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Special people:

Allyson  She’s one of my best friends, she’s the Leela to my fry, she got me into Futurama and has such a quality blog! Follow her now!

Emily She’s such a great friend, She’s the Cas to my dean! She as a perfect blog, you’ll love her on your dash! You have to follow her!

Beth This is my sister, she’s an amazing fanvider and she to has a great blog, she's basically like me minus the supernatural! Follow her!

Quality people I’ve loved on my dash over the year, I’ve never spoken to them but yeah, follow them. (In no particular order)

Subterfuge | 4thjuly1996 | themooseinthetardis | assbuttangel | awkward-arousal | casinthetardis | supernaturalism | sassygaymisha | sam-of-a-bitch | castielthehuggybear | dapperasfuck | imaklainicorn | rachelmalfoy | madeofunicorndust | averypotterurl | amiliawilliamspond | twistedmentality | lunalalonde | captainimaginary | kurchel | blaineandersons | coolestgirl- | hufflebecks | acciolovegood | ijustfelldowntherabbithole | heathyr | acciodarrencriss | thomasggustin | snowdelightful | curious-curiouser | imnotimnotfrommars

Fanartists I love:

muchacha11| blackbirdrose | marziiporn | sekra | flylikepav | scrunchyblaine 



Opening Credits: Jasey Rae- All Time low 
Waking Up: Was It A Dream?- 30stm (ooOOhh that’s interesting)
First Day At School: Skylines and Turnstiles- MCR
Falling In Love: Heaven Help Us- MCR
Fight Song:  The Best Thing- Relient K (um how about no?)
Breaking Up:  Life of Leaving Home- Yellowcard
Life’s OK:  Guts- All Time Low
Getting Back Together: Must Have Done Something Right- Relient K (aww)
Wedding: Zero Percent- MCR (um what a nice wedding song not really)
Birth of Child: Under Pressure- MCR & The Used 

Final Battle:  A Modern Myth- 30stm (is the battle in slow motion?)
Death Scene:  This Aint A Scene, It’s An Arms Race- FOB (omg if the battle one and this one were switched that would be good)
Funeral Song: The (After) Life of the Party- FOB (alright?)
End Credits: Escape- 30stm :’)

Name: Jessica, also known as Mrs. Kelley ☺️

Average hours of sleep: 5-9. Anywhere in there!

Last thing I googled: Haha it was how to pass a certain thing on Tsum Tsums 🙈😂

Nickname(s): Jess is the main one but my mom calls me Jessimica, J, JJ, Princess Puddin’ Head, Princess Peach Head, or Princess Puddin’ Pop and then Devin has all his cutesey pet names he uses.

Birthday: ♑️👌🏻 (I change my answer before, the last thing I googled was what the zodiac symbols are 🙈)

Gender: Female!

Height: 5'7-5'10. I honestly don’t know.

Weight: I don’t own a scale so your guess is as good as mine.

Favorite color: Currently it’s pink!

Places that make me happy: Anywhere where I’m with Devin ❤️

Favorite Movie: Inside Out, Maleficent, Aladdin, Delivery Man, Grease 1&2, Where The Heart Is, etc.

What are you wearing: An oversized men’s black sweater and black undies 👌🏻

What is family: Ohana means family. And family means nobody gets left behind 🌺

Favorite Drink: Vanilla Coke or Arizona lemon iced tea!

Favorite food: Panda Expresssss 😫❤️🐼

Last movie watched: Wreck-It Ralph!

Dream wedding: I just wanna go to Hawaii or Bora Bora for a month and renew our vows on the beach.

Dream Pet: My little Ru Ellen is the perfect pet! ☺️🐶💖

Dream Job: A Kardashian.

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I tag: allys0n-w0nderland, sixofchalices, fuckingr3ckless, and accidentalgod ☺️

allys0n replied to your post: allys0n replied to your post: allys0n replied to…

anytime princess???? idk dont look at me

i can’t you’re like five hundred miles away

amysdead replied to your post: what if i came into your room tonight and hugged you and left you a cup of hot chocolate before casually backflipping out of your window and into the night


hello 911 i came back from the dead to tell cam to stop but she keeps bullying me ))):

kickthepjay asked:

backseat serenade & 20 dollar nose bleed

backseat serenade

oh, aren’t you sick of sleeping alone?

20 dollar nose bleed

call me mr. benzadrine, but don’t let the doctor, oh, don’t let the doctor in