• My friend: I love my canon ship!!
  • Me: What's a canon ship?? Can you eat that?!?

                                            S h e   w o u l d   h a v e   b e e n   w i t h   u s .

                                                                         She still is.

  • me: has paper due tomorrow
  • me: has project due tomorrow
  • me: has three quizzes tomorrow
  • me: has lab project due tomorrow
  • me: ...
  • me: ...
  • me: ...
  • me: ...so I'm on chapter 16 of this fic and-
  • friend: out of...?
  • me: 40. i need to know how it ends.
Mom: Why are you always so tired ?

Me: *reads fanfics till two in the morning* *binge watches shows when I should be resting* *juggling school and a social life* *running 4 different fan accounts* *writing six different fanfics* 


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Wow I wish the wild hunt took Isaac, Derek, Jackson, etc so they could come back this season. I miss the og squad man

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