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stanford literally “got into a fistfight with a talking chair”. this is canon. no one can dispute this because he said it himself in the journal.
how did this fight happen? did he provoke the chair? did the chair even have arms to fight him with? why was this such a notable thing for him to mention in the journal among other things??? god i love ford
Sailor Moon and the Persuasive Guardians | Overdubs | Ford
Friends make everything sweeter, like the sixth found ally of Sailor Moon, the Ford Fusion. Learn more about the Ford Fusion, here:

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OK the first one was weird but they put so much extra EFFORT into this one

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Prompt: mabel locks the stan twins together like she did with dipper and wendy

“Mabel, this isn’t funny.”


Mabel sweetie, let your Grunkle Stan out before he gets very angry.”

Still nothing.

“Mabel Pines, if you don’t open this door right now–what? What’s so funny?” Stan’s attention was drawn away from shouting at the door and turned instead to his brother.

Ford shrugged. “Listen to yourself. You sound like mom.”

“Yeah, the only difference is we listened to her!” he shouted the last part, hoping his great niece would hear on the other side.

“Did we?” Ford asked, jokingly.

Stan cracked a smile. “Okay, fair.”

“Why’d she lock us in here anyway?”

“I’duno, she wants us to talk about our problems and hug or cry or both or something.”

Ford grimaced. “Yeesh. Mabel, please let us out?”

Mabel was waiting outside, kneeling in front of the closet door. Dipper was next to her, watching curiously, but she doubted he would make his presence known.  “NO ONE’S GETTING OUT OF THERE UNTIL 40 YEARS OF RESENTED FEELINGS HAVE BEEN ADEQUATELY DISCUSSED AND WORKED THROUGH.”

“We’re gonna die in this closet, Stanford.”

“I’ll be honest with you, after everything I’ve lived through, this isn’t such a bad way to go out.” Was Ford trying to make a joke?

“Yeah, when are you gonna tell me about all of that, huh?” Stan asked, missing the humor.

“All of what?”

“Everything you got up to stuck in that portal for three decades”

On the other side of the door, Mabel leaned forward optimistically.

Inside, Ford sighed and turned his head away. “I’m not.”

Mabel fell back with a disappointed eye roll.

“You’re not. I spent more than half my life trying to get you out of that thing, and you’re not even going to tell me what you were doing inside?!”




“Oh, you’re right, I’m so sorry I saved your life!”

No one asked you to! I gave you one simple instruction: hide my research. It’s dangerous, Stan! Do you have any idea what that information could turn into in the wrong hands?!”

“Excuse me for caring more about my brother than some stupid journals!”

“This is good, right?” Dipper asked quietly, letting their uncles’ yelling fade into background noise.

Mabel shrugged. “I guess so. At least they’re talking.”


She shook her head. “But they aren’t saying anything they haven’t said before! They just keep going in circles, getting close to touching the emotional stuff but always backing away. They both do it, it’s awful. Don’t they understand if they just talked about their feelings they would be okay?”

Dipper thought about that for a moment. “Mabel … did you ever consider that, maybe, things wouldn’t be? Maybe their relationship is too far gone?”

“Don’t say things like that!”

“They’ve spent more than half of their lives apart from one another - they’re twins but they’re practically strangers. Forcing them to talk about feelings they don’t know they have …”


“Well, it might just make things worse.”

Mabel bit her lip. Dipper was wrong, he had to be. Things would be okay between Ford and Stan. They’re brothers, they love each other. They wantedto fix things. They just didn’t know it yet.

“CHRIST STANFORD DID YOU EVEN WANT TO BE SAVED?!” Stan shouted, pulling the younger twins back into their argument. Dipper and Mabel exchanged an uh-oh look.

For a whole 30 seconds, there was silence. Then: “of course I did.”

“Well then what are you so angry about?” Stan asked.

“What I want and what’s best for the world aren’t the same thing, Stanley. I don’t matter.”

“You mattered to me! Why can’t you appreciate that?!”

“So, what? Is that why you saved me? To give yourself a pat on the back? To ‘make up’ for everything else you’d done?”

Stan’s hands flew into the air, and he made a few frustrated noises that didn’t exactly make full words. He sat down with his knees pulled up to his chest - that was all the small space would allow.

