Mom: Why are you always so tired ?

Me: *reads fanfics till two in the morning* *binge watches shows when I should be resting* *juggling school and a social life* *running 4 different fan accounts* *writing six different fanfics* 


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I hate it when people criticize me for being in fandoms and being a little bit enthusiastic about them

I mean, dude, you get batshit crazy for a bunch of people running after a ball. Literally. You spend hundreds in shirts and caps and you get into real fights because of it.

Like seriously shut up

  • Friend: Are you reading that 'fan fiction' stuff again?
  • Me: that is literally the stupidest question I have ever been asked. I feel attacked. How dare you. Why do you hate me so?
  • Friend: *chokes* wait, so you aren't?
  • Me: *laughs hysterically* of course I am