to check your phone,” Rian adds, a devilish grin on her face when I turn to look at her. “See you later,” she says and skips out the door.

               I stare after her a moment and then make a mad dash to my coat hanging in the hallway where my phone is still resting. Swiping the screen on my stomach drops, there’s over five hundred notifications from all my social media apps and text messages.

               “How can people possibly know who I am? I got hit in the face with a puck!” I yell out loud into the empty house. Groaning, I start going through the follow requests and mentions, getting annoyed after thirty seconds and just changing my settings to that anyone can follow me instead. That takes away over three hundred of the notifications.

               Scrolling through the messages I ignore most of them from people I haven’t talked to in months. Both Jake and Nathan texted me this morning asking how I feel and I respond to them and them only. None of my friends that don’t watch hockey haven’t said a single thing to me so I know that it’s not as big a deal as Rian made it sound like.

               I mute my phone and get set on my bowl of cereal and think about what I’m going to do today. Working as an editor for a publishing company, I’m able to work from home most days and today will be no different. Cleaning up after myself I get my car keys and head back to my apartment downtown. I keep my hat down low on my head when I sneak into my favorite coffee shop and no one gives me a second glance. I hurry across the street to my apartment and breathe a sigh of relief when I get into the elevator.

               Kota is waiting for me at the door, meowing like she’s been starved to death. I fill her bowl that wasn’t even empty while she preys on my foot, thinking she’s the almighty queen of the apartment. I force myself to walk into my home office, the stack of manuscripts on my desk is intimidating and I grimace as I sit down and pull on my glasses carefully. Before the headache can even have a chance to start, I reach into the desk drawer and down a few pain meds. Always good to be prepared.

               Four hours later a ding on my phone nearly makes me fall out of my seat. I place the highlighter and pen on to the desk beside the thriller manuscript I had been pouring over all morning, yellow and red marks all over the sheet glare up at me. Picking up my phone I see a message from Rian.

               Half day today. Ready for pizza?

               I glance at the clock and cringe at the time.

               Give me fifteen minutes

               Another manuscript get the better of you?


               See you in a few


               I scramble from my chair, Kota startles and sprints across the room sending toys and papers alike scattering across the floor. Giggling, I make my way into my room and strip down from my comfy clothes and into something that makes me look a little less homeless. I catch a glance of myself in the mirror and groan.

Having forgotten the black eye and angry red stitches, I reach for another ball cap and pull the bill down as far as I can. It doesn’t help much but I don’t dare to even try and put makeup over it. Maybe we can get a table in the back corner.

               I meet Rian in the parking lot and to my dismay the place looks packed.

               “Why are there so many people here? Don’t they have jobs?” I grumble and Rian laughs.

               “You have a job and you’re here,” she smirks at me, her eyes traveling to my bruised cheek. “Not gonna lie, you look pretty badass in your whole ensemble.” She gestures with her hands to the rest of my outfit and I realize that I put on all black, even my coat. “I’m loving the whole dark energy thing.”

               I roll my eyes at her and push her through the front door. While there are a lot of cars in the parking lot, there are still several empty tables and I’m grateful when the hostess leads us to one in a secluded corner. I pick up the menu although I don’t know why, I get the same thing every time I’m here. Rian does the same thing and we laugh at each other.

               “Remember when dad used to take us here when mom would go out of town. Literally every night she was gone this was our dinner,” she smiles down at her menu, tracing the restaurants logo that sits in the top right corner.  

               “Yeah, I do,” I smile as the memories as well. “Carson and Logan annoying us to death with their spit ball wars.”

               “I miss them, I hate that their camp is two weeks long. When I went it was only a week,” she pouts and I have to laugh.

               “I thought the same thing when you went, they will be back soon. And then you’ll be calling me begging to come over so you can get away from the twelve year old devils,” I say and she nods.

               “True, but I still miss them. The house feels so empty without them and mom and dad gone. I might go insane before Monday,” she replies, tracing her finger along the condensation on her glass of lemonade.

               “See, when I was home alone like you, I loved it. No one to annoy me or take my things without asking.” Rian scowls at me for that one. “It was nice, but I loved it even more when you all came home,” I add and wink at her, she softens her scowl.

