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Yooooo I just watched your brothers short film and gave him a vote! It's such a cute video, tell him I loved it!

thanks sososo much! I shall let him know ;D 10/10 FOLLOWED AS SOON AS I SAW A DOGGO hehe


hey guys, my little bro entered a film contest and he needs help getting votes! if you vote, just msg me and I’ll give you a blog rate! i just wanna help him out and it’d mean the world to him if he wins since he’s only 17. THANKS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE!!!!


Ray’s 2011 Follow Forever

Special people:

Allyson  She’s one of my best friends, she’s the Leela to my fry, she got me into Futurama and has such a quality blog! Follow her now!

Emily She’s such a great friend, She’s the Cas to my dean! She as a perfect blog, you’ll love her on your dash! You have to follow her!

Beth This is my sister, she’s an amazing fanvider and she to has a great blog, she's basically like me minus the supernatural! Follow her!

Quality people I’ve loved on my dash over the year, I’ve never spoken to them but yeah, follow them. (In no particular order)

Subterfuge | 4thjuly1996 | themooseinthetardis | assbuttangel | awkward-arousal | casinthetardis | supernaturalism | sassygaymisha | sam-of-a-bitch | castielthehuggybear | dapperasfuck | imaklainicorn | rachelmalfoy | madeofunicorndust | averypotterurl | amiliawilliamspond | twistedmentality | lunalalonde | captainimaginary | kurchel | blaineandersons | coolestgirl- | hufflebecks | acciolovegood | ijustfelldowntherabbithole | heathyr | acciodarrencriss | thomasggustin | snowdelightful | curious-curiouser | imnotimnotfrommars

Fanartists I love:

muchacha11| blackbirdrose | marziiporn | sekra | flylikepav | scrunchyblaine 


I was tagged by quite a few people to do this 6 selfies thingamajig? Soooo, here y'all go! ☺️

I tag @opalescent-tides, @allys0n-w0nderland, @gabbyrose, @fuckingr3ckless, and @simplygewls 💗


I was tagged by the ever lovely fuckingr3ckless to post some selfies that make me feel beautiful ☺️ For some reason, all my favorite photos of myself are where I look hot and dangerous and powerful.

I tag sixofchalices, fancyfeasttt, allys0n-w0nderland, ilyjhutch808, blackcherryparadise, and m00nlady 😊