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she could have given Jon a heads up weeks/days earlier about the offer in the first place or even the night before the battle because Jon could have WAITED as long as possible.

Even if Petyr was scheming (which he is), Jon could have accepted the help AND be weary of Petyr (which he already is). Sansa showed true ignorance when she kept this vital information from Jon. And if it wasn’t sheer stupidity that’s to blame, than it’s malice. And if you think that she really kept the KoV a secret to “surprise” everyone, that means she gambled with her own brother’s life… which is disgusting…. and that isn’t Sansa. She messed up because her and Jon’s relationship was never close, she wanted to believe in him (she really did, hence her comments about Jon protecting her earlier) but she’s seen far too much betrayal in her life and seeing how she barely knew Jon as is, she doubted his ability to lead when it came close to danger. She made a honest mistake and she regretted it (until LF whispered evils in her ear).

So I know this isn’t a direct response to my original post but you bring some valuable points to the discussion that I’d like to respond to. I definitely think she was aware that the KotV would come. I don’t think there was ever any doubt about that. I also agree that coming to her rescue was part of Petyr’s plan all along in order to form an allegiance with the North as you mentioned in an earlier post. The flaw in this rhetoric, and mine for that matter, is that because Sansa didn’t tell Jon about the KotV we can only be left to assume and make educated guesses as to what would’ve occurred had she actually said something prior to the battle. 

A lot of people seem to believe that Jon would’ve fought alongside Lord Baelish’s army. That is one of the possibilities. But the same mistake would have still been made in Jon’s part to charge at the Bolton army in order to save Rickon, because that was the tactic used by Ramsey to lure Jon’s army in, in order to surround them. So that much wouldn’t have changed. I mentioned this in my post. I’m not saying that the likelihood of the Starks winning the battle wouldn’t have been greater even after Jon charged at the Boltons had he had the KotV fighting alongside him, because Ramsey’s inexperience in the battlefield is a definite advantage for Jon and his army. But even this doesn’t take away the capability of Ramsey’s pincer tactic, which has favored victories of smaller armies over larger, superior ones in war history. (See Battle of Cannae, the Battle of Fraustadt, and even the Battle of Walaja if you really wanna go way back), as would’ve been the case if Jon would’ve waited for the KotV.

My point here is that people are very quick to blame Sansa for the losses, when in reality the ‘ace up her sleeve’ ended up saving the day. Sansa doesn’t neglect to tell Jon about the army that is on its way because of ‘reasons’ as you mentioned in another post. But because she knows that there isn’t a turn of events in which Ramsey won’t outplay Jon.

In terms of battle tactics, having the KotV come in and attack from the outer walls of the pincer created by Ramsey’s army was the best move they could’ve pulled. Like I said, Ramsey’s inexperienced in battles, and this shows in the way he sets his men up. A good general wouldn’t have charged his cavalry to begin the battle, but saved them for later strength. He also fails to send reconnaissance units which may have warned him of the huge army that was coming their way. There are many flaws in Ramsey’s battle plan that I won’t get into, and still his military maneuver and execution trumps this, because Jon made a grave mistake. Thankfully Ramsey was unconcerned for his losses, and his narrowed vision to his goal [to kill Jon] turned out to be his demise.

Ramsey does some pretty idiotic moves as well, but Jon, instead of using that to his favor, lets the Stark honor dictate his actions. Remember when Ser Allyster tells Jon, “You’ve got a kind heart, Jon Snow, it’s gonna get us all killed.” This is what Sansa predicted and was afraid of, and that is why she didn’t tell him about the army. At the end of the day, not telling Jon, and instead having the Knights swoop in and attack the Bolton army after they’d already suffered major losses turned out to be the better choice, imo.