               “I guess that’s the difference between you and I. You’re Miss. Independent and I’m the exact opposite. I don’t think I could live alone like you do, work at home like you do… I wouldn’t be able to function.”

               “I have Kota,” I argue and she gives me a look. “Hey! She’s a person too, just because she can’t talk doesn’t mean she doesn’t have feelings.”

               “Oh my God, my sister is already a crazy cat lady,” Rian says, rubbing her face with her hands and I roll my eyes. Her eyes dart to the side of me and widen slightly.

               “What are you looking at?” I ask her, preparing to turn around when she shakes her head.

               “Nothing, thought for a moment I left my straightener on at home,” she says, busying herself with her lemonade.

               I eye her blonde locks, perfect spiral curls going every direction. “Funny your straightener would be on when you wouldn’t have used it.” I quirk an eyebrow at her as her cheeks flush. Lucky for her, the waitress arrives again to take our order.

               After the waitress leaves I forget about the straightener and excuse myself to the bathroom. I keep my head low as I pass by the booths and tables, both when I head towards the bathroom and when I’m returning. I glance up to make sure I’m in the right line of booths when I notice that Rian traded seats with me.

               “What are you doing?” I ask her, pausing at the side of the table and eyeing her.

               “I wanted to watch the T.V,” she says nonchalantly, sipping her beverage though she never looks at me.

               I sit down slowly, still eyeing her. “You don’t like UFC fighting…” I say and she blushes again.

               “Well then maybe I thought you would enjoy the view sitting there,” she whispers, a smirk playing on her lips as she glances down from the T.V for only a second.

               “What are you talking about?” I ask and lift my eyes to gaze around, I don’t see a single T.V and the decorations are just that, decorations. It isn’t until I lower my eyes to the large table beside us do I realize what she meant. Oh God. I pull the hat down even lower and drop my eyes back to my empty plate. “Rian, switch back with me,” I plead in a whisper.

               “Nope,” Rian responds, not bothering to look down from the T.V again. “I’m good here.”

               “Rian, I swear to God if you don’t switch with me right now-“

               “What? What are you going to do?”

               I hesitate. “Cry.”

               Rian snorts a laugh. “No you won’t, I haven’t seen you cry since we watched Marley and Me six years ago.”

               I pout and dare to peek up at the table to my left. Big mistake. My eyes meet those blue ones again and I shiver. A smile flashes across his face before he looks back at one of his teammates.

               “So, what did you see?” Rian asks, trying and failing to keep the smile off her face and I aim a nice kick to the shins under the table. She jerks in her seat, hitting the table with her arm and causing the whole thing to tremble. Another mistake. I can feel the eyes of the table beside us.

               “God, I hate when you do that!” She snaps, rubbing her leg with her hand and glaring at me.

               I give her my biggest smile and flutter my eyelashes. “Do what?” I ask.

               Rian throws another look my way before our waitress returns with our pizza. All fighting is set aside as we devour the pizza with our eyes, still too warm to eat.

               We each have four slices a piece and I lean back in my seat when I finally gulp down my last bite. I let out a satisfied sigh and wish nothing more than to take a nap right there.

               I open my eyes to say something to Rian but my attention is caught once again to the other table. Will is immersed in the plate before him, shoveling food into his mouth like he hasn’t eaten in a week. A faint smile pulls at my lips I continue to watch him, he doesn’t seem to notice until an arm nudges his side and when I look over at who the arm belongs to, I meet the eyes of another player, Morgan Rielly. He nods at me before I can look away and when Will looks in my direction I flush crimson and stare at my glass. Mortified.

               “I think I’m going to go the bathroom,” Rian says, oblivious to what just happened and I give her panicked look.

               “What? No, don’t leave me here alone!” I whisper quickly and she looks at me like I’m crazy.

               “You’ll be fine,” she says and slides out of her booth.

               “Rian, no!” I say, willing her to sit back down. She gives me one last confused look and walks past me towards the other side of the restaurant where the bathrooms are. “I have no sister!” I whisper and I think I see a faint hint of a smile before she’s out of my view.

