ally brooke fifth harmony


5 years of happiness, sadness, triumph, drama and scam!
5 Girls looking for a dream come true!
Although there are now 4 that form Fifth Harmony don’t forget Camila Because the CAMILIZERS and HARMONIZERS ARE FAMILY &
No matter what happens, always support the 5 Girls❤

I was there. I lived that moment live. That last OT5 moment. Maybe the most beautiful OT5 moment. Not only for how magic it was but for all that was going on behind. They broke the rules. They did it for Dinah, the most harmonizer of all of them. They showed us they loved each other. That they can’t afford seeing each other crying. And they fucked up that stupid narrative. And every time I remember that moment tears come to my eyes and I feel my heart weak. But at the same time it gives me hope to believe that behind the media everything between them is as ok as is in this picture.