Tough job, big hearts - Pima County Sheriff’s Department! ❤️🚲❤️🚲❤️🚲❤️🚲❤️🚲❤️

Early this morning a family lost their home due to a fire. All of their belongings including their daughter’s new bicycle which she had recently received for Christmas were destroyed. Once deputies learned of the loss, they went out and purchased a new bicycle and helmet for the little girl. The family was thankful to the deputies for this heartfelt gesture.


“She said to me, ‘I must touch you as you’ve been in the same room as The Beatles’.”

[David Magnus, on the effects of Beatlemania]

More ‘unseen’ photos taken by David Magnus from ‘The Beatles Unseen: Photographs by David Magnus’ exhibition at Proud Chelsea next month (though, I’m sure you will have seen some of these!). These photos were taken on the 24th and 25th June, 1967, during the rehearsals and recording of the BBC’s ‘Our World’. programme. 

The exhibition starts 16th March 2017 and runs until 14th May 2017. 

I think the top photo of George and John is my new favourite picture of them!

Pics: David Magnus.


“Because of the mood of the time, it seemed to be a great idea to perform that song while everybody else was showing knitting in Canada or Irish clog dances in Venezuela. We thought, ‘Well, we’ll sing “All You Need Is Love”, because it’s a subtle bit of PR for God.”

[George, Anthology]

George during the Our World Live, the worlds first live satellite TV hook up, on the 25th June, 1967.  


50 years ago today - 25th June 1967 - The Beatles performed All You Need Is Love for the world’s first live television satellite link-up. Our World Live was seen by approximately 400 million people across five continents. 

Pics: Michael Ochs Archive.