Tortall Universe :: Buriram Tourakom

 Buriram Tourakom—Buri, as she was known—was as famed as Lord Raoul or the Lioness. She’d been made full commander during the Immortals War, when Queen Thayet, the previous commander, had seen she was too busy as queen to serve the force she had created. Buri had been Thayet’s guard before she was queen; she had been co-commander since the Riders’ creation, and had done most of the everyday work in the company. She was a ferocious fighter, armed or unarmed. No one tangled with her, given a choice. [Squire]


Allyndra made me the most awesome Mystique pendant! It is X-Men Evolution!Mystique, which was my first exposure to X-Men, and will always be close to my heart, and the picture is so perfect and so familiar deep in that part of my brain where I don’t even realize it’s a memory, it’s just part of who I am, I feel stronger just wearing it.

And then I may have been tempted by the siren song of ballpoint pen tattoos.