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Dangerous Games Ch. 3

Okay, going to finally just post this. My goodness another one that kept undergoing changes, additions and tweaks and wound up twice as long as original.

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Ch. 3

Six months passed in a haze of official work and quiet investigation on the side. His leads were dwindling, but any day now he’d find something.

Cabanela returned to the house twice since that terrible day, once to do a last search and to make sure everything was still all right and once only to think. He’d taken his customary place on their couch with the vague thought that maybe being there in quiet surrounded by their things would somehow provide insight into Jowd’s behaviour. Instead, he was only haunted by memories and he left quickly, unable to stand their absence.

He hadn’t returned since.

Cabanela left the evidence room with his mind only partly on the case at hand. It was a simple one - too simple to the point of dullness. The evidence was clear and their suspect was a lousy liar who practically oozed his guilt with a healthy dose of arrogance to boot. It was just about time to leave. This certainly wasn’t going to be a case he was going to lose sleep over.

He paused at the end of the hall at the sound of voices - Gumshoe and Memry - he quickly realized.

“Yeah, but who’s that girl supposed to be? She’s the weirdest assistant I’ve ever seen,” Memry said.

“She’s not so bad,” Gumshoe replied.

“I didn’t say she was! But did you hear them talking?”

“Hey! Were you eavesdropping on them?”

Memry sounded unabashed. “They were on our crime scene. Besides that’s not the point. I heard him ask her about spirit channelling. Can you believe it?”

Gumshoe’s voice rang with uncertainty. “I’ve seen some weird stuff, but I… well nobody believes in ‘em anymore, do they?”

“Don’t they?” Memry asked slyly. “Oh sure there was one fraud but who’s to say? Maybe there are real ones out there, in secret!”

Another voice called out. “Hey Memry, got a sec?”

“Ugh fine. Coming!”

Now, wasn’t that interesting? There hadn’t been word of spirit mediums in some time, certainly no good words, not since the last one the police worked with was accused of fraud five years prior and vanished, leading to a mess of a case in the meantime and a dwindling belief in the existence of their powers. Their use was forbidden in the police force ever since. To think there may very well be one back in town.

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