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Sometimes people sneak up on you and suddenly you don’t know how you ever lived without them.

Melissa Hastings: Black Widow and Leader of the B Team

This theory centers around the premise that Melissa was being truthful when she told Spencer that she has been protecting her since before it started and that she has always tried to look out for her. I believe that she truly has been out to protect her sister from the beginning and that this is why she was so hurt in earlier seasons by Spencer’s betrayals against her (kissing Wren, stealing her essay, etc.)

The creation of the B team:

The B Team informally started when Melissa thought that Spencer killed Ali that night. As we know, she buried Bethany because she thought that Spencer did it and wanted to protect her.

How does the NAT club fit into this? I think that Melissa then used NAT footage to blackmail the other members of the club into staying quiet about what happened. She also blackmailed them to help her.

Garrett went along with her blackmail by allowing Jenna to think that he had killed Ali and by planting the note on Jason saying “I know what you did” so he’d think that he did it and not suspect anything else.

Ian was angry about this which is why they broke up (haven’t you ever wondered why they broke up? According to Ali’s flashback, Ian and Melissa made up earlier that day, but suddenly they weren’t together after her death). He agreed to be silent because of her blackmail but wouldn’t help any further.

After the pilot:

We saw Ian and Melissa get back together. They had whispered conversations at night, which Spencer noticed. She thought it was about him being guilty, but really it was about protecting her. Melissa thought that he wanted to protect Spencer, but really he just wanted to keep Melissa from being caught because he loved her. He blamed Spencer for putting this stress on Melissa and on his relationship with her, so he tried to kill Spencer so people would know that Spencer was guilty (he thought that she was, so did Melissa!)

Melissa knew that because everyone saw that she hated Ali, she could infiltrate almost any bad group of people without causing suspicion. So she joined up with Wilden when he was working for Charles. She pretended to be helping him, at which point she recruited Jenna and Shana to help her. All she had to do was show Jenna the NAT footage of her molesting Toby and then Jenna was in, Shana following like a puppy.

On the Halloween train, Wilden’s task from Charles was to kill Garrett, so Melissa went along with it even though he was her friend and ally. Before being killed, Garrett told Spencer that he had wanted to protect her.

The night of the lodge fire, Melissa sent Jenna and Shana to the lodge to see if Ali came to meet the girls. But when she found out that Wilden was planning on setting fire to the place, she put on an Ali mask which she got from the mask shop where her own masks were made and she went to the lodge. She pulled the liars out of the fire, saving everyone but Hanna and Mona, because she saw Ali coming in the red coat and let her do it herself. Her mask got burned in the fire (we saw Black Widow with a burnt Ali mask) and Jenna’s arm got burned (we saw that too).

Furious with Wilden for setting the fire and almost killing her sister, Melissa killed Wilden. When Spencer asked if it was true, she didn’t even bother denying it! Even though she stood by her choice to kill him, she felt guilty about it, so she attended his funeral, keeping the black veil on to protect her identity and avoid suspicion.

Next she infiltrated Mona’s Army, as we saw. She proved her loyalty by putting the rat in Paige’s locker (we saw her with a rat in a bag outside of the barn).

Then she infiltrated the A team as A’s new Wilden following Wilden’s death. She gained access to A’s RV (we saw Black Widow in the RV wearing the burnt Ali mask). She occasionally helped Charles with things, which is why we had that one A ending scene with Charles, moving boxes, and Black Widow.

What about Wren?

We know obviously that Melissa and Wren are currently together somehow. Is he good or bad? Is she using him or what? It’s likely that she recruited him for her team as well. He was on the inside at Radley and could help her quite a lot. To avoid being caught for killing Wilden, she framed Hanna’s mom. This plan threatened to fall apart when Mona showed up and confessed to killing Wilden. This confusion could lead to the cops figuring out the truth. So she had Wren get involved. He spoke to someone on the phone the last time we saw him on the show, telling them to take care of their part and he’d take care of his part. And then he went to tell Veronica something that led her to visit Mona and threaten her. This was then reported and Veronica was thrown off of the case, ruining everything for Hanna’s mom. This protected Melissa.


So basically this is my theory explaining why Melissa became Black Widow and how Black Widow, unlike Charles and Red Coat, is good and is secretly protecting Spencer.

Liam Imagine!

Anon Ask: hi. my name is Ally ! can you pretty please do a Liam imagine ?? (:

Imagine: You find out his a werewolf but you love him anyway cause you’re part of the supernatural too (You play a banshee)

Your POV:

It was another day of school and as always I got lazy to get out of my bed. The only good thing about school is seeing my new boyfriend Liam Dunbar, I have been dating him for a few months but I were hopelessly in love with him. I got out of bed and changed into my outfit. I put my books that was on my desk into my bag and went downstairs, I entered the kitchen grabbed a bowl from the cabinet and poured myself some cereal and milk and a cup of juice. As I was eating I got a text I opened it and it said

From: Lydia

To: Ally

Hey Ally! Did you want a ride to school?

I text her back

“Sure! Thanks!”

