Gay men and biphobia: It’s real and it needs to stop
Myths about bisexuality pervade the gay scene - and writer James Dawson has had enough.

Really nice to see this gay male ally talk about the a-ha! moment that shattered his biphobia. We also like that, unlike many others, he is able to admit that his own experience isn’t universal and that other people may experience their sexuality differently.

Mistakes, especially when they come from allies, are opportunities to have really important conversations. Your making a mistake means that you were doing – you were active instead of passive.

Instead of hanging out at the sidelines, you were showing up as an ally.

I want you to keep showing up, even if that means you’ll make mistakes. When you do (and we all do), I hope you’ll see those mistakes as a chance to go deeper as an activist, and do better.

That kind of commitment – to keep learning and growing – is what really excites me.

So let’s bring your allyship to the next level.

June 28

Show of the Summer

Today, Fifth Harmony performed at the Show of the Summer in Hersheypark, PA!

They were the second to the last act to perform, before Shawn Mendes (the show’s headliner). Here’s a group picture of all the performers today!

Early in the morning, Shawn tweeted this:


Some Camila + Ally backstage shenanigans (poor Ally!)

A video posted by Ally Brooke (@allybrookeofficial) on Jun 28, 2015 at 4:40pm PDT

Oops, Camila.

Camila’s a really heavy sleeper.

Dinah’s Snapchats today:

Look at these amazing M&G pics!

Our fave Mahogany Lox hosted the show tonight!

Yay ♥

Show time!

Fifth Harmony performed to a crowd of nearly 30k people today! 

They performed a 50 minute set tonight. Here’s some pictures from the show!

Candybar mascots made their way on stage during This Is How We Roll and Worth It!


Great show, girls!

From ½ of Jack & Jack:


Worth It

Overseas, Worth It is doing well!

In Asia, it cracks the Top 10 of the Asia Pop 40 chart!

Over in the UK, the song debuts at #81 on the Official Singles Chart on just STREAMS! The song is to be released on July 5th.

It’s #32 (+11) on the UK Spotify chart.


Social Media

Ally was feeling very motivational and sunshine today:

Her dad tweeted this today, awww!

Normani and Dinah got box braids, you see, and they saw some negative comments about Dinah’s hair :( Here’s what they had to say:

(Dinah retweeted Normani’s tweet)



Yes girl!

And Zenminah OT3 is real af, with Normani and Dinah both retweeting Zendaya’s tweet:

By the way, Laurmani.

Also, cryptic Camila makes a comeback:

Today’s also the BET Awards ceremony, and of course our girl Normani wanted to be there :( (one day!)

(in case you’re curious, Nicki’s photo)

Over in online news articles, E! Online Latino wrote about Shakira shzaming Top Down and about the girls’ Latin music inspirations.



This was literally everyone when the worth it music video came out. Me every single time worth it sounds in the radio 📻🎶

How To Be A Good Ally

1. Shut up and listen
2. Don’t invade spaces
3. Shut up and listen
4. Use the voices of this you are in alliance with and amplify them
5. Educate yourself
6. Educate others
7. Shut up
8. Listen
9. If you don’t understand, ask someone of that community POLITELY
10. Be Polite
11. Shut up
12. Listen
13. Don’t act like you know more about the people you’re in alliance with
14. Shut up and listen

I found this moment quite symbolic as I stumbled across these two girls intertwined with each other, hiding underneath a Pride rainbow flag as they shared a private moment together. In a way it shows how they feel protected underneath the rainbow, free from prejudice and labelling. In another light it could show them hiding from the world underneath what they find safe, but either way I think this is my favourite photo from London Pride, 2015.

Reasons Why Gay Marriage Is WRONG

1. It’s not natural. if you’re a true american you must reject everything unnatural like glasses, polyester and even air conditioning.

2. it’ll encourage other people to be gay, because when I hang out with black people my skin turns black.

3. It would open the door to anyone and anything getting married, like if you wanted to you could get married to your dog bc it has the same rights as humans and can even sign a binding contract.

4. We haven’t changed traditionally marriage before so why start now? Women are still property, blacks and whites can’t get married and divorce is still illegal.

5. Straight marriage would become less meaningful. bc the sanctity of Kim Kardashian’s 72 hour marriage with Kris Humphries would lose it’s validity.

6. The reason of marriage is to have children. Old marriages and infertile marriages - they don’t need to happen bc they can’t have kids

7. Gay couples would raise gay children. Straight parents only raise straight children.

8. Gay Marriage isn’t supported by religion. In a theocracy like ours we impose one religion on everyone else so we can have the same views. That’s why we only have one religion in America.

9. Children will only succeed if they have a male and female figure at home. That’s the reason why we ban single parent homes.

10. It would change the foundation of society. We can’t adapt new social norms like cars, the economy, longer life spans. Why would we want to change and evolve?


What everyone needs to understand about LGBTQ Pride 

Every summer, LGBTQ individuals gather all over the world to celebrate their pride in their identities and community.  Yet after 45 years of celebrations, it’s clear that not everybody understands how to be the best allies possible during these events. Here’s what everybody needs to know about Pride, according to some of those at the forefront of the movement.