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bottle-o-rama! and All You Need Is Beer present…

Siren / Cigar City Caribbean Chocolate Cake, 7.4% abv Tropical Stout

Cast: Lee (this is my blog, glad to have you!)

           Cameron (of All You Need Is Beer, follow it peeps!)

Cameron: Billed as “the most expensive beer, ever” by Siren Craft managing director Darron Anley and it’s not hard to see why… New, experimental hops, cacao nibs imported from the Dominican Republic and a forest worth of Cypress wood. Cigar City Brewing are present again and cheekily perched by the side of the copper kettle bellyaching for just a few more chocolate nibs.

Lee: I sometimes get a little too excited about trying a new beer, and especially stouts, but if Siren and Cigar City can repeat the kind of quality they attained (with Grassroots’ help) with their Neither IPA, I’ll be one happy chappy.

Cameron: The description on the back of this beer is causing my saliva glands to spontaneously erupt, so let’s go on this already…

C: A dense sludge spills from the bottle and perhaps I pour a little too fast and get a 2 inch thick slab of toffee mocha sitting atop. But with it I get aromas of a creamy caffè latte, huge roasted notes, a slight hint at that Cypress wood and a pinch of spice.

L: The aroma’s a real delight, sweet and milky backed up by potent dark roast coffee and cocoa. Those spicy, woody notes are an extra treat and I can’t help a smile forming. I think I’m gonna like this.

C: That description is straight up legit. On the front is the orange from the OCC hop, followed by healthy slug of chocolate and lactose with a creamy coconut finish. Dear lord that was good…

L: That orange infused chocolate milk-like opening is just dreamy. A building wave of heavily roasted malts follows, bringing bitter dark chocolate and then coffee on the backside, coconut milk and lightly charred wood finish things off and don’t wanna leave. 

C: The more time spent seducing this hugely indulgent delight, the more it sings… The earthy and woody bitterness lingers but never intrudes. The cacao nibs gift a certain vibrancy albeit a subdued one. The carbonation is velvet smooth, I’m getting none of that 7.4%. The mouthfeel (now, stay with me here) is like chewing on fluffy cotton balls.

L:  Absolutely, the booze is incredibly well hidden. And that mouthfeel, oh my, this stuff positively begs for you to take another sip.

C: The more the drink goes on, the better it gets and before I know it, it’s gone :-( I think I may grab another bottle or 2 of this. And perhaps pick up the jerk spiced edition, if that ever comes to fruition.

L: Now that you mention it, I’m really glad I ordered a whole bunch of this stuff as it’s something I could happily go back to again and again. It’s a smooth, sensual, comfort blanket of a beer, a liquid chocolate cake indeed. My utmost respect goes out to the guys at Siren and to Cigar City for this flavour packed, roasty and creamy stout and I can only hope that they decide to schedule another beery playtime soon. Huge thanks to Cam for suggesting these beers, it’s always a pleasure writing with him. Cheers, all.