My beautiful Queen! Ally is my favorite of the group! No doubt about it! She’s my favorite because of her voice! Her audition is really what got me as a fan! I was heart broken when she was eliminated. But rejoiced when LYLAS was formed! From LYLAS to 1432 she had me hooked! From 1432 to Fifth Harmony nothing has changed. She is the real reason I’m a Harmonizer to this day! It saddens my heart to see her cry! I am truly sorry for her terrible lost! But proud of how she can pull through it! I never want anyone to hurt her, because if the do, the will get a heap of hell from me! Allyson Brook Hernandez is my inspiration! She is my favorite singer! She will always have me as a fan! @allybrookeofficial i hope you lnow that I am grateful God has put you in my life! #AllyBrooke #AllyCat #AllysKitten #harmonizer #FifthHarmony (at Read comment)