almighty key

SHINee: When you’re fangirling over EXO’s “Call Me Baby”.

Now let’s start off this posting binge with a group that’s making their comeback tomorrow some time shall we? Thank you for requesting and I hope you enjoy!  

Onew: Stop….Stop it!….*Tries blocking screen* Come back to reality already, it’s been 4 hours since you last said anything that’s not fangirling about this song! 

Minho: Come on now, we both know that by tomorrow you’ll be fangirling over SHINee’s comeback. It’s the group I’m in after all.

Key: *Annoyed* I swear if you replay this one more time I’m going to–fuck this I’m done. D - O - N - E –DONE!!!  *Goes to his room*

Jonghyun: *Jealousy strikes* I’m giving you one question and your answer is going to determine what I do next.–EXO or SHINee (aka me)?

Taemin: *Pouts* Oh I see how it is… you think Kai’s a better dancer than me don’t you!?