That saves me from taking the bus. After I finished my breakfast I washed my dishes and waited for Lydia, I was friends with her and some of her friends too. Even if they were older than me. Lydia and I became best friends because both of us have something in common. We were both banshees. So we helped each other out at times and yes I know about the others but I felt that they were hiding something from me. I heard a car horn go off and I knew that was Lydia and I got up and exited out of my house. When I got inside the car I saw Kira was there too so I greeted them a good morning and made our way to school.

Liam’s POV:

I arrived at school a bit early so I walked in to get my books ready for class Mason came up to me and said

“Hey dude why weren’t you on the bus today?”

I replied

“Huh? I got a ride from my dad.”

Mason would have start getting suspicious if I told him I ran to school. It’s been a few months since Scott turned me into a werewolf but he has been helping me go through it. No one knows about me except Scott/my pack and probably Garrett since he’s working for some psycho wanting every supernatural being dead. I haven’t told Mason or Ally because I don’t want them to be scared of me and then start keeping their distance away from me. Mason nodded his and we were talking about things when I hear a angelic voice behind me say

“Good morning love!”

I turned around and saw Ally I smiled and said

“Good morning princess!”

And kissed her on the cheek she greeted Mason and I put my books in my bag and intertwined my hand with Ally’s. The bell rang and Ally and I made our way to our class.

Your POV:

Liam and I entered the class room and he sat in front of me. We had Coach Finstock class first and he came in said

“I hope all of you did the reading last night!”

Students mumbled yes so coach said

“Alright! Dunbar! What was the reading about yesterday?”

Liam snapped out of thought and replied

“Umm sorry coach but I didn’t do the reading yesterday.”

coach asked

“Why was that?! Dunbar come on! I don’t need put you on bench do I?”

Liam didn’t reply coach continued

“I’m sure you’re girl over here wouldn’t be very happy if her boyfriend was benched am I right?”

Liam still didn’t reply, you held his hand under the table to calm him down (That was a Scallison moment :( </3) after that little scene coach made he gave us another reading which we had to make notes on. I was doing my notes when I decided to write Liam a little note

‘It’s okay love, coach loves making scenes. I’m proud of you no matter what happens okay?’

I folded the paper and passed it to Liam, not long after passed the note back saying

Thanks princess :) Love you! mwuah!“

You chuckled and continued your notes. 

*After last period*

Your POV:

After the bell rang signaling us that the day is over I made my way to my locker to get my books. As I pulled out my books I felt a pair of arms snake around my waist. I turn around and saw Liam and I said

"Hey you!”

He replied

“Heey! What’s your plan later on?”

“Aww sorry love, Lydia, Kira and I are going to the mall after school.”

Liam nodded his head and said

“Okay then after?”

I said


He gave me a smirk and whispered in my ear

“Then I will see you when you get home. Bye princess and have fun!”

I smiled, we kiss for the last time before him and Mason made their way through the doors. You zipped up your bag and Lydia and Kira came in and said

“Ouu Ally!”

I raised an eyebrow and blushed after where we decided to go we made our way to Lydia’s car. 

** After the mall **

I text Liam saying I was home and he told me he’ll be there in like two minutes. I decided to put everything I bought at the mall in my closet and went to my bathroom to fix myself up a bit. When I heard the door bell rang I raced downstairs to open the door and saw Liam with his goofy smile standing there. I asked

“Why are you here late?”

Liam chuckled

“Late? Ally it’s only 7:20pm”

I raised the eyebrow

“True, so what are we doing?”

Liam stuck at his hand out and said

“We’re going to take a walk”

I grabbed his hand and we were out the door. As we were walking into the forest Liam stopped and I asked

“What’s wrong?”

Liam asked

“Did you hear that?”

I shook my head but both of us just kept walking. Then I heard a bit of rustling both of us stopped and Liam said

“Stand behind me. Ally stand behind me!”

I hid behind Liam then someone revealed it turns out to be Garrett with a dagger in his hand he said

“Hello there Liam, Ally. How are you this fine evening?”

Liam replied

“We’re fine Garrett. Why are you hiding in the forest?”

Garrett shrugged his shoulder

“Just you know, stuff.”

That’s when Garrett attack Liam but I saw Liam fingernails turn into claws, facial hair starting to grow and his eyes turn into golden yellow. This is what the pack has been hiding from me, what Liam has been hiding from me. Then I heard Liam yelled

“Ally watch out!”

Garrett tried striking at me but I dogged him and knocked Garrett down, even if I was a banshee I learned of few martial arts skills when I were younger and I just kept going from there. I manage to take the dagger from Garrett and pass it to Liam. When we all manage to get up Garrett ran the opposite way from us. I turned to Liam to see he was human again, I asked

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

He can practically hear the hurt I felt in my voice. Liam replied

“Ally I didn’t want you to know because I didn’t want to lose you.You’re my anchor I wouldn’t stand if you left me.”

I looked up at Liam and said

“Liam, I would never leave you, no matter who or what you are I will still love you.”

Liam asked


I said

“Really. Liam I still love you.”

Liam replied

“I love you Ally.”

You two shared a quick but yet passionate kiss and made your way back home.


I hoped you enjoy this imagine and please message me when you do maybe you have tips for me how to improve or you like how I did the imagine. Anyway thanks for requesting love I really had fun writing this imagine! 

- Maryjo