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“Let me warn you. I want you to follow, because no matter what you think you know, we will always be one step, three steps, seven steps ahead of you, and just when you think you’re catching up, that’s when we’ll be right behind you. And at no time will you be anywhere other than exactly where I want you to be. So come close, get all over me because the closer you think you are, the less you’ll actually see.”


I use my photoshop skills to make more memes. Why am I like this.


So I’m just sitting on Mark’s fan page watching NYSM production shots and there are photos from the ending scene and I’m all aww-ing and fangirling over them:

And then I see this


good job, Dylan

And it just gets better from there:

“Ok let’s try to be serious, we need to shoot this scene”

“OMG HAHAHAh Dylan you’re so funny I can’t”

“I think there’s something stuck in my teeth, mind to check?”

“Groooss, Alma”

“Lol check mine”

“Just watch me playing air guitar and looking badass”

“I don’t know her”

“Okay let’s see if I can steal one of these-”

“I don’t know him”



*Dylan just dies quietly*

The Eye

So after reading this post by @cosmic-wanda and talking with @aneyeformagic about tarot cards, I’ve come up with my headcanon on how the Eye is organized.

There are 158 magicians, 22 from each of the seven continents (except Asia is separated into East and West, and Australia/Antarctica are combined), and 4 to form the High Council. This fulfills the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck (22 cards) and the High Council represent the 4 suits (wand, cup, pentacle, sword). There is a second Council made up of 7 members, one from each continent division. They help the High Council and take care of the lesser matters.

Being an international secret organization, the Eye can’t function without other means of assistance. (They steal to right wrongs, not to fill their own pockets) This is where their helpers come into play, those not necessarily magicians but loyal and sympathetic to the ideals of the Eye. They are the Minor Arcana, separated just by the suits. They receive cards like the magicians do, but it’s not necessarily their title (as in, there could be multiple holders of the Knight of Cups on the same continent). To protect the Eye and themselves, these helpers agree to be hypnotized so if questioned by someone not part of the organization, they’re incapable of remembering anything to do with it. (those who are terrible liars are especially grateful) Each suit has a corresponding way in which they assist the Eye.

PentaclesMoney and Medical. Those belonging to this suit are business owners and wealthy individuals who help fund the Eye’s missions through various means, like donations to the charity the Eye uses as a front. (it keeps these members from being guilty of fraud/embezzlement from anyone looking into their finances) For those who are rich enough, they also lend use of their possessions, such as cars, helicopters, surveillance equipment, etc. The other half are doctors, nurses, and other hospital/clinic staff. They keep a lookout for issues the Eye can solve, are on call for medical help, pass on information, give yearly check-ups, and sneak magicians into hospitals/clinics so they are kept off the records.

CupsSafe Houses and Mental Health. Because the Eye has dealings all over the world, these people provide safe places for the magicians to stay. Sometimes it’s during a heist operation but mainly it’s for when magicians are on the run or being hunted by law enforcement. The other half are counselors, psychiatrists, or anyone with a true gift for listening/consoling. Some magicians come from terrible backgrounds or a mission is traumatic. These people provide their service to keep magicians mentally/emotionally healthy. And just like how the magicians are given yearly medical check-ups, they have to attend an annual psychiatric evaluation. (Dylan was required to attend regular sessions to ensure his personal vendetta didn’t push him over the edge. On the anniversary of his father’s death, he was ordered to spend the day with his psychiatrist to keep him from doing anything drastic)

SwordsIntelligence and Consultants. This is what Alma Dray belongs to once Dylan brings her to the Eye. These people hold positions in the intelligence agencies of the world, including military. They keep the Eye updated on matters they’re investigating and look the other way to keep the magicians safe. Were Dylan not a magician, this would be his role. They also divert any investigation into the Eye’s doings to keep them secret. The other half are specialists, lawyers, law enforcement, etc. who are called in to consult with the Eye for missions. They can give the Eye background information relevant to their operations so the magicians don’t fail on account of misinterpreting a cultural custom or triggering an alarm on the latest security gadget. In the off chance a magician does get caught, the lawyers can represent them and keep them out of jail. When relevant, they can even train the magicians, such as a martial artist teaching a magician how to fight.

WandsFood, Living, and Sundry. Because some magicians (like the Horsemen) are unable to live dual lives, the Eye must provide living arrangements for them. This requires more than just money, so this suit of helpers is more of a conglomerate of abilities and services than the other suits. Some people are hotel/complex/apartment/housing owners who provide places for the magicians to live or temporarily stay during an operation. Some people are farmers, grocery owners, restaurant managers, etc. who help feed the magicians. Some people create false identities when needed. Some people simply accompany magicians to various places under the guise of old friends to both divert attention and ensure the magicians don’t go stir-crazy from lack of social interaction. And others are more “ordinary” people who may not hold powerful positions or special skill sets but still wish to help. They’re on-call for miscellaneous jobs, such as filling a public place if needed, being a diversion, etc.


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