CandyStrike’s Teenage Jezebel Look Book: Part 1

I thought I’d show you all what has kept me from my blog this past week. This collection was inspired by John Waters characters from Crybaby and Hairspray. This part of the look book features my versions of Wanda and Allison (drape Allison).

I  just launched the entire line on

Hope you like it!

Just another sneak peek over #CandyStrike summer and what I have been doing the last few months. These are still in development but this is where I’m steering CS this year. I will always put my touch on construction but for the most part this will be a new world of production for me. It will also mean wait time for your lovely garments will go way way down ❤️ #smallbizlife #fashiondesign #newchapters #psfashion #plussizegoth #allwomenallsizes #fashioninallsizes #orasmanyasicanmake #gothy #pastelgoth #twitlove

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Find them here:

So I did it- boy was that a lot of patterns to grade. My True Faith collection and some standard collections are now available in sizes small-large (2-12) and as always XL-4XL (14-28).

I’ve gotten a little heat for integrating my clothing line so that “straight” sizes & “plus” sizes can shop together. I understand the disappointment some curvy gals have about no longer having something that was all their own- afterall, the plus market has been neglected for- well ever. But as a designer I think that it’s wrong the way our industry has separated us (women) and it creates division. I have always designed for a variety of sizes and by taking this step I feel that I am being true to myself as an artist. I want dress everyone up in my love- fat, thin, trans, drag, disabled,- everyone. It’s about inclusion not exclusion.

xoxo Elizabeth

This is pretty much me today while filing orders, wondering what to design next. What is your closet screaming out for? #fashiondesign #fatshion #positiveplus #bodypositivefashion #smallbizlife #indiedesign #plussizefashion #allwomenallsizes #fashiondesignerproblems #twitlove

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