caraphernnelia asked:

I understand what the anon means by being insecure about her height. I'm 4'11, almost 5' and I always get teased because of it. People always say dumb things like "You're fun sized" and stuff like that. I have a friend who is super tall and lanky, and she always gets made fun of for being tall and there's nothing she can do about it and she hates it. You can be insecure about your height, and I agree, its something really stupid to be insecure about cause you cant change it. xD

One of my former friends was insecure about her eyelids. People can be insecure about the craziest stuff, man. The only time I’m ever insecure about my height is when guys I am interested in are shorter than me ;-;

Short is never bad! I only don’t mind my height because if I were short, I’d probably have to lose weight pronto.

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I’m 5'1. I get teased because literally every human being around me is at least 5'4 or taller. I usually get called a hobbit rather than funsize, though. Basically Bilbo Baggin’s next ladyfriend. The advantage of being short is being able to wear high heels to create an illusion of height. People should embrace their natural heights though, I mean every height has their perks.