               Turning back in my seat so I’m once again facing my empty plate, I try very hard to regulate my breathing. I can hear the faint conversation of the boys at the next table and I reach for my phone. My only distraction. I scroll for a moment until I feel the gaze to my left again. Pressing my lips together I tense, I can just barely see him to the side, my eyes still focused on the screen though I’m not reading a single thing. I see him stand slowly and say something to Morgan.

               Oh no. Please no. Will takes a step towards me and I stop breathing. I keep my eyes down even when he reaches the side of my table, his gaze hot on my face and I know I’m the color of the cherry red booth I’m sitting on.

               “Mind if I sit for a moment?” Will asks and I open my mouth to answer but nothing comes out. I can’t even look at him. Instead I slowly nod my head and put my phone down on the table.

               He moves into the booth and my eyes go his hands folded in front of him on the table.

               “How’s the head?” He asks and finally I’m able to look up.

               “It’s okay,” I answer, searching his face for the other question that he seems to be holding back on.

               “Good, it doesn’t look too bad,” he says, his eyes trailing up and down the side of my face.

               “Too bad?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.

               “I didn’t mean it like that!” He says hurriedly. “I mean that I figured your eye would be pretty much swollen shut is all.” Will smiles at me and I just stare back.

               “What are you doing here?” I ask him after a moment and he frowns. “Didn’t think pizza was exactly the meal a hockey player has the night before a game.”

               Will’s eyes dart back and forth between mine, fumbling for an answer. “Because you said you would be here.” He says finally and I’m floored by his honesty.

               “What?” I stammer.

               “You asked your sister last night if you could come here today,” he says slowly and I remember the elevator ride.

               “So… you wanted to check up on me?” I ask, raising an eyebrow and he blushes. I hate how adorable it looks.

               “Maybe.” Is all he says and we sit in silence for another few seconds.

               “And that was it?” I ask again, pulling my glass closer to me and trailing my fingers along the lip slowly, concentrating on the shapes instead of his face.

               He watches for another few seconds, not looking up at me when he answers. “Maybe not.”

               “So, what else could there possibly be?”

               He hesitates again and fidgets slightly in his seat. I make him nervous. “I kinda wanted to make it up to you, somehow,” he finally says and I halt my finger on my glass, my eyes flashing to his.

               “What?” I ask dumbly.

               “What can I do to make it up to you?” He asks and his blue eyes overwhelm my own and I have no idea what to say.

               “Tell you what,” he says after a beat. “I’ll give you my number, and when you think of something. You let me know.” Without waiting for a response, he reaches across the table and grabs my phone. When he sees that he needs a passcode to unlock it, he reaches back across for my hand. He gently slides my hand across the table, pressing my thumb to the home button and I let him. Will opens my contacts and adds his own in before sliding it back across the table to me.

               “Hopefully you let me know sooner rather than later,” he whispers, slowly sliding out of the booth just as my sister reappears in the corner of my eye. Will smiles at her and nods before flashing his eyes back to me, winking before he turns and returns to his own table where several of his teammates are staring.

               I blink several times and finally let out the breath I didn’t realize I had been holding. Rian sits back down across from me, pressing her lips together.

               “So, what did I miss?” She asks after a moment and I laugh.

               “Not much.”

No Strings Attached - Jared Leto x Reader

Hello! Guess who’s back with their first Jared fic in who knows how fucking long? THAT’S RIGHT, ME BITCHES. So this was requested by a sweet anon. I didn’t expect it to get this long, but I couldn’t stop myself! Probably one of the longest ones I’ve written in a long time. I hope everyone likes it! Enjoy! -J.xx

I’d also like to dedicate this to @ashmuck the Almighty Queen of the Jared Smut.

Maybe a Jared fic about him and a fuck buddy turned to love?


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Hymn to Nemesis

Nemesis I call,
Almighty Queen
whose piercing sight sees all the deeds of mortals,
Eternal and much revered.
who alone judges the deeds of mortals.

Wise counselor,
who changes the course of the human heart,
forever transforming,
working without rest.

Every mortal knows Your influence,
men groan beneath the weight of Your righteous chains.

You know the thoughts in every mind,
and the soul ruled by lawless lust,
unwilling to obey reason, is judged by You.

