What’d you say?

Request: “Yo… can I get a paladins + Allura and Coran with a s/o who’s deaf/sensitive to loud noises. Either or works for me. I’d really appreciate it my dude!”

A/N: sure thing my man


  • He’s pretty observant, so he realizes that you can’t hear very well/at all
  • Wonders if you can read lips
  • If you can hear a little bit, he’s conscious of the fact that you may need certain things repeated
  • If you can’t hear at all, he communicates with you however you feel most comfortable, signing, reading lips, however you want to talk to him, he’ll adapt to it


  • Super observant, and he just kind of knows you have trouble hearing as soon as he meets you
  • Waits for you to talk to him, and then uses that to figure out how to communicate
  • Actually knows a bit of sign language, but he has a ways to go


  • Doesn’t realize until he sees you signing
  • It’s not like he was completely oblivious, he just didn’t really pay much attention
  • He starts learning to sign, and he takes care to speak clearly and not mumble


  • Realizes the first time you talk to him
  • Makes sure that if you don’t understand what someone said, he’ll repeat it for you
  • Tries not to be too overbearing
  • Sometimes babies you a bit too much, but he’ll back off as soon as you tell him too


  • Might be most oblivious out of all of them
  • She does notice, but not too early, and might only be after you or someone else outright
  • Actually tries to build a very strong hearing aid, or fix the problem
  • But if you don’t want to use it, she gets it, and totally supports you
  • Is dedicated to learning sign language for you


  • She’s a little slow on the uptake, but once she gets it, she’s very curious
  • Altea was way more advanced than Earth, technologically and biologically, so disabilities like deafness are very rare, and those who are usually get some kind of tech to help them hear
  • She doesn’t really get why you don’t want to hear, if you don’t want to, that is
  • She tries to learn sign language, but she needs some help


  • Again, like Allura, he doesn’t get why you wouldn’t want to hear
  • But he’s pretty respectful of your decisions
  • Somehow, he already knows some Earth sign language??
  • He’s not very fluent
  • Coran, that means dog????????

Hey look it’s those things Apocalymon destroyed

Those things that turned out to be physical representations of metaphysical entities represented by the personalities of the children and therefore didn’t actually need a physical form after all

Wonder where they came from

-playing guitar in the park-

Strange maze, what is this place?

I hear voices over my shoulders, nothing’s making sense at all

Wonder, why do we race? And every day we’re running in circles

Such a funny way to fall

Try to open up my eyes I’m hoping for the chance to make it alright

When I wake up, the dream isn’t done

I want to see your face and know I’ve made it home

If nothing is true, what more can I do? I am still painting flowers for you