ally gatored

gator attacks is either “Oh No! The Sign Said No Swimming, But I Went Swimming Anyways And Lo, There Was An Allie Gator In This Floridian Canal!!!!! How Unthinkable!!! Quickly, Someone Alert A Medic!!” or “shit man thought I could handle the gator but the gator won lmao. day in the life”


WIP 3 of my FNAF collab with the very awesome Adam Powell, so happy to finally have some more time to get back to animating again, it’s been far too long.

Bonnie and Chica, the bestest of friends


“They say it’s a gator. But I think it’s a crocodile because its nose is pointed like this. Only crazy alligator/crocodile freaks would know that fact. So you are welcome!”

Now I want to commission a drawing of Glinda battling an alligator. (I didn’t really understand her alligator obsession until I realized…Alli-gator.) </daily dose of barely relevant Alli Mauzey>


Squalo’s and Harumi’s oddish friendship [Part 3]

[Part 1] [Part 2]

Mafia school AU: adulthood time

Squalo is interested in his former school mate Kurogane who’s also Harumi’s best friend. As a truly good soul and supportive friend Harumi sets them up if she gets the chance so Squalo tries to return her a favour as often as possible.

Yeah, it escalated. Since Harumi is a kindhearted and loving person she got along with Nono very well, even though it was a very awkward start at the beginning. In the end everything went out good and Kurogane managed to get a date with Xanxus for Harumi:
“He will probably ignore you and you can watch him eat steak for 2 hours but have fun.“ [ @gator-ally]

The end.


Squalo’s and Harumi’s oddish friendship [Part 1]

[Part 2]

Mafia school AU: adulthood time

Squalo is interested in his former school mate Kurogane who’s also Harumi’s best friend. As a truly good soul and supportive friend Harumi sets them up if she gets the chance so Squalo tries to return her a favour as often as possible.

Everything is meant to be ridiculous and fun. I hope you enjoy it as much as @gator-ally and i do!


So Halloween is here and, to show I am thoroughly in the spirit of things (and probably will be until this is finished…Halloween in November, YEAH!), here’s a quick preview of something I’m working on (this time with a few other awesome people).

Look who’s sneaking his way back into my life.

I’m sorry…no I’m not…we all know I’m not.

Have a happy and safe Halloween everyone!

allie--gator-deactivated2015040  asked:

I have a weird one for you. I am in a Godly relationship that has lasted about a year now. Since this relationship began, I have had dreams of my ex boyfriend. The dreams vary in content, but he is very frequently and vividly there. I just found out that he (my ex) has been having dreams about me. His started the moment he and his girlfriend dated. I have never heard of this and I have been told by a trusted mentor that she has had visions of us being married a long time ago. what do you think?

Ok, let me first say that I absolutely believe God speaks in dreams. I heard once that third of the prophesy in the old testament came from dreams. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I know there’s a whole lot of God-dreams in there. 

Anyways, I’m not good at interpreting dreams. Some people have a gift for that, it’s just not me.

But I do know some things, (ok, just one thing) about dreams. I know that they come in a few categories:

1) Sometimes it’s a dream from God and we understand it completely, and we can act on it with confidence.

2) Sometimes it’s a dream from God that we don’t understand. It takes either divine revelation, or an interpreter, or time to figure out.

3) Sometimes it’s a dream that comes from evil forces. These you can disregard. The devil is just a mouse with a megaphone. Pray for peace and go back to bed.

4) Sometimes it’s a dream that comes from our anxieties and stresses, desires and lusts. These can be useful in that they let us know what we’re fearful of or idolizing. It let’s us know what we should take to God in prayer and surrender.

5) Sometimes it’s a dream that’s random and comes from our brain unwinding from the day, storing all it’s important short-term memories as long-term memories and resetting for the next day.

6) Sometimes it’s a dream from the meat lover’s pizza we ate for a midnight snack.

Sorry, I can’t be more helpful. Relationships and desires of the heart are a tangled mess and can make us super passionate at times, and super crazy at others. 


Some animation because this is the best I can do for a Christmas present I guess (and because this way you can ignore the sad update that comes with it, look at the pretty Freddy doing pretty Freddy things!)

Freddy is voiced by the ever awesome MrCreepyPasta (who I am pretty sure is on tumblr and would love to credit if somebody knows their tumblr username).

Much love guys! Have a good holiday!


Five Nights at WTFreddy’s by Ally Gator Animator
-don’t remove the source-

So I submitted a piece to the Game Grumps Community Celebration (which is still going if you want to check it out!). This is a squished down PNG version, I apologize to the people running this for the huge-ass TIFF I sent you (sorry sorry sorry!)

I wanted to do a mixture of all of my favorite series from them, because this show has made me smile so many times it was hard to choose just one.

Trauma Center is the series that’s given me the most laughs and the one that keeps creeping back into my head.

The Legend of Zelda…just, all of it. The infamous Wind Waker episode we all know and love came at a very appropriate time in my life and was one small step on my road to recovery; and they seem to have the most fun playing these games, so that makes the series more entertaining to watch.

Punch-Out!: The first game Dan played on the show and one of the few times he gets legitimately pissed (“Let’s get your belt back son, let’s get your belt back son.”)

Anything Mario: We’ve had a lot of legit grumpiness on the show because of that Italian bugger, so I decided to combine elements of a few of the games (Arin is the prettiest princess of all!)

And finally the two goofballs just being two goofballs (also because their live-action skits have made me laugh to the point of falling out of my chair).

I can’t believe this show has been going on for 3 years. Congratulations to team Grump (not just these two, but Suzy, Barry, Ross, Holly, Kevin…Mark? Yeah I’m including Mark) and here’s to another year of laughter. Love you guys!

Dialogue: Suna wachi rabitto

Translation: None other than the rabbit

Moon Animate 2 is happening!

I was lucky enough to animate the Wiseman! The original was just him sitting there with a dramatic zoom-out, so I thought I’d give him some movement and eyes for expression. I did have a version with the zoom but it just didn’t look right imo.

Check out @moonanimate to find out more about this project