Ford continued to stand defiantly, until eventually his legs got tired too and he sat criss-crossed with his back to his brother. Neither of them said anything. Ford disappeared into deep thought, Stan into boiling rage. Mabel was so grounded when they got out …

Hours passed. Dipper brought Mabel lunch, and then dinner, and then coffee. When the clock read five minutes to ten, he stood up. “Don’t you think this has gone on long enough?”

Mabel shook her head, her eyes beginning to droop. Through a yawn she told him, “I’m not letting them out until they talk.”

Dipper sat back down, reluctant to leave her down there alone all night. The clock kept ticking.


Mabel sat up straight.


Clenched her teeth.


And at 2am, Mabel snapped.

“I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!” she exploded, jumping to her feet. She unlocked the closet door and swung it open violently.

Stan and Ford stared at her, shocked. They’d been expecting to be stuck in there at least until morning.

“Is that coffee?” Stan asked, looking at the mug in her hand. “Since when are you old enough to drink–”


She ran off and up the stairs to the attic, slamming the door behind her.

Dipper stood there in her wake, taking in the two men (now standing) before him. They stared back, unsure of what to say.

“You know,” Dipper said, finally. “She’s afraid that we’ll end up like you two.”

And with that, he went to bed.

Stan and Ford looked at each other, heat rising in their cheeks.

“Maybe they’re–”

“Yeah. Should we–”

“Sure. I promise, no more yelling.”

Ford laughed. “Don’t make promises you can’t keep.”

Stan smacked the back of his head, lightly. “Don’t tempt me to break them.”

Ford flashed a grin, then set his face in a solemn affect. “Well, if we’re really going to do this, there are some things you should know first. I’ve done things I’m not proud of.”

Stan snorted. “Likewise.” He looked around, suddenly very aware that there were children in the house. “Maybe we should take this downstairs.”

“Good idea.” Ford nodded quickly, and together they shuffled off for the basement.

okkk so i’ve done a few of these and by now you guys have probably realized im a big fan of two kids of endings: surprise-it’s-bill! and that-wasn’t-even-an-ending-ally

heh. sorry

but seriously i hope you like this!

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Coffee it's me Gin. You know what to do.

haha yep i do!

MonsterFalls AU

“You’re unbelievable!”

Dipper and Mabel shot one another a worried glance. Stan’s voice was carrying all the way up from the basement to the kitchen, which couldn’t be good. Dipper began tapping his foot - hoof? - nervously. “Do you think they’re arguing about it again?”

“Ford breaking the curse?” Mabel asked. Stan had constructed a little platform on wheels for her to sit in while in her blow-up pool. Her tail swirled mindlessly in the water, sending ripple patterns out towards the edges.

Dipper nodded. He’d been down to the basement many times since the curse had been put on Gravity Falls, turning all its inhabitants into mythological creatures. Dipper’s body from the waist down had been replaced by that of a deer - “sort of like a weird centaur. A deertaur!” according to Mabel. Sometimes, when he saw the other people in town, he thought he got off easy. Mabel, though probably the least gruesome of the transitions, definitely had it rough. Confined to water and without legs, her mobility was seriously limited. Stan had started doing all he could to make things easier for her - but there was only so much someone could do. That had sparked issues with Ford. C’mon Poindexter, you’re supposed to be the smart one!

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My theory/speculation about Bill and Ford’s past experience with eachother

Lets talk about something. What you may ask? This

Look at the circled symbol in the upper right, obviously it resembles Bill but that’s not my point. As suggested by the title this page is about possession. Who else do we as an audience know can posses people, Bill of course. 

Could it be possible that Bill taught Stanford this possession technique? I mean how else would Stanford figure it out? Besides look at this 

before Ford crosses it out the text reads Bill has proven himself to be one of the friendliest and most trustworthy individuals that I’ve ever encountered in my life. What a guy! which would mean that when he first meet Bill, the triangle must have convinced Ford that he could be trusted or even be considered an ally. Maybe Ford made a deal with Bill(while thinking that he was trustworthy) in order to learn the “Possession Incantation” and in return Bill got something back(maybe he possessed Ford, which would explain why he was so paranoid in ATOTS). Then being the clever creature that he is, Bill only taught Ford a method that could only be performed once thus fulfilling his end of the deal, while also giving Ford the short-end of the deal. The only thing that I can’t seem to guess is who Ford must have possessed since he must of used the incantation in order to know that it only worked once.

