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EXO Reaction To Hearing People Make Racist Comments About Their GF While They’re On A Date

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Can you do an EXO reaction to going out on a date and hearing people say racist comments about their foreign gf? Thank you, I love your account!!

A/N: I’ve been obsessively listening to the Guys We Fucked podcast and they talk about being allies and how the best thing you can do as someone who isn’t in the minority group is to call out members of the majority group when you hear them being racist/xenophobic. Don’t be a passive witness to discrimination. When people are explaining their experiences with discrimination, don’t shut them down because you don’t do that, listen respectfully and completely to them. Additionally, in the US there is systemic discrimination that is part of the system and our society, but there is also unconscious, implicit, personal discrimination. An unconscious bias against certain groups that you are not aware is there that exists because those biases are part of the culture you grew up in. For example, my brother was raised by a single mother (not the same woman as my mother) and he holds implicit mysogynistic beliefs that he’s not aware of. I was raised by a single mother and I have mysogynistic beleifs that I’m only slightly aware of. These are things you are systematically socialized to think, without consciously thinking them. Anyway I’ll get off my soap box after this: society and people suck, and it’s an extremely unfortunate reality.
A/N Part 2: As I am a white woman, I have not personally experienced racism, only sexism and mysogyny and I have not experienced overt racism in my 20 years. I can’t begin to empathasize with experiencing that. Because of that, I am not going to make this a detailed reaction, making it a more wtf reaction than anything specific because I don’t want to inaccurately portray the experience of racism. Because this is my limitation, if any of you would like to have a dialogue about this issue or submit a more detailed version of this, please send us a message.

Xiumin: umm excuse me?

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Luhan: why the hell would you think that’s necessary when we’re minding our own business on a date?

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Kris: well damn, is there any particular reason you think that’s appropriate or have you no decency?

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Suho: *flabbergasted*

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Lay: *disappointed in humanity*

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Baekhyun: *boiling with frustration*

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Chen: *shocked and appalled*

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Chanyeol: jesus christ dude, are you serious?

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DO: *pissed*

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Tao: *annoyed af*

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Kai: you’ve got to be kidding me

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Sehun: excuse me, wtf did you just say?

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Hey, just found u blog and loved it so so much!! I... wanna make a request... but its ok if you dont wanna writte abt it!! Hm... if its fine... can I see Zen trying to get used to a proud asexual MC? i thought itd be funny and im kinda needing>\\<...

thank you so much! and of course I’ll write ace MC with Zen, I’m ace and I love Zen with all my heart so this is perfect lol
also I apologize in advance for the Sailor Moon reference oops
-Admin Ace in Space

  • let’s be real, Zen would (despite being the world’s biggest gentleman) have the hardest time adjusting to an ace MC
  • so when he’s once again joking about The Beast™ they immediately tell him they’re ace
  • bcs honestly, it’s better to just get it out of the way
  • and he’s a little confused
  • he’s probably met someone who’s ace before, but he never put much thought into it
  • so they explain what it means to him and make sure he doesn’t take any of it personally
  • and they give him some time to think though they’re probably really worried he’ll leave them
  • but then a few days later he comes up to them
  • “MC, I’m sorry if I seemed insensitive before. I guess I’ve always considered making love an important part in a relationship, sort of to fully confirm it or something? But I realize now that we don’t need that, and that I love you for who you are, no matter if you want to have sex or not.”
  • he still needs a lil time to adjust
  • because he is a fan of having sex
  • but he actually kind of likes that there’s no pressure? like no  “we haven’t had sex in two weeks is there something wrong with this relationship” or anything
  • and he finds that there’s a lot of different ways to “prove” his love
  • this boy gets you flowers or makes you breakfast EVERY DAY
  • he does need a little private time to get some relief, but he would never try to make MC do anything they’re not comfortable with
  • and depending on if they’re okay with physical contact or not, he’ll adjust
  • it’ll take a bit of getting used to, but once he’s fully used to it he is the #1 ace ally
  • someone’s talking shit about asexuality? about MC? about both of those things? complaining that their s/o doesn’t want to do the do with them?
  • he is always there to defend
  • he is the one on who you can depend
  • he is the one named sailor Zen

Well, she was…smart. And really stubborn. But most of all she was—she was kind.

In  Father's name [Lucifer Morning X Reader] [+Daughter! Zila]

It was odd whenever the elementary school called your phone and you usually don’t pick up if your daughter didn’t text you before the school gave you a call. You were curious, to say the least, what had Zila done? Hopefully nothing too bad.

