Remember when I said I’d be making an izuocha thing that involves friendship bracelets……..

Welp– I’m working on it, so here’s the rough version of it! (Excuse all the messiness btw) I plan to clean it up in the mere future, so……yeah! 

Okay so here’s why I love Uma so much,

Once she captures Ben & tells Harry to leave the two of them alone, you can really tell how bad she has it. She’s all alone, it’s just her. She probably has to take care of herself and it has probably been that way for a majority of her life and all she wanted was to be thought of, for once. But no one did, yet again, she was abandoned, left with scraps. She’s angry, and hurt, but could never really hurt Mal, provoke her, yes, but actually hurt her? No. All Uma ever wanted was probably a fair chance, without having to ask for it, without her having to make it happen herself, just someone that would actually consider her and her feelings first. You can see how she hesitates before going into the water in the end, she almost gives in to what she truly wants, a chance. As well as her time with Ben alone on the pirate ship. You can see how angry and truly hurt that yet again, she’s not considered, or even thought of. It’s revenge, sure, but it’s much deeper rooted than that. And that is why I deeply hope for a redeeming arc for Uma if there’s a 3rd movie. 

Thoughts on Descendants 2

Okay so like unpopular opinion but I think they did the straight ships in Descendants pretty well. Here’s my thought process: You don’t stay with who you go to high school with forever. Maybe this is the VKs trying out relationships to find what’s right for them.

I’m still super into Jaylos and Malvie (I mean heck, Malvie’s duet intensified it if nothing else), I just think maybe we should give a little credit to the straight ships. Let our little bi babies work out how they want to date and who they are in relationships, they’ll get where they need to be in the end (for us anyway, we all know Disney is a buncha cowards that won’t put LGBT representation on their channel).

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