Ford is a good uncle and really loves kids 2k15

Ok ok ok so I know I’ve been irrationally pro-Ford from the jump but hear me out. Ford loves kids. Capital-L loves. I-want-8-of-my-own loves. Why am I saying this? Well, look at his fucking nerd face when he finds out Dipper and Mabel are his great niece and nephew

He was ready to murder Stan less than .2 seconds ago and now he’s smiling like a dork and getting down on his knees to shake hands. And that’s another thing - Ford gets down on his knees with the kids. He’s not asserting adult dominance by hovering over them - he’s putting himself at their level. That is a such a positive social behavior like holy shit bad guys don’t do that stuff

I don’t think there’s been a single scene yet with Ford where he doesn’t smile at the kids at some point. When he’s chasing down the cycloptopus he has this deadly serious expression on his face - that thing is dangerous and the work he’s doing in the basement is serious business. But as soon as the danger is over and the thing is KO’d, the first thing he does is grin at the kids. He’s telling them that it’s okay. 

And again, after telling Dipper that he can’t go down into the basement or follow in Ford’s footsteps - “well, call me for dinner!” and another goofy smile. He lightens everything. He’s gentle with the kids, way less intense than usual. Characterization-wise, it’d be a safe argument to say that the way Ford acts around Dipper and Mabel is much more reminiscent of teenager-Ford than it is of crazy-paranoid-angry-adult-Ford. 

everything’s fine

Ford is willing to drop everything to play with Dipper. He promised Stan to stay away from the kids and not put them in danger - and that’ exactly what he’d been doing. He wasn’t distancing himself from Dipper and Mabel because he wanted to, he was doing it to protect them. Then Dipper invites him to play a board game, and Ford finds his in. A safe outlet for the two of them to share their similar interests. Ford isn’t an idiot - he can see he and Dipper have a lot in common, and he wants to be close to these kids. He even kept the picture Stan had of them on his desk. Yeah, I know, Mabel’s half is covered up but that looks like it was more for symbolism in the animation than in Ford’s intent. By that I mean I don’t think he purposefully put Mabel’s half of the photo behind the TV screen thinking, ha show this little bitch I’m gonna steal her brother’s affections and leave her with nothing.  It was probably displayed that way to show the distance between Dipper and Mabel - Dipper has sold himself to Ford, essentially. He and Ford have a bond now that Mabel and Ford do not (yet? hopefully). 

And when Ford tells Dipper to keep the rift a secret, he’s not doing it because he wants to cause problems with Mabel - he’s doing it because he knows Dipper’s bummed out about not getting to go adventuring with the author down in the basement like he wants. It’s like when little kids get the pilot stickers on airplanes - obviously this 5 year old isn’t going to be taking the controls anytime soon, but the sticker makes them feel wanted and included. This secret is Ford’s way of telling Dipper I like spending time with you, I trust you, I want you to be a part of my life here. That’s kind of a big deal for Mr. Have-You-Come-to-Steal-My-Eyes. Ford ain’t exactly what we Americans call “trusting”. Not to mention, Ford has spent 30 years on his own, fighting and struggling to survive, with nothing but his thoughts. He’s had time to reflect on his actions and mistakes. Ford isn’t some prideful 20-something anymore - he’s an old man, who’s pride and refusal to destroy his own work for the better of humanity has gotten him trapped in the portal he created for more than half of his life. Talk about regret. Ford’s paranoia is what got him into this mess, and you’re (probably) wrong if you think he isn’t aware of that. With everything he’s seen, he’s probably realized that losing research isn’t the worst thing in the world. Maybe, maybe spending 30 years entirely alone has made him a little more willing to trust - to try and have faith in humanity. And he’s starting with a child, because kids are awesome and innocent and pure. This is called “character development”. I know, take a moment to digest. 

Last but in now way least, Ford doesn’t pull Dipper into his issues with Stan. Unlike Stan, who literally hits Dipper on the head and tells him to stay away from his brother. The only thing Ford says to Dipper in relation to the fight he’s having is when he’s explaining why he dismantled the portal and he tells him, “that’s why I was mad at Stan for using it. He saved me, but, as I feared …” 

