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Keith: (slowly and a little too loud) Hey, It’s me Keith. I am your fa-ther. We are bonding? Yes?

Lance: Keith, no. Just no. You know, she can’t talk, right? Try again. Just talk to her, like a normal person and not, I don’t know, like you are a robot who works with the elderly, maybe? 

Keith: Hi, I’m your dad.

Lance: Better.

Keith: Well, one of your dads. You have two dads. Your other dad, Lance, he is going to be a great dad. You’re a lucky little girl. Honestly, I have no idea what I am doing, but I’ll love you. I love you now, more than I thought I could ever love someone I just met. And I promise I will always protect you. In fact, I’d slaughter-

Lance: Uh, I’m gonna stop you there, Keith. Up until the slaughtering, you were doing great. Can I have our baby back, now? 

(Lance looks like a man who regrets his life choices and it cracks me up. He doesn’t. Just the fact that Keith really has no clue about babies is dawning on him.)

@kellbellsparkles, was it you who requested Daddy Klance first meeting Ally, many moons ago? I can’t find the ask anymore. 

Anyways, I decided to draw and write some Daddy Klance for Father’s Day and thought I would hit that prompt up:

First Father’s Day

“It’s a girl!” The doctor proclaimed as he practically tossed the squalling new born on Allura’s stomach and rubbed it down hard until it began to scream in protest. He handed Lance the scissors to cut the cord.

Flanked on her right, Keith squeezed Allura’s hand as he watched the nurses whisk the child away to be weighed and measured with a look that somehow spoke both relief and terror.

With tears in his eyes, Lance kissed Allura on the forehead and whispered, “Thank-you so much. She is beautiful,” into her skin. He tasted the salt of her brow on his lips.

Allura leaned back and closed her eyes. The labour was done, but she doubted the hardest part was over. She carried their child inside her for 39 weeks, knowing it wasn’t hers, but she grew to love it as much as her own children regardless. She probably always would.

A round and smiling nurse made her way around the doctor at the end of the bed, with the infant, still screaming, wrapped tight in a pink blanket and advanced towards Keith assertively in a way that caused him to back up until the back of his knees hit the chair behind him and he took a seat.

“Congratulations, Daddies. Happy Father’s Day,” She said with a grin from ear to ear as she handed the baby to Keith.

A tiny, uncertain “Uhhhh,” escaped from Keith’s lips as he took the child in his arms.

The infant quieted and opened her eyes as if to inspect him. Keith held his breath.

“Breathe,” Lance directed as he placed his hand on Keith’s shoulder.

Keith didn’t notice when Lance crossed the room but relaxed a little at his husband’s touch.

“She has your eyes,” Lance commented as he ran his other hand over his new daughter’s, surprisingly thick for a newborn’s, dark hair.

“You must have had a lot of heartburn, Allura,” The round nurse noted.

“Not as bad as I did with my daughter,” Allura reflected. Her heart ached for her babies and she was looking forward to getting home to them. Not that she could call a 5 and a 2 year old babies anymore. She hoped that she reminded them that they were getting a cousin and not a sister or brother enough to balance out the questions of strangers over the past few months. It was going to feel weird not taking this baby home.

“We’ll never be able to thank-you enough for this, Allura,” Lance repeated again.

“I’ll never be able to thank-you enough for everything you did for me, so consider us even,” Allura smiled fondly at the gift she gave two of her best friends.

Lance watched as Keith offered the child his finger and she gripped it tight.

“We made this,” Keith declared in awe.

“We did a fine job,” the doctor chuckled, which under normal circumstances might have sounded off but since he did his magic to turn Lance’s stem cells into eggs, it was appropriate.

Everyone in the room played a hand in bringing the child into the world.

“Is it weird that I want to hold her closer and smell her?” Keith asked.

Lance laughed, “I think that’s normal, Keith. She is ours. Hold her as tight and smell her as much as you want to.”

Lance watched as Keith brought the baby to his shoulder and laid her against his chest. Lance wasn’t used to seeing Keith look so overwhelmed and for a fleeting moment worried that he pressured Keith into this. He was relieved when Keith closed his eyes, inhaled and let himself melt into the moment, then laughed at himself when he suddenly felt overcome with love himself. He felt the lump in his throat grow and bit his lip to hold the tears in but resistance was futile. He smiled wide as he wiped them away with the back of his hand.

Keith looked at him fondly and smiled too.

The baby began to fuss and the nurse brought over a small bottle to feed her.

Keith and Lance traded places so Lance could have his turn holding their daughter.

Lanced kissed her forehead as the child took the bottle.

“What are you going to name her?” The nurse asked.

“Ally Katherine Mclain-Kogane. Ally for Allura and Altea and Katherine for Pidge, two of the strongest women we know,” Lance replied proudly.

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just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…