Midoriya Izuku Special 1 !

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In the middle of month april, Midoriya Izuku had found himself in the most terrible position ever. All of his muscles were tense, he jumped up and down, ran back and forth, his nervous hands trying to grasp his green hair in frustration and anxiety. Constant screaming caught his ears, his heart was racing as sweat had gathered on his palms. It felt like it’d burst out of his chest any second, breathing rigidly. He couldnt calm down. EVER.

Because his love was currently giving birth to their child.
Yes, they were carrying his child for 8 months now – so it was way to early to be delivered but here he was standing while they were suffering from pain that he himself could never imagine inside this doomed room.
Even his mother told him via phone that he should calm down for their sake but- How was he supposed to do that?!

Not even remembering how things went their path when the greenhaired male got an emergency phone call at work.. It was the worst case scenario for the both of them. Who would’ve actually expected that it would come so early?    

Quiet. It was suddenly so quiet. Why was it quiet?!
His head shot up when the door slowly opened up. „It’s a boy.“, the doctor’s voice was serious, causing his heart to drop. He knew what consequences this might have when a child has been delivered too early… But this was no time to break because his s/o needed his presence the most right now.
As soon as the doctor told him he may enter, for god’s sake, he bit his lip.

He froze in place, his breath hitched as he stared wide-eyed in awe at the yet beautiful sight playing in front of him.
His dearest was covered in sweat, hair sticking to their forehead, looking pale and just really exhausted, but to him. To him they looked astonishing nevertheless. And… They held… their child, their newborn child in their arms. „(Name)“, he whispered as his feet carried his figure towards their side in a swift, carefully seating himself beside them.

„Izuku…“, they sent their man a warm smile: „You’re here.“
Relief was in their weak and hoarse voice from all the sounds they had made. Midoriya gulped.. „Look at him.“
There was a thick lump forming in his throat as he held back tears that were about to spill, already lingering at the corner of his eyes. His mouth quivered.

„Of… Of course I’m here.“, he ran his hand gently through his partner’s hair and placed a kiss at their temple. „Oh-… My god.“, leaning his’ against theirs, his voice was becoming unsteady. They giggled and watched their husband’s gaze how it was wandering towards the small premature infant. Theirs.

A wave of so many emotions ran through him, almost feeling like he was hit by a train – which was a way too negative thing to refer to in the current situation. But all those feelings were so overwhelming - In such a good way that he couldnt help but to cry a ((little)) bit, damn it.

No words would be able to sum up what was going inside of him.
This was probably the most terrifying yet best spring that he ever had and will never forget. It could beat the moment where he got to meet Almight…
„You did so well… I love you so much.“, Midoriya cracked. „Both of you…“

Discovering that the baby needed to deal with treatment was a hit in the guts but chances were very likely that it will grow completely healthy like any other would with time, the couple exhaled thankfully.

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Im not sure if premature babies are instantly sent to the Neonatology or if their parents at least are allowed to hold them for a little bit of time before.
So I apologize if it’s a convinient mistake of mine to make this a bit fluffy and not sadly devastating what it would be normally if you give birth to a child which isnt healthy at the beginning.

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