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Posting it again because I feel it bears repeating...

If J.K. Rowling had wanted to write gay characters, she had seven books in which to do so.

It was her choice that the only character she identified as gay (after the fact) was the elderly, celibate, heartsick-forever-over-a-relationship-that-ended-badly man who has all the ‘yes yes logical sensemaking’ reasons to be closeted/invisible.

She also had a school full of hormonal teenagers who crush and date and canoodle and professors and staff of various ages and species, married couples and parents and friends and family, and people in the village and the city and assorted one-off characters ad nauseum. And none of them are mentioned to be gay.

That is a choice that she made as an author.

What if it was a known and explicit fact that Dumbledore (or any character, for that matter) had during the books or in the past been involved in a romantic relationship with someone of the same sex? Not implied, not hinted, not ‘read between the lines, reader!’ - STATED. What if, in the best-selling Childrens/YA series in recent years, in a series of books that were a generational phenomenon, there were one or more characters who actually affectionately cheek-kissed and held hands with characters of the same sex. Attended the school dance with characters of the same sex. Had childish crushes on members of the same sex. Set up households and raised children with characters of the same sex. Existed, in canon, as explicitly gay characters. Not as ‘the author said it, so it must be true’ after the fact bullshit; undeniable and incontrovertible statement on the page during the story, as incidentally as the many explicitly portrayed heterosexual relationships?

That would have been amazing.

But that’s not what happened, because that’s not the choice she made as an author.