FanFiction Appreciation

To all the amazing and incredible fanfiction writers who go out of their way to create stories that allow us to experience are OTPs and ships. Here are some of my favorites.

When Damon Grieves He Drinks by bisbeth 

The Power of Love by ncbexie( Klaus and Bella Crossover)

The Things by 26Chapters

We Are The AfterLIfe by Cherrybee365

Dear Elena by Zesty Bod

Perfect Strangers by BellaFortuna

Lapis Love: Differences, Vigne, GIft, Stolen, Cards Left To Play,                                       Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

a little drop of poison by not the bees (Klonnie)

The Power Within by lovemeforeverandever

waitingforyouonce  has a lot of great stories but their mostly Stefonnie so does  oatsandroses  and Swamy

CheleOnRage712  has lot of good Klonnie stories 

Effervescent by RoseGoldExile  Hands down one of the best Bamon stories I’ve ever read

Oblivion and Stefan’s Diary by queenbima

Lana Archer: Is This It?, Better Than Forever (My favorite of hers),                                      Feel Again,Talking In My Sleep, Have I Gone Mad?,                                       All I Ever Wanted, Forever For Bonnie Bennett

you know I will adore you (til’ eternity) by Tarafina

venusnv80 and Bertie Bott

Detente and Resentment by jezzy2easy

Waiting For My Real Life To Begin by Spudzmom (Crossover Jasper X Bella, and a Daddy Damon)

Shattered and it’s Sequel Fix You by AllyDLV  (Crossover Damon X Bella) 

Thanks you writers



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