YUXIN (SOUL), Kaxinawá Shamanism, Brazil

The first sign that someone has the potential to become a shaman, a developed relationship with the world of the yuxin( soul), is failure in hunting. The shaman develops such a deep familiarity with the animal universe (or with the yuxin of the animals), including being able to converse with them, that he is unable to kill them: “and walking in the forest, an animal speaks to me. When he sees the deer, he calls out ‘hey, my brother-in-law’, and he stopped still. When a peccary came, ‘ah’, he called, ‘ah, my uncle’, and he stopped. Then in our language he says ‘em txai huaí!’ (‘Hey, brother-in-law!’), so he doesn’t eat it”.  Consequently, the shaman doesn’t eat meat and not just for affective reasons. The impossibility of eating meat is also linked to the muka (spiritual power)  and to the change in the senses of smell and taste of the person with matured muka in his heart. The taste and aroma of meat become bitter.” 

Text:  Kaxinawá Shamanism by Fany Pantaleoni / image:  Yuxin: alma by Ana Miranda.


“Holy sheeeeeeeeeit,” Dani clapped and grinned widely. “This is going to be hella amazing. Where do you want to go first?”

I shrugged. “Honestly, I’m not sure. I’m guessing it’s safer in a corner somewhere rather than standing in the middle of this living room?”

“You’ve got that right!” Dani linked her arm with mine and we made our way around. Her eyes were all over the place and I admit mine were as well. People were well into their conversations while clutching plastic cups and some people were already starting to dance. Wow, guess it didn’t take for the party to almost be over for people to dance. Ah, memories of my middle school dances never failed to haunt me. For a good while, Dani and I just people-watched. I mean, there was enough to entertain us, but I could see that Dani was tapping her foot impatiently, like a dog waiting to be let of its leash to chase a juicy looking steak that was tossed only a few feet away from its reach.

“Hey, you don’t have to stick around,” I said as I nudged her. “I’m not going to dance just yet, so you go on ahead. I have my phone on me, so we can check in. Just,” I pouted. “Holler if you need me, okay? I’ll join you soon…”

Dani giggled and gave me a quick hug. “Sure thing, Alma! Don’t have too much fun without me!” She laughed.

I nodded. “Yeah-yeah! You know me! Now, go dance. Your booty is feeling the beat, I’m sure!”

As I watched Dani head off into the crowd of people, I looked around the room. Once again, I didn’t really know what to do. Dancing wasn’t really an option right now, because I suppose I still had that middle school mindset of “I guess I’ll dance eventually”. And I guess it was because I wasn’t much of a dancer either. I was the type to chill around the table with the snacks, because nothing was more useful in getting out of a conversation than stuffing a handful of chips into your mouth, right? This was such a different scene! It was loud, messy, and just college crazy. I glanced at my phone and smirked. Dani had posted a status update on Facebook declaring that tonight was going to be spectacular. I agreed that it was, because it was a new experience, which makes sense why i even agreed to it. Plus, it was something that Mom never failed to tell me. Her words of advice never failed to include me trying to new things. Yeah, alright. As I scrolled down the images and text on my phone, the sudden whiff of cologne caught me mid-swipe. I looked up to find myself towered over.

~*~Gen.10-Alma. Chapter Ten~*~

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O chuveiro não lava a alma, mas a oração… Ah meu querido, com essa daí, não tem sujeira que fique!
—  Reverenciarei.

anonymous asked:

¿Qué hacer cuando la persona que amas es la que te hace daño?:( quiero hablarleeee pero no quiero perder mi dignidad, otra vez.. Atte: la sin nombre:)

Lo mejor es olvidarlo, se que cuesta bastante porque he pasado por ello, puede que te duela hasta el alma y haya días en los que sientas que no puedes estar mas sin el, pero si de verdad te quieres y te valoras vas a alejarte de el.