He doesn’t say “Stan was an idiot for turning this thing back on - look what he did! He caused this super dangerous rift that could tear us all apart! He never thinks of the consequences of his actions, he just does what he wants and then expects a thank you!” That’s why I was mad… He saved me. Ford is explaining his own reasons for being angry without trying to convince Dipper to take his side - he even validates Stan’s actions. Ford isn’t looking to destroy Dipper’s image of his grunkle, even though the relationship between the brothers is strained at best. Ford still thinks Stan purposefully sabotaged his science project, ruined his future. The last memory Ford had of his brother for 30 years was being pushed back over the line, watching Stan watch him get sucked into the portal. But for Dipper and Mabel, Ford is willing to ignore all those bad feelings. He even invites Stan to play with them - probably in part because he can see that Dipper is desperate for Stan’s approval. Stan and Ford are ready to start fist-fighting over the living room, and when Stan starts to make fun of the game, Ford says “don’t mock our fantastical monetary system!” This is his thing with Dipper - and it’s got him projecting. BUT he recovers fast, going from 0 to 60 and inviting Stan to join them. 

Ford is willing to share his bonding time with Dipper - something that can’t exactly be said for Stan at this point. By the end of the episode, even Stan has seen the error of his ways and apologizes for trying to stop Dipper and Ford from having a relationship. 

So, to conclude, Stanford Pines is a huge teddy bear when it comes to children and he’s good at dealing with them. He doesn’t patronize Dipper or try to pull the “because-I-said-so” card - he levels with the kids, places himself as their equal, without giving them too much information or putting them in dangerous situations. This man is a cinnamon roll. Too precious for this multiverse. 


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I just depressed myself realizing how much Stans quality of life actually increased after he lost Ford to the portal. First stability he had in ten years

I think about this a lot.

Stan really didn’t give anything up to save Ford; if anything, you’re right, his life got better. I’m not trying to say what Stan did wasn’t completely selfless - he dedicated 30 whole years of his life to rescuing Ford, and when he finally did Ford couldn’t have cared less. But I think the fandom really needs to stop putting Stan on this righteous pedestal like oh what a saint he abandoned his own life so Ford could keep living. 

I mean, eh.

Here is my analysis of the events:

Stan and Ford are both super codependent; we see this most through the former. When Stan pushed Ford over the line and into the vacuum of the portal, he essentially erased Ford from existence. Stan didn’t know how to deal with that, so instead of just admitting that Ford was gone, he entered a deep state of denial and literally became his brother. I’m not talking split personality disorder, I’m talking identity theft. Stan really didn’t have to fake his own death - he could have faked Ford’s. Or better, just reported his brother missing (or not filed a report at all!). The shack is under Ford’s name, yes, but Stan still could have lived there and still could have wired money through Ford’s bank account to pay the mortgage. 

Stanley Pines is a criminal banned from like, a majority of the United States. Killing himself and assuming Ford’s identity was a great solution to a problem that otherwise would have followed him his whole life. But you gotta think, why the hell would he do that? If he planned on getting Ford back, why on Earth would he have himself legally dead? Then there would be only one identity for the two twins - and we all know whose it rightfully is. Stan never gave up on Ford - but faking his own death and assuming Ford’s identity kind of makes it seem like he was prepared to live out the rest of his life as Stanford Pines. And even when Ford comes back - Stan runs for mayor under his name! There is an element of selfishness here; it almost seems like Stan doesn’t want to give Ford his name back. 

Where am I going with this? Oh yeah, okay so Stan’s whole thing in AToTS when he becomes Ford and starts the shack and makes a life for himself by day while secretly trying to rescue his brother by night is both selfish and selfless. I think it’s fully possible for an action to be both. As Ford, Stan continued his criminal activities, and (I know it’s become kind of a joke in the fandom, but think about how PISSED you would be if this happened to you) was banned from airplanes, married an animatronic prospector, and landed on the FBI’s most-wanted list. Ford was like this nerdy little upstanding citizen agoraphobe who never so much as left the woods. He’s been gone for 30 years, and when he comes back he’s a wanted criminal! The heck, man. No one would just be okay with that. Not to mention, Stan felt like Ford’s disappearance was his fault. Bringing his brother back was the only way to get rid of that guilt. 

But Stan’s actions were selfless as well because he really, truly, loves his brother. He wanted to get Ford back, and he wanted to fix their relationship. Thirty years is just a long-ass time, and people change. Stan doesn’t know his brother anymore, and Ford doesn’t know Stan. They are essentially strangers, and it’s going to take a lot of humbling to get either of the Pines twins (vintage) to see things from the other’s point of view. Maybe Dipper and Mabel can lend them a copy of TKaM or something!

- ally