the signs as... dumb things my friends have said
  • aries:"if I became a serial killer I would just kill people who purposely hurt dogs."
  • taurus:"[holding a taco] this is going to fall apart... like my life."
  • gemini:"I'm a man. real men don't play webkinz."
  • cancer:"the bus is a special place for me."
  • leo:"why is your phone screen so bright?" "LSD."
  • virgo:"this salad tastes bad... it tastes like vegetables."
  • libra:"all you want to be in life is the yolk"
  • scorpio:"leave the boys keep the toys"
  • sagittarius:"you're like a unicorn without the unicorn"
  • capricorn:"what if someone made Plato out of playdough"
  • aquarius:"who wants to study politics when you can be a groupie."
  • pisces:"my hair is like my feelings... it's everywhere."

Remember when we had REAL anime like Cory in the House? 

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ladrien lamp :)

part 7


It was a week before he saw her again.

“So, what have we learned today?”

It really should have been incredibly awkward considering just how much he’d thought about the kiss (and the heart and her smile and that entire meeting, really), but thankfully(? he still wasn’t sure) the universe enjoyed laughing in his face too much to let a chance to humiliate him slide.

“That cargo vehicles are not meant to be climbed,” Adrien rattled off dutifully, having hit his daily shame quotient a long time ago and now in an emotional state that could only be described as completely done. “Even if you think you can get to the bakery roof from the top of it, you should not climb a cargo vehicle.”

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you seem like a really rad, respectful person and I just want to tell u I appreciate that.

thank you, i appreciate that!! i do my best to hear everyone out and i respect everyone’s opinions as long as they’re not hurtful!! this blog is for anyone who loves shakespeare and wants a place to read funny quotes and talk about why they like the plays and characters they do!! i want to express how grateful i am for all y’all for following and supporting the blog, buying merchandise, and telling me your opinions!! props to you all!!