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regarding ally newbold

hey, it should be said that we simply no longer support ally newbold. there are both general and personal reasons for this; we choose not to divulge all of the personal ones as they don’t feel especially relevant or helpful to the conversation at hand. as far as the general reasons go, they are more or less public and are easy to find. the thing we find most disturbing–besides the abusive and problematic behaviors detailed in reports of friends of ours intimately affiliated with the communities involved–is the complete and total lack of accountability she has shown for her actions. as people who have spent a long time in close contact with her (she toured with us for two weeks this winter) and have seen her traits in action (both the good and the bad), we were willing to wait it out and see if she addressed these serious concerns. as of yet, she has made no attempt to do so.

as a band and as people, we seek to be wholly transparent. we make mistakes very often. we state the easy, universal admission that we’re constantly learning and full of faults. we have grown because people have confronted us about our inconsistencies in spheres both personal and professional, and we have allowed ourselves to be held accountable thereafter. this isn’t to say we aren’t any less shitty than the next group of people, but i’d be lying if i said we didn’t strive to put our best foot forward when it comes to treating people with fairness, love, and respect. it’s a simple idea, and it’s one we’ve found that an encouraging portion of the DIY community mutually adheres to.

we find it difficult to associate ourselves with anyone who doesn’t hold themselves to the same standard, but we also understand personalities are virtually as varied as infinity. however, when someone has ignored repeated confrontations about a litany of harms towards a litany of people, we figure it’s simply in our best interest (and thus, by proxy of concern for others, is not in the best interest of our friends) to not associate with that person at all.

it should be known that we will still use the footage we paid ally in full to shoot over the course of our winter tour for an upcoming music video. in all respects, that footage is paid for and is our property. it documents a lot of cherished moments over the course of that tour (which also unfortunately had its share of extremely rough and tense personal confrontations with the party in review). we don’t seek to promote ally newbold through this music video, and we wanted to make this statement in advance.

thanks for reading this. stuff like this is tough and uncomfortable, but absolutely necessary for the health of our communities.

- SV

with all i am seeing on facebook about ally newbold and daisy fest - i thought i would share my story.

i knew ally when she lived back in florida. we were part of the same social circle. she was very well known, for many different reasons. i had hung out with her a couple times in groups, at parties and gatherings and shows, and every time was uncomfortable. she had always been very mean to me, although i was always nothing but nice to her. i am bigender and prefer to be referred to and recognized as a female and its been this way since i was in grade school. i was born female and have overwhelming amounts of testosterone in my body. ally was the first person to point out to my friends and even some acquaintances that i grow facial hair. she had referred to me, on more than one occasion, as a “he/she” and a “tranny”. it was very hurtful and people recognized this. she started to become less and less liked, so she did something crazy to up her game. she told a lot of her friends, (i even heard this myself), that she only does what she does and hangs out with bands to “rape them”. she had repeatedly bragged about “raping” soupy campbell, explaining in detail how “easy” he was. i don’t know if she actually did any of this, which is why i am quoting it, and wouldn’t want to confirm any of this, just bring light to what she was bragging about and saying. she had said she was going to see how many band guys she could “rape” and had went on to say that it “shouldn’t be a problem” because of her looks. i don’t know what she was looking to gain out of this, but she definitely lost a lot of friends and had to start hanging out with other problematic people. i had been seeing a friend of hers when i was younger and he was much older than me. i was a virgin at the time and he had asked her advice on how to deal with me not being sexually experienced. he said he wasn’t comfortable discussing it with me. she had laughed about the situation, calling him a “pussy”, and told him to break my hymen in my sleep. she pretty much taunted him because he would not rape me. she is an awful person and her problematic bullshit is the reason she had to move out of florida. it has hurt me for a very long time that so many people support her photography and spend time with her and praise everything she does. i saw that she had recently got into an accident and requested money to pay her medical bills. i would never wish pain and suffering upon somebody, but it upsets me that so many people gave money to a bully and a self-proclaimed rapist. please stop supporting ally newbold. please stop making her feel like she is an okay person. please stop being her friend. stop having her around.


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