ally shut up no one cares


Lala: Don’t you dare make threats like that, Remy Holmes! Those are my friends. They flew all the way here to see me! They care about me. I have so few people who care about me. I trust them.

Remy: There isn’t a damn person in this world you can trust or should trust, Lala. Not me, not your Sunlit Tides friends, not Allison, not no one. At the end, everyone is out for themselves. Even the people who love you will sh*t all over you if you let them. Stop thinking everyone cares for you.

Lala angry: No, Remy. You shut up saying things like that. You don’t even believe them anymore. You trust me and I trust you. You care about me. Allie cares about me.

Remy: Allie stole your secret recipes. The recipes you don’t share with not a gotdamn body because they’re so precious to you. She went in, dug through yo shit, and was basically, F*ck Lala and her personal things. That’s how much she cares.

Lala frowns: I mean…it’s fine. She probably needed them. That’s not a trust issue.

Remy: And me? You trust me? When I set you up with Steven Brandt, right? Set you up so he could later on tie you down, gag you and do all kinds of nasty things to you. Yeah, I’m real trustworthy, Lala. I’m not saying don’t love me or Allie or your dopey friends. I know now you can’t control this love sh*t because I love you so much I can’t think straight. But stop being so trusting.

I really wish half of these non trans women would shut the fuck up and stop acting like allies no one fucking the only bitches who care are other non trans fem bitches you are literally hurting trans girls when you say patriarchy is a fucking terf thing when literally the patriarchy is something used to oppress trans girls you loose holes hoes

My pushy, aggressive horse is not “dominant”.

This word gets overused so much in the animal behavior world lately (thank you soooooo much Cesar Milan, Parelli’s, etc etc etc…). Even I probably throw it around because we’re all just so used to hearing it, seeing it, and saying it now - but it is being used wrong. It has been used to package animal training into a way that is simple, effective (for the wrong reasons!), and most importantly feeds the human ego. My horse literally tried to kick me out of her paddock today, but I still say she is NOT “dominant” - that would be a complete misnomer, and a huge oversimplification of what is really going on here. 

Social dynamics among animals are not as simple as “I am in charge always!” the way lots of gimmick-peddling fad-trainers would like to tell us. The word “dynamic” is literally defined as a state of constant change, activity, or progress. Every day, every minute, animals are interacting and the group dynamic is evolving accordingly. Just like people! No one horse is “in charge” just because they were born a “lead horse” or “dominant horse”. There is no innate gene or personality trait that dictates which horse is the boss. It’s how they all behave in relation to each other and their environment at any given time.

Ok. So if a horse who likes to guard her food with bared teeth, shove people over with her shoulders, kick at anyone who sets foot in her paddock, rear in response to lead rope cues, and is persistent in all this despite constant training and correction isn’t “dominant”… what the heck is going on here?

She’s smart. Well, street-smart, as horses go, because there are different kinds of “smart”. She has a good sense of self preservation, and strong primal instincts. It’s not that she feels the innate, god-given right to be the boss. It’s that she knows someone has to be, and if she as a 2-year-old can kick my ass then I sure as hell won’t keep her safe when pumas descend on us! Some horses, even from a very early age, don’t feel the need to double check our abilities as herd-guardian this often. In a barn that’s great - we like our horses to trust us. In the wild, well. Those are the horses the pumas would make off with in the night. 

So she’s not “dominant”. She’s not trying to “dominate” me, and she doesn’t want me to “dominate” her. What she is doing is checking to see that I am competent, and that she is safe. It’s not a demand for power, it’s a question. “Can you handle this? Because I’m pretty sure pumas are worse.” “Are you suuuure you’re worthy of controlling the resources? Because if I can steal them from you so can pumas.” “Forget pumas - that other horse from that other paddock might come eat all our hay. He’s bigger than BOTH OF US! How will you address this if elected???” 

I am the Hilary Clinton to her Bernie-obsession. Deep down she knows I’m the most practical option, but she really really wants to cling to her jaded millennial skepticism and engage in pointless rebellion by just not voting (or, you know, by biting me even though all I did was fill her water bucket). Smacking her, waving sticks, being a Republican -  this will only teach such a horse that I am one more threat that she should be aware of. And with no allies left, this is how horses start to shut down under the pressure of actually being their own keeper (as they see it) 24/7.

So what does work? A consistent routine of care so she knows food and shelter are available, simple training with positive reinforcement to help her feel successful, obedience exercises like in-hand work and basic lunging, and simple corrections when she displays these aggressive “check-ins” (I use backing her up or a few steps of side pass as a correction, getting her to move her feet and give me space) have done wonders to improve her behavior. 

Most important is PATIENCE. These are deeply rooted primal instincts, and again, she is smart. I can’t just tell a horse like this anything - I have to convince her.

some helpful definitions PSA bc ive seen a lot of confusion about this recently

  • polyamorous/polyamory: a polyamorous person is open to dating multiple people at once, or group dating. its not inherently sexual or non-sexual. its just like ‘regular’ dating without the monogamy. sometimes people form closed groups, sometimes people are in open groups, sometimes people have multiple separate relationships. every relationship has different rules, its about being open to love and communicating with your partner(s). its not related to your sexuality, straight people can be polyamorous, so can gay or bi and/or ace people.
  • polysexual: a person who is attracted to more than one gender, e.g pansexual, bisexual. polysexual people are not necessarily polyamorous people, though the terms are not mutually exclusive.
  • polygamy: being married to more than one person, usually a man and multiple wives, a sexist practice related to some religions
Tonight I feel like leaving and burning my comic books

The amount of hate I’ve gotten over the Gail Simone thing and the lack of support I’ve gotten from “allies” (ones I even considered friends) is making me hate being here or in the comic fandom.