Divine Equity,
Yours is the power to see and hear and rule.

Come, Holy Goddess, and listen to my prayer,
and take these mystics under Your protection.

Far avert from us,
Oh Nemesis,
dire and hostile impious counsels, arrogant and base.

And give us beneficent aid in our hour of need,
And abundant strength lend to our powers of reason.

—  Orphic hymn to Nemesis
Sexting Via Morse Code 2: Another Solangelo Fic

Everyone who had gone to the campfire last night would tell you that Will Solace showed up rather late, and very clearly disheveled. He messed up a song, and nearly got his shirt burnt off. It was actually very funny.

This morning he looked ten times better and way more alert than last night that’s for sure. But he kept on staring at the Big Three Table, where a certain son of Hades was missing from.

Of course this was normal for his boyfriend but he wanted that little shit to show up already so he could extract his revenge for yesterday. His hips were still a bit sore and he had been teased mercilessly last night because of the campfire incident that almost happened. Also, it seemed as though Austin had noticed that Will had popped a boner yesterday so he suffered from that teasing as well. Needless to say, he wanted revenge.

And revenge is what he would get as he saw a half-asleep Nico walk into the dining pavilion and get a mushroom and cheese omelet with a cup of orange juice and take his usual seat across from Jason and Percy. He caught will staring an offered a sleepy smile and wave. Which Will, of course returned though his smile hid mischief. He waited until Nico had started eating and was slightly more awake before he waved to get his attention.

The dark haired italian turned and tilted his head in that cute manner that Will always loved.

-you okay babe?- Will tapped out.

Nico took a bit out of his omelet before replying with, -I’m fine. Just tired. You?-

Will smiled at his boyfriend’s consideration. -Great actually! I’m glad to see you eating healthy for once.-

-What do you mean “for once,” you know I usually get this for breakfast.-

-no usually you get chocolate chip pancakes drenched in syrup. It’s kinda rare to see you get anything else. Especially something full of good vitamins. Vitamins which you are severely lacking.-

Will could see Nico roll his eyes and then reply to something the son of Zeus said before bringing his pale hand down onto the table.

-What do you mean lacking? You’re the one who has me taking that weird multivitamin thingy. I don’t think I’m lacking any.-

-Oh but you are,you’re missing one, but that omelet is helping. But I know something else that would help.-

-I take practically every vitamin, from a-z, I am pretty sure I’m not missing one. But just out of curiosity which one do you THINK I’m missing.-

-seriously, it’s pretty obvious because of the mushrooms, cheese and eggs, Death Boy. Something you can get from the sun. You know if you actually got out in the sun.-

-I get plenty of sun. Now what are you talking about with all that?-

-you’re seriously lacking in vitamin D. And I have a vitamin D that you might want. It’s very helpful actually.- he tapped out with a wink.

At first Nico didn’t react, he just sat there blinking, and then his face erupted into different shades of red as he squeezed his legs together.

-Oh my gods. You are so stupid.-

-but Nico, you need your vitamins-

-no I don’t. I can live without them.-

-Oh not this one you can’t. If I recall that time in the infirmary last week where you were begging for my vitamin d so to say, I very clearly remember you saying, and I quote, “I can not live without you dick.” So yeah-

If possible the son of Hades turned redder, so much so that his table mates took notice and asked if everything was okay. If his crossing of legs was anything to go by, he was not.

-Solace. Stop it.-

-nope. Payback death boy.-

Will seriously, Percy and Jason are getting suspicious.

-I’m sorry what was that? I missed it. I keep thinking about pushing you into a wall and kissing you breathless like you love. You know when I pin you to the wall with my body, our hips almost touching but not quite.-

Nico bit his lip and looked into his lap before squirming in his seat. He didn’t respond.

-it’s okay if you don’t respond. Just listen Angel. I’d suck on your bottom lip like you love, and revel in the whimper you always give when I do so. You’ll try to grind our hips together for some friction but I won’t allow it. Because I want to take my time to kiss you and every scar and beauty mark on your perfect body.-

Nico looked at him desperately as he bit his lip and squeezed his thighs together before slamming down the rest of his orange juice.

