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Quinn’s ability to hear whispers is sounding supernatural, does he have ears stationed at the door or have bugs planted he can hear what Veil and Lydia are saying? I love that the girls are allied together and Lydia came to the rescue for little Henry, poor mite. Being punished as well because his mother dared to defy Quinn, the babe even gave a tiny burn of his own, crying in Quinn’s arms only to stop for several moments when he’s in Lydias. Hope they all make it, Lydias one of the family now. 

Sunny and Waldo’s talk was really good, Sunny asking Waldo if he ever thought of fighting for himself, to be his own man shows great character development. Waldo tho is still pragmatic he gives tact and logical advice to Sunny to remember his training and calling him Sunshine at the end was lovely. The look in Waldo’s eyes doesn’t think he’ll see his former colt again it kind of felt like closure for the two. 

Quinn’s going on emotional abuse again trying to get Veil to submit being his “family” like henry “has” and putting words in Gabe’s mouth to get Sunny to react in the way he wants. 

I knew Sunny would be betrayed, widows a baron through and through and now she’s also hunting him giving her conversation with Tilda later. Sunny leaving MK with her for protection wasn’t a good idea but hoping Bajie does the right thing and gets MK out of there like Sunny asked him to. The lone warrior shot of Sunny walking the road with his badass longcoat swirling was awesome. 

Parallels galore 

I loved the confrontation with Minerva and Tilda. Widow even using Quinn’s words to Sunny from last season and Tilda calling her by her name to her face in defiance. Tildas uncompromising like widow thought herself to be once and Minerva using emotional words either out of mixed love and manipulation is still trying to justify herself because she can’t get out of this now and she knows it. Waldo asking for Tilda next week is going to be a wipeout I think. He cares about her, same way he does Sunny. Maybe he might even take Sunnys words to heart to fight for himself, to do the right thing. 

Veil slapping Quinn and her terrific burn,why waste my breath on a dead man had me cheering! You go girl!

Odessa’s a little rat. 

Sunny and bajies hug they’ve come far those boys.

Next week: SUNNY VS QUINN!!!

The Cat Returns

Just from the art on the DVD I am wondering if this is supposed to be a sequel or prequel to Whispers of the Heart? I didn’t think Ghibli did sequels.

Her friend is kind of terrible

Obviously this girl is a first generation witch who just doesn’t know it. I guess it is actually a sequel to Kiki’s Delivery Service. Or possibly a better Catwoman origin story than the movie?

Tiny clean alleys betwen buildings always lead to the animal dominated world.

Wait is this a sequel? is this the book the girl wound up writing?

I was on board until the cat king begins to throw cats out the window.

Are they not concerned that this new comer mystery cat has thumbs?

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Haru: I could get used to falling to my death

Muta: Look at all these chickens

All in all a pretty cute movie

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Ciao, babe

Just lovely: Roger Langridge’s The Kirby Alphabet, with everyone from Kamandi to the Puppet Master, Big Barda to the King himself. (As first published in the UKCAC98 booklet.)