almighty key

SHINee Reaction: They lose you in a crowd, and then they find you.

Taemin -

First - “How do I even manage this?”

Then - “Thank goodness I actually found you. That’s a first.”

Key -

First - “Yah! (Y/N), where’d you go?!" 

Then - "Didn’t I tell you to stick close to me? Some of these fans can get a little weird.”

Minho -

First - *He’s confused. He’s so tall, he can’t figure out how he can’t see you even if it is so crowded.*

Then - *Runs his hands over you urgently, looking to see if you were hurt at all. Not that he’d expect you to be injured or anything, but his protectiveness would be a little out of control.*

Onew -

First - “Hey, guys? Have you seen (Y/N) anywhere? I don’t know where she’s gone.”

Then - “Did you run to the washroom or something? You should tell me first before you go off on your own.”

Jonghyun -

First - “Honey? What? Where? How?” *The end is where he actually sees you*

Then - “I need to put a leash on you or something. You scared me, baby.”

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