the trailer for ep 34 : *comes out on friday*

ep 34 : *doesn’t come out on monday*

me, knowing full well that if a trailer comes out on a friday the episode will never be released on a monday :

A tweet from @WeWomenTogether for all of our writers in this fandom!

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It’s a fact that Andrew likes word play:

He does it even when he is angry, as he is with Kevin. You could blame it on the drugs, but here he is sober:

Andrew is good with words, when he chooses to use them, if he thinks they are worth the effort. He can be uncomfortably blunt: “That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t blow you.” And of course, with his eidetic memory, he doesn’t forget. 

Which is how you know just how affected he is here:

this is what happens if you get trapped between baekhyun and chanyeol

anonymous asked:

Hey I was wondering if you'd be able to please recommend any multifandom blogs that you follow with a focus on Misha/Cas and/or yoi?


mostly/100% yoi:

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mostly misha/cas/spn:

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