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The allies reacting to hearing their S/O's stutter for the first time (I love your blog! Keep up the good work! :) )

(Aww, thanks!)

America/Alfred F. Jones: America would instantly start to tease his s/o. He couldn’t help it, they were just so adorable! If they reacted negatively, though, he’d back off a little and actually outright call them cute. Just for, say, five seconds before the teasing restarts.

England/Arthur Kirkland: England might laugh a little, and would certainly call his s/o cute. If they seemed uncomfortable, he’d try to reassure them, and won’t mention it often afterwards. He is no stranger to getting teased, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

France/Francis Bonnefoy: France would be confused. What could possibly have made his s/o stutter? Were they nervous? Scared? He’d probably won’t even pay attention to the actual stutter, he’d just start to worry about them. Once he has successfully identified the cause of their stuttering, he’d try his best to get rid of it.

Russia/Ivan Braginsky: The angels have descended and are flying around Russia’s head. Not for the first time, Russia would be reminded of just how cute his s/o was. With a bright smile, he’d probably hug his s/o tightly, ignoring all protests from them as he rambled on and on about how much he adored them.

China/Wang Yao: China instantly turns into Mom/Doctor mode. Pulling out a bunch of herbs, he’d force his s/o to rest as he worked on a cure. A cure for their one stutter. I mean, he’s cute, but his s/o would be left wondering how Hong Kong and the others managed to stay sane.