As 4 in the afternoon hit, the elevator doors open. Turning from your spot on the couch, the little girl, and her father walk into the room. “What did she do?” You ask, assuming Lucifer spoke to her teacher or whoever called you.

“Was she suppose to do something?” The devil replies, walking towards the bar after giving his wife a confused expression as Zila left to her room.

“Well her school gave me an hour ago, so I think she did something. They even left a voicemail I’ve ignored.” You answer.

Lucifer looks up from his drink thoughtfully. “That explains why she ran into the car and told me to drive.”  Giving him an unbelievable look, you rub your nose trying to figure out a response. In that moment, Zila returns into the living room, handing her mother a note.

“I’m just going to say, it wasn’t my fault.” Gently taking the paper, you quickly scan across the words. “Like I said, wasn’t my fault.”

“What did she do this time?” Lucifer mutters, taking a seat next to his lover. The rather confused expression on your face told him something was up.

“She punched one of her classmates.” You say, folding the note up.

“Oh?” Your husband gives his daughter an approving look, taking a swing of his scotch. “What is your explanation for this? I can’t save you from your mother without an excuse.”

“Seriously, why am I the bad cop here?” Lucifer chuckles, kissing the side of your head.

“I was only joking, dear. Now Zila?”

The eight-year-old shuffles in her spot, looking at the ground for a few seconds then to her creators. “You know how Christmas is coming around? Well, I said that we don’t celebrate or have anything to do with it, so at recess, I got into a fight with one of the boy’s from my class. He basically said something really mean about daddy and I lost it, punching him in the face twice before one of the teachers pulled me away from him.”

“Well, serves him right.” You huff. “No one talks shit about daddy but mommy.”

“That’s what I said, but the principle got mad at me.”

“Pardon but when have you talk terrible about me, [Y/n].” Lucifer interrupted.

“Mazikeen knows. Ask her.”

“Oh, I shall.” The devil mutters, standing up to look for the demon. “Also, good work Zila. We’re proud of you.” With a ruff of the girl’s black hair, Lucifer shot off to find his trusty ally.

“I’ll talk with your school tomorrow, Zi. Don’t worry about a thing.” You state, giving the young girl a kind smile.

“Okie dokie, Mama.”

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you brought up galra being social creatures, so that got me wondering: how do you think their family units are? (maybe lotor's introduction would provide some insight into this, although I doubt zarkon had a Normal Family even in galra terms) also, marriage. do they like. have a concept of marriage. are they monogamous, you think?

Just as tenuously as we’re given in canon, I think it’s fair to say galra family structures are probably a lot like humans. For example, the Balmerans as we see them had lived under galra rule for a long time and probably picked up some galra ideas about how things are, including family structure, but we see Shay address Rax as her brother, for example.

Even going with the assumption Keith’s dad is a normal human, I think people discount him way too much when it comes to knowing how galra operate. I’ve seen people accuse him of not actually knowing the gender and pronouns of his partner, as if he wouldn’t say “your mother” with confidence unless he was sure this was how Keith’s mom did want to be addressed.

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History of Québec:


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Anything For My Little Girl *Jack Gilinsky Imagine*


“Allie!” You heard your husband yell then a door open and slam shut and then your daughter ran across the room and up the stairs


“What was that about?” You asked your husband, Jack when he walked through the door “I have no idea, I picked her up and she was all upset”


Tonight Allie’s school had their winter dance she didn’t go last year but she decided to go this year because her friends were and some boy had asked her something your husband wasn’t too happy about but you told him to relax she’s only 12.


“Are you sure you didn’t embarrass her?” You asked him “No, I didn’t even get out of my car” “Well did you ask her what happened?” “Of course Y/N when my baby is upset I ask questions” “She isn’t a baby” “She’s my baby okay…I’m going to talk to her” “No Jack don’t just let her be a alone for awhile then I’ll go talk to her” “If that boy did anything-” “Jack, shut up” “You need to stop doing that” “There’s a lot of things I need to do” “Yeah like me” “You perv” “You know it”


You knew how your daughter could be when she was upset so you knew she would wanna be left alone for now and hopefully you could get her to talk to you later.


“I swear if that boy hurt Allie” You rolled your eyes “You’re not gunna do anything Jack because he’s 12” “Can I have my fun?” “You think hurting 12 year old boys is fun? I think we need to take you to a psychiatrist” “Oh shut up” “You love me” “Eh” “Okay rude” he laughed then kissed your cheek “You know I love you”


“Mom?” Both you and Jack looked up at the stairs to see Allie


“Yes baby?” “Can you help me take this dress off?” “Of course I’ll be right up” she nodded then disappeared


“I will be back” You said pushing Jack away from you and going upstairs.


