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Alma -angry, sex, old age/aging, cooking headcanons (bc I don't have half of those emojis)

mostly non-canon AU, of course

☠ - angry/violent headcanon

He doesn’t get angry easily and doesn’t hold grudges. He will try to compromise, unless you talk shit about people he care about and then 11/10 you’re dead. He will quietly glare at you at first. If he’s just mad he will yell, but if he’s really pissed he will speak in a low voice. He can and will come to physical blows, but generally he’s wary of his own strength so he doesn’t like to.

✿ - Sex headcanon

SUPER DOM. Not exactly, but kinda. Mostly vanilla until you push for it, and then when he indulges you, you better be ready for it. He can be quite merciless.

∇ -. old age/aging headcanon

He lives the longest out of their circle of friends. I’d think he’d have a couple of illness along the way, but nothing he doesn’t recover fully from. He ages quite gracefully and has that ‘wise granddad’ look– he also gets pretty mature and serious in his later life.

♒ - cooking/food headcanon

My chef <3 He cooks better soba than Kanda although Kanda will never admit it. He can pretty much cook any and every Japanese and Chinese cuisine, followed by decent French dishes and a few other European ones. He’s better with the wok or pan than with the oven. He can bake alright but it’s not fantastic (still much better than the guy who will burn down the kitchen coughLavicough or the one who won’t ever bake desserts coughKandacough). I’d think one of his favourite foods is fried hor fun.

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She didn’t like the dark magicians that had begun taking an interest in her whenever she would take a walk outside of her vessel. Maybe she was better off returning to it. Even when she wandered outside to breath in the fresh air, she always felt like she was being watched. 

Right. Well, she was tired of it. She had found that she could use some of her wind magic in this form, and so she cast a short, sharp gust toward the two magicians that had been watching her, sending them scampering back toward the palace. She laughed and clapped her hands gleefully, grinning once they were gone, hoping that that would be the last of them.