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Superior Street in Alma, Michigan, as seen in a postcard view circa 1960. 

The caption on the back reads, “Looking east on Superior St., from the west side of the city. Alma recently celebrated its Centennial and is a 17 churches, 12 manufacturing establishments employing 2000 workers. 2 Hospitals, Alma Presbyterian College. Several Public Schools, a Public Library, 2 homes of Aged people. And dozens of up to date Stores of all kinds. It is served by 2 Railways and 2 Bus lines. It has a weekly news paper, Alma Record and also a Radio Station W.F.Y.C.”

Image from the collection of ForwardLock on Panoramio.

On November 22, 1977, Bruce Lubeck went before Judge Ray Banks in Salt Lake City and appealed for a new trial in the DaRonch case. The prosecution, Lubeck said, had withheld evidence, notably Thompson’s report on DaRonch’s initial identification. Banks agreed on the latter point, but ruled that the evidence would not have changed the outcome. David Yocum had been Banks’ protégé during his days as a prosecutor.

December 28th, Judge Lohr released an eighteen-page opinion ruling that capital punishment was “cruel and unusual punishment,” denying a defendant “mitigating circumstances.” Lohr also granted Bundy’s motion for a change of venue, shifting the trial to Colorado Spring, the hometown of special prosecutor Blakey. Three of the six inmates on the State’s death row had faced Colorado Springs juries.

You’re sentencing me to death,” Bundy told the judge. “You’re throwing me right in their backyard.” The prosecution asked that the murder trial be postponed until it could appeal the ruling against the death penalty decision.

That night, Bundy placed a collect call to Dick Larsen, a friend in Seattle.

You’re going to have to watch the Rose Bowl game,” Larsen said.

Not here,” Bundy said. Four hours laters, inmates complained to a guard that somebody was moving through the crawl space between the ceiling and the roof.

On December 30th, Ted Bundy fashioned a sleeping form in his bunk with the mound of legal documents generated by the Campbell case. Applying a few final touches with two copies of Penthouse, a yoga book and Shirley MacLaine’s You Can Get There From Here, he then dismantled the lighting fixture in the ceiling. Squeezing through the eighteen-inch hole, he squirmed through the crawl space. He kicked in the top of a closet in jailer Bob Morrison’s apartment, grabbed two shirts and walked out of jail.

A stolen car, police later said, carried Bundy to Edwards, Colorado. He then hitched a ride to Vail, hopped a bus to Denver and jumped on a place to Chicago. He celebrated New Year’s in the club car of a Michigan-bound train.

Three days later, Ted Bundy sat in a bar in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and watched the Rose Bowl game. The University of Washington, Bundy’s alma mater, beat Michigan by seven points.

I felt more at ease when he was gone than I had in two years,” remembers Bundy’s mother, who had pleaded with him to surrender after his first escape. “I knew he had planned it to the nth degree. It was a perfect weekend when nobody was around. We hoped he wasn’t going to get captured. It seemed that in Colorado and Utah he was never going to get a fair shake.

In Washington, the FBI put Bundy on the Ten Most Wanted list; some 250,000 were printed saying Bundy was “wanted for questioning in connection with thirty-six sexual type murders.” This is ten more than the record holder, Juan Corona. - Rolling Stone, December 14, 1978

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she sleeps alone. a.i (three.)

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“My mistake.”

one. two. 

word count; 5000+

Congratulations Y/N Y/L/N! You have been matched to an internal medicine residency at Stanford University Hospital! 

Her mother looked over her shoulder, and her eyes shot to her awaiting siblings and friends, “It’s Stanford! It’s Stanford!” They all screamed in delight hugging her one at a time. 

She had nieces and nephews now. Daniel was following in her steps and was a student at Johns Hopkins, and David was now a chemical engineer. Her father’s vision was for all of his children to go to Stanford, and it happened. There was an anomaly called Adam, but he still ended up at Stanford. They all attended Stanford, and she was proud. She was proud of her family and how far they’d come. The professors at Stanford were all familiar with her family, and she even helped Daniel with his interview at Johns Hopkins.

They all went to a big dinner afterwards, and before they left the building, she stood very close to her mother. “Ashton didn’t come?”

She shook her head rubbing her back, “No I’m sorry sweetie. He said he was busy.”