You went into her room and she was sitting in her bed “Hey” “Hi” she stood up and turned around as you shut the door and walked over to her.


“I know something happened that upset you, you don’t have to tell me now but I want you to talk to me ok?” she nodded then you unzipped her dress and she went into her bathroom to change.


“So you wanna tell me about it?” You asked her as she sat next you on her bed “The only reason Noah asked me to go with him was because he was dared to and he doesn’t turn down dares” “Aw sweetie I’m sorry you had to go through that” “I thought he really liked me” “Well Allie unfortunately some boys are evil” “Even Dad?” “Eh sometimes yeah, but you’re only 12 I promise this isn’t the end of the world” “Feels like it” “I know” you hugged her “I promise it will be okay” “Thanks mom” “No problem baby”


Just as you let go of her the door opened “How long have you been there?” “I heard everything” “You shouldn’t eavesdrop dad” Allie told him “I’m the dad I can do what I want now give me this boys address”





Both you and your daughter said at the same time “Because I’m gunna kill this boy” “Will you please? Allie told him “See Y/N this is what she wants” Jack tried to convince you “No, you will not touch this boy” you said getting up “Now I’m leaving no plotting dead okay?” you left.


“Sorry I was so mean before dad” “It’s okay, I don’t like when you keep things from me though, I’m your dad you can tell me anything and you should know that” “But you freak out” “Because I love you and no boy ever makes my little girl cry and get away with it” Allie shrugged “It’s okay” “No its not he shouldn’t have done that to you” “I should have listen to you when you told me no” “Well yeah but Allie this isn’t your fault you know that right?” she didn’t say anything she just looked at her hands


“Alliannah what happened tonight isn’t your fault” “I’m stupid and they knew I’d fall for it” “Hey, you are not stupid okay you’re perfect the only stupid one is that moron you went with today” “But I-” “No you won’t blame yourself I won’t let you because you did nothing wrong”


Allie began to cry again so he went and sat next to her “No, no boy is worth my daughter’s tears, you know it may seem like its bad now but I promise you’ll be fine you don’t need him and he doesn’t deserve you” “I should have listened to you” “Yes you should have but unfortunately things like this happen and no one can stop them not even me” “I hate boys” “You are too young for boys you only need your daddy right now okay” “I think I can live with that” “Good because unlike any other boy I  can promise you that I will never ever be the reason behind your tears” “I know”


“That was beautiful”


Your daughter and husband looked at you “Spying?” “You know it, but there had to be something good that happened to tonight and I wanna hear all about it while we watch a bunch of movies that your father hates” “Mean girls?”  Allie asked hopefully “Of course” “Ew no” Jack complained “You’ve been over ruled dad” Allie told him while getting up “Come on after you two can talk about all the bad things you can do to Noah” You suggested “Now that I like” he said getting up as well “Of course”


“You know you’re awfully calm right now” You said to him once Allie was downstairs “Oh you have no idea how pissed off I am” You laughed “Well I’m glad you’re keeping it together for her” “Anything for my little girl”


That night as you had said Jack and Allie talked about all the bad things he could do to Noah you knew they both wished they could really make those things happen but you didn’t care you baby girl was smiling again and that’s all you needed to see



This weeks video is another college vlog. Were back into the swing of things with chronological order. Ally talks about stress and dealing with it in college. Because we all know college=stress, and its necessary to step back and decompress after a while.  

Hey guys, my name is AllyZieMage and I play video games. And the piano. And upload random vlogs. I tend to be a cool person, I believe. I am currently in college, no I won’t tell you where, and am enjoying it. Check out some of my videos and you’ll probably laugh :D  

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So, you know how on Austin & Ally, there’s that scene in Campers and Complications where Austin is clearly jealous of Ally and Elliot, but he is in complete denial about his feelings for Ally until Dez gets him talking about the things he likes about Ally and he realizes how he truly feels?

I want a similar scene with Riley. I want Riley acting in a jealous way about Farkle and a girl (I’d rather it not be Isadora, but that’s a post for another time) and Maya getting Riley to realize that she’s in love with Farkle. Or even just Maya getting Riley to realize her feelings, sans jealousy.

  • Austin: Look, Ally, you're the best songwriter I know.
  • Ally: I like where you're going with this. Keep talking!
  • Austin: This jingle is not very good.
  • Ally: Ok, stop talking.
  • Austin: Jingles are about selling things. What are we selling here?
  • Ally: Love, hope, the triumph of the human spirit...
  • Austin: No, we're selling soup.