-that’s not the only thing you’ll be swallowing this morning.-

-Will please.-

Will was about to respond but stopped when he heard plates clatter on the floor and a certain son of Athena holding up his hands, his face red and lips pulled into a thin line. “Nope.” He yelled before storming out. Everyone just looked so confused except for Nico. He must have seen Will’s confused face because he tapped out. -he understands Morse Code you dork. Now are you going to take me to my cabin now or am I going to have to take care of myself?-

Dammit he was smirking. Oh well, Will thought. At least he had gotten the younger demigod all riled up, for he too didn’t have that much patience anymore. So with half-assed excuses and red faces the two hurriedly sped walked to the Hades cabin for a little fun.

((Part 2 you fucking nerd @nerdz4lifeyo sorry I couldn’t go to the party. Love ya!))

P.s. if anyone is wondering, Nico and Will like to take turns doing each other! ;)

Day One: Chess

Summary: The Knight is strong, and the King is almighty; but it’s the Queen who holds true power.   

A/N: I think this would have taken place shortly after Roy’s team has been assembled. They’re all still getting used to one another and learning to work together so naturally Havoc would try to get at Hawkeye in some way (bc she’s hot and he’s not been acquainted w the Mustang/Hawkeye relationship yet). (((;

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Nakiri Erina Confession

For all the haters: the reason why Nakiri Erina is more popular in Japan than Tadokoro Megumi is because the average-cute-girl card is being overused here and there are rarely girls like Erina who dominate as an independent female figure - and a slightly introverted one at that. 

Shokugeki no Souma is one of the many competitive mangas/animes and so far, the author has really pulled out Erina’s potential to change Souma for the better on a competitive and personal level. Rarely will you see an exciting manga/anime that will have a character such as her - appearances and reputation aside. She’s cruel, dense, professional, honest (cooking wise), almighty and empowering. She’s Queen B, whilst Megumi is little Jenny. Xoxo, Gossip Girl. Jokes aside, that’s also why I ship her with Souma - The King deserves the Queen. Think twice before you diss SouEri, I’ll be Hisako Arato and you’ll be the soft shelled turtle served in my gourmet burger.

anonymous asked:

I have always had a little trouble connecting with Hera. It's just hard for me to understand Her role in my life and worship. Lately I find that I feel most connected/drawn to Her when it's softly raining, or there is a soft breeze blowing, or it's a starry night...But I'm confused because I've always seen Her as more of a Goddess of marriage? I guess I'd just like some advice/insight?

One of the interesting things in my opinion, is that in the marriages of Zeus, Haides, and Poseidon, each of Their wives shares Their domains to some extent. Poseidon married Amphitrite, a sea nymph and the embodiment of the Mediterranean sea. Persephone and Haides both hold domain over the earth’s bounty and the underworld. Zeus and Hera both have connections to the sky. Ect….

Admittedly, Hera’s connections with the sky and the heavens seems to have arisen later on in antiquity. She is considered to lead the Theoi Meteoroi with Zeus though.

A. J. Rutgers in Numen discusses the etymology of Hera and Heracles’ names, and argues for Hera as being connected to the night sky where Zeus is Her parallel in the day sky.

The Orphic Hymn 16 to Hera (trans. Taylor) (Greek hymns C3rd B.C. to 2nd A.D.) includes specific mention of Her connection to gentle winds and rains :

“O royal Hera, of majestic mien, aerial-formed, divine, Zeus’ blessed queen, throned in the bosom of cerulean air, the race of mortals is thy constant care. The cooling gales they power alone inspires, which nourish life, which every life desires. Mother of showers and winds, from thee alone, producing all things, mortal life is known: all natures share thy temperament divine, and universal sway alone is thine, with sounding blasts of wind, the swelling sea and rolling rivers roar when shook by thee. Come, blessed Goddess, famed almighty queen, with aspect kind, rejoicing and serene.”

Then there’s Apuleius, in The Golden Ass 6. 3 ff (trans. Walsh) (Roman novel C2nd A.D.) : 

or whether you occupy your blessed abode in lofty Carthage, which worships you as the maiden who tours the sky on a lion’s back

So while Her connection to the sky and weather may not be Her most well know, they are there and are valid routes to pursue for Her worship