She bit her lip bobbing her head, “Yeah. Typical,” she decided dismissing the issue. Her mother took her hand in hers rubbing her forearm. Y/N shook her head, “I’m fine mom,” she softly jerked away from her mother. Her mother let out a sigh.

They met up with Alexander and his now wife Leia, the girl he started med school with. Both their parents came, and each of them had one brother who came. Alexander was matched with an internal medicine residency with a hospital affiliated with University of Michigan. His father’s alma mater was Michigan, and he was very happy his son was finally a Wolverine. Leia was matched with a different hospital for pediatrics. They married their second year of medical school, and Y/N always sighed in content thinking of their wedding. Both she and Ashton were in the entourage, and she caught the bouquet. Leia teased her about it for weeks. She has yet to be married, and no member out of the wedding party has either. Or they were already married.  

In the midst of dinner, Y/N paused and looked around the table at all these people who love and support her. Her mother was there, and was her biggest supporter through her decision to go to Stanford like her father always wanted, and to move across the country to attend Johns Hopkins. Nostalgia hit her with all of her memories of med school, and the fact that all of those memories werebuulding up to this current moment. It all mattered now.

Alexander interrupted her train of thought, “Hey weirdo! Wake up!” The whole table giggled, and she covered her mouth in embarrassment. “So I just wanted to make a toast,” he stood up holding up his champagne glass, “to many years to come. I’ve been with this girl and this beautiful woman called my wife for eight years and this is our crossroads. We’re going to Ann Arbor and going to freeze our asses off and this girl’s going back to San Fran. Where she belongs,” he winked, and she stared blankly ahead.  “So to my dear friend Y/N, I love you and I’ll be seeing you.”

The entire table chorused, “Cheers!” Y/N wiped fresh tears from her cheeks and clinked glasses with Alexander and Leia then the rest of her family and friends.

Leia put her hands on either side of her mouth, “Speech! Speech!” The rest of the table chimed in and started to chant.

She rolled her eyes, “Okay, okay. My god.” She took a taste of her champagne, and placed the glass down pondering over what she was going to say. “Um, first of all thank you all for coming here to Baltimore to see me open a letter. And each and every single one of you has supported me on this journey in a big or small way. Thank you to my mom for paying for my school and being in debt with me. Big help. Thank you Alexander and Leia for helping me get through the tests and failing them with me. I’m sad to say goodbye to both of you, but I’m excited to come back home. I missed San Francisco. That’s where I belong.”


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Tonight is the first full-division battle in Mammal March Madness! All 16 “Chill Mammals” including the polar bear, Arctic fox, and Siberian chipmunk will battle to make it past the first round. Two Museum staff members picked the wolverine, who will battle the stoat tonight, to win the entire tournament. Here’s what they had to say:

Zachary Calamari

“I’m a third year PhD candidate at Museum’s Richard Gilder Graduate School studying the evolution of horns, antlers, and other bony structures that even-toed hoofed mammals grow from their heads. I had a hard time picking between the bison and the wolverine to win. Bison are one of my favorite hoofed mammals, but wolverines are the awesome mascot of my alma mater, University of Michigan. In the end, I had to go with the ferocious wolverine, an animal that reportedly can kill prey much larger than itself, like adult moose, to win the tournament. Added bonus - both species have repetitive scientific names, but Gulo gulo is more fun to say than Bison bison, so wolverines win there too.”

Erin Chapman

“I’m Erin Chapman—longtime mammal admirer, and video producer at the Museum. Amongst other things, I make the Museum’s Shelf Life series. This is my third year of March Mammal Madness. With two prior tourney appearances, but never able to crack the Sweet Sixteen, I’m feeling like it’s the wolverine’s season. Top three reasons: 1) When you Google “Wolverine vs” you get 353,000 videos (many admittedly involving Hugh Jackman). That dwarfs the “Polar Bear vs”’s meager 31,100 results. The wolverine is a battle machine. 2) The wolverine’s Latin name, Gulo gulo, literally means “glutton glutton”. Appropriate considering it’s been known to eat even the bones and teeth of its prey. It’s also glutton for punishment, and that’ll drive it to ultimate victory. 3) It has claw-tipped snow shoe paws, possesses a pungent smell, builds snow dens, can take down a moose, and thinks pain is just fear leaving the body. #TeamWolverine”

We’ll find out tonight if the wolverine advances to the next round! Learn more about Mammal March Madness and follow along on Twitter with #2016MMM.