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February 25

The girls had a show in Orlando! 

Check out their performance of Work From Home! 

Dinah was in Utah for a bit! 

We love you too, Lauren! 

Modeling for Fraud! 

Snapchat and Insta Stories! 

let’s all take a moment to appreciate this image


Lauren Michelle Jauregui Morgado Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao Dinah Jane Milika Ilaisaane Hansen Amasio Normani Kordei Hamilton Allyson Brooke Hernandez YOU’RE WELCOME

Miranda and the girls I think I’m going to die  

Day 1 of the Reflection Tour and we already have drama and i’m pretty pissed off about it. If you throw a teddy bear to the stage and Ally picks it up and she’s happy and kisses it, you smile and enjoy her happiness, you don’t go and tell her that it’s not for her……Like are you freaking kidding me, that’s rude, and that hurts. If you bought something for ONE of them then you give it to that girl in her hand, you don’t throw it and expect them to figure out for which one it’s the gift. But seriously, it is simple politeness, Ally was so freaking happy with it, why does it matter which one has it as long as one of them does; if you don’t share the same love for the 5 of them, you can freaking leave this fandom; and the saddest part is that we have had this freaking issue forever.

Ally is important
Normani is important
Dinah is important
Lauren is important
Camila is important
They all are important

Every single one of them; there’s no one better than the other, there’s no one prettier than the other, they all are perfect in their own different ways and Fifth Harmony is FIVE persons, five amazing, adorable, caring human beings and they all deserve the same appreciation.
Ally is a sunshine so she of course was extremely polite but her face in that video hurts, and it sucks not being able hug her and tell how much you love her but the thing is that she’s not appreciated enough, neither is Normani nor Dinah for that matter, and that is still happening which makes me really heartbroken. And no, this is not overreacting because if this same situation would of happen with Lauren or Camila things would be burning by now and that is the sad true. And what about this new “camalizer” or “laurenizer” or whatever, what is that??? It’s a group, they are a group and it’s H-A-R-M-O-N-I-Z-E-R-S either you are a Harmonizer because you love all the FIVE girls or leave, it’s as easy as that.
They all matter equally and if you have favorites fine, do what you want but one thing is having favorites and another is believing that your favorite is the whole group when it’s not, it’s part of it and the others deserve to be loved as much. So let’s repeat, shall we?

ALLY is important
NORMANI is important
DINAH is important
LAUREN is important
CAMILA is important


allyson brooke hernandezzz

bios em ingles do amor, só deem like!!! vallyosa

✼˚̣୧¸¸.✩ ally are my sun, my moon and all my stars ✩¸¸୨˚*✼

°₊·ˈ∗(ૢweareLYLAS) ૢ∗ˈ‧₊°

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✧*:・゚•̤ᴗ•̤*ૢ¡¡¡!!! ally brooke makes me happy and sad (•ᴗ•❁) but i doN’T CARE I LOVE HER WITH ALL MY HEART!!¡¡¡ ✦*ೃ°˖**:・゚*∗˚

ally is the reason why i breath

im an ugly teenage girl and i obsess over ally brooke 99% of the time

ally brooke forever in my heart

(((allyson brooke hernandez)))

❝i love ally more than you❞


i have loved fifth harmony since quando virei trouxa