I have valid complaints about ableism and when I genuinely shared them with Gail Simone, calling her out on her oppression while kissing her as by saying she has done great work and will continue to do so in the future, she treated me like a troll. I share the experience with all of you and now I’m an attention seeking bitter cripple cliche.

You guys believe Gail Simone couldn’t have quit and agree when she says she took the job to protect disabled readers from her peers, fine, but to be so eager to argue with someone who is talking about how hurtful this demolishing of disabled representation is? That’s too much for me to go through again.

I’m back to my childhood; only allowed in one area of the comic book store because I made the core customers uncomfortable, sent to read my comics on the curb so my presence wouldn’t disturb anyone.

Gail Simone is the guy at the cash register who watches on, makes sure no hate crimes happen, then takes my money and sees me out to the curb. Once he even brought me a sandwich and I thought he was the coolest guy ever.

You guys supporting her OR STAYING SILENT are the kids complaining about me being allowed in the store at all and threatening me if they even saw me near the game tables and new releases. I could buy from the boxes of back issues but I was threatened again if they heard my voice, asking for assistance in getting a box.

Now I’m an adult, I can get comics online and I’m in a comic book community that cares about marginalized groups; we mock the idea that Wonder Woman is “tricky” and demand (and receive) correction and apology when Agent Preston (a large WOC) begins to be drawn thinner, but when it comes to disability no one cares.

Barbara Gordon was the ONE female superhero in a wheelchair we had, DC decides to make her “normal again”, Gail Simone says “I hate that you’re doing this DC, but let me write it” and I’m pissed.

And YOU tell me to shut up or quietly watch because you “don’t know a lot about disabilities and don’t want to overstep”

I’m being told my kind isn’t wanted here and that my voice is to be silenced.

I can’t survive here with no allies. I can’t. Either you need to speak up for disabled people or we’re going to just get the hint and leave.

Even if you disagree with me personally, say, “fuck this bitch, but this is a problem and we need to talk about it.” Go ahead and ignore me but refuse to let this go ignored. Condemn those who support Gail Simone in her self appointed savior of the disabled. DO SOMETHING OTHER THAN SILENCING DISABLED PEOPLE.


Requested by anon: Hi can I get an imagine where the pack hates the reader and they say mean things and ignore her but then they find her in an ally all bruised and hurt and they regret everything they did(your blog=perfection😍)

Author’s note- thanks for saying my blog is perfection, thank you very much. I hope you like the one shot. I kinda used your one shot as an idea on how it started but I hope you like it anyways

You were under a lot of stress, but of course no one cared. You were being stalked. You just had a feeling, and you were terrified. The pack ignored your fear.

“Y/n just shut the hell up okay, I don’t care, no one is following you’re not being stalked, you aren’t even that pretty to be stalked” Stiles said with venom. Snapping your mouth shut, you walked out of the room with tears cascading downwards.

You walked home, knowing that everyone would leave without you anyway. You put your headphones in and continued your path towards home. You didn’t notice the shadow following you as you went.

Someone grabbed your shoulder roughly and spun you around. Before you could scream he hit you. You couldn’t see their face, it was covered by a black mask, he then pulled you into a dirty alleyway.

The man beat you, all that was heard was your cries. “Please stop, please stop” he gave a final kick to your mouth and knocked you out. The masked man ran and left your broken body in the alleyway.

Liam was walking to a store to buy something for his mom. He smelled blood when he passed the alley. He thought nothing of it until he heard a gurgle. He slowly stepped into the darkness to see you as you choked on your own blood. “OH MY GOD Y/N” he said picking you up. He ran towards the hospital, listening to your heart and breathing.

He got you to the hospital and once the doctor had you, he called Scott. “Scott, I’m freaking out!” Scott was alarmed “what happened Liam, calm down.” Liam told Scott what he knew. “Shit! She was telling us about her feeling stalked but I thought that was just her paranoia kicking up because of the alpha pack, Liam stay with her, make sure no one gets into her room.” They soon hung up and Liam sat in the waiting room hoping you were going to be alright.

A wave of doctors ran into your room. Liam’s nerves went up, he couldn’t hear your heart beat. He ran to your room as a doctor came out. “Liam, I’m sorry, her wounds were fatal, she passed away, she woke up for a few seconds and told me to tell you she loved you, if you want I can you time to say goodbye before we take the body.” Liam sank to his and cried. He was close to you, his best friend was gone and it was Scott’s fault. She went to him to help and he ignored you.

Liam walked into your room and slowly held your broken hand. He just sat at your side for hours. They took your body away and he cried more. He went home and told his mom what happened. As Liam laid his head on his pillow, he felt someone combing his hair. When he turned he saw you. “What, Y/n you’re dead” he reached out for you and you were so cold. “Liam I’m a ghost.”