ally hodges

Good Things To Focus On From 1x13 (Finale)
  • Alec standing up to his parents and being who he is
  • Maryse being put in her place by sassy Alec wtf is Robert even doing
  • the small but meaningful parabatai moments
  • Magnus looking perfect
  • Jace was pretty bad ass with Hodge
  • Hodge getting what was coming to him but not dying
  • Lydia isn’t dead like everyone was worried she’d be
  • Izzy being protective as hell over Alec
  • Clary and Simon friendship goals
  • Jocelyn is finally awake so they’ll stop talking about that constantly
  • Alec and Clary bromance is alive and kicking ass
  • Luke can quit pining and finally grow a pair and tell Jocelyn he loves her
  • Clary was gorgeous like damn girl
  • Magnus reasurring Alec he has no feelings for Camile the psycho bitch
  • Magnus calling Camille crazy 
  • Alec with his hands in his leather jacket at the beginning talking to Luke