six facts challenge

i was by the wonderful officialdannycastellano

1. i am terrified of snakes and anything that resembles them

2. i have a universal studios pass but i never go cause no one loves me enough to go with me

3. i have seen fall out boy live 4 times

4. i met jerry springer at gasparilla 2 years ago

5. my birthday is january 1st 

6. my grandpa doesn’t know about any of my tattoos cause he said he would disown me if i ever got any :)))

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Supongo que a muchos les pasa,  desean con todas sus fuerzas volver al principio, ese momento en el que todo apenas comenzaba, ese preciso momento en el que los únicos sentimientos que invadían sus alma eran el asombro, el encanto y la adrenalina por saber lo que vendría.  Pero lamentablemente no podemos y nos toca enfrentarnos a este presente que tanto nos rompe y nos deja sin fuerzas pero no podemos dejarnos caer hay que luchar, hay que seguír para poder lograr que el futuro sane un poco nuestras heridas y volvamos a sentir esos sentimientos por la vida que tanto anhelamos para poder llenar nuestras almas de hermosos colores .

Tal vez no podemos regresar a lo que fue pero podemos crear un por venir que nos llene y nos salve de aquello que en estos momentos nos rompe


The Scene of Coin and How it Pertains to the New Panem

As we see, the new symbol of the nation is already in place. Notice that while the Capitol eagle is gone, the laurel wreath is still there… unless it’s supposed to be grain; if the latter, then the communist parallels have been furthered (blue color scheme be damned).

But more importantly, let’s take a look at Alma Coin.

Before, she’s usually either had an expression of stoicism or maternal care. What I see now is anything but that. Sure there’s some stoicism remaining, but laid bare is the type of prideful confidence that let’s us know that she knows all of Panem is now under her control.

Then look at her outfit. Gone is the old uniform that the rest of D13 citizenry wears. In its place is something that, while having a minimalist aesthetic, is something that looks.. dare I say it… something like the Capitol ruling elite